ONLY A THOUGHT by Omalicha

I am not saying there is no God. There is a God. The big bang theory and the evolution theory don't even make sense to those who propounded it. There is absolutely no definition for the Universe and all that is in it. There is a God and if I say he is awesome,that will be the ultimate understatement of all time.

   But I want "us" you and me to take a little while and imagine this; what if there was no "heaven and hell" the way we understand it to be? What if when you die, you die. Like that's it. That's the end. There will be the sudden

end of breath,and all memories stored in that particular being will shut down. Like when your phone crashes and that's just it. Well, if that is the case with us humans then here is another little something to keep you thinking;this will ultimately mean that all the "judgment" stuff will happen here and is happening without us even knowing it. The heaven is here and so is the hell. And if you think of it,some of us have created a heaven for ourselves.

   When I say "heaven" I personally don't mean aesthetic beauty. I don't mean the houses,the trips around the world or the exotic cars and private jets. I mean that inner peace of mind that every "sane" individual craves. That joy that we all feel when we realize that we are at peace with mankind. That we have brought joy no matter how small to the world,and that because of us someone would always smile. I don't even think I'm explaining this happiness the way I really want to. It's the happiness of fulfillment, of accomplishment,of satisfaction,of discipline,of love. O,my God how can I forget LOVE?

   Let me not deviate from the subject matter,we were talking about the possibility that "there is no heaven and hell after death".If this is true can you sincerely ask yourself this;would I be a good person? If God himself,took a megaphone and announced to the whole world on a Friday night that "Do as you please,there is no judgment day,and when you die,your soul returns to the earth and that's the end. No heaven for the good and hell for the bad".If God actually says that,will u start killing everyone you hate? Would you throw a bomb and run away? Do all the evil things you didn't do previously because you were scared of going to hell? I don't think you would. You know why? You are a human being,and you were created in God's image and Likeness and God has a conscience and so do you.

   So this life is not about heaven and hell,its not about confessing your sins on your death bed,and waiting for angels to carry you home. Just do all the good you can. To as many people as you can,because this is the life you know about,the one you are living the one you are sure of. CREATE YOUR HEAVEN TODAY.



  1. Anonymous12/13/2013

    Omalicha darling, this is a nice piece, but trust me.. This can be a weapon for the devil to distract so many belivers... Pple understanding of write ups differs... Just a little thought of... 'What if there is really no God' the devil can use that thought and spread it in the heart of such a beliver... Let this thought not spread in the heart of any beliver, and every thought that try to raise standard against the knowledge of God in any beliver and reader of this blog be held captive in Jesus name... Amen!
    I want to add up to this post by saying HEAVEN AND HELL IS REAL!
    Paul rightly said.. If our hopes end here, then we are of all men miserable!... Jesus is coming again, and sooner than we think.. Now the world is preaching peace, and when the peace treaty gets sign btw isreal and the UN, my dear pple... Then the counting begins.. This may sound as trash to you, but know that you've been created unto good works... Pls serve like you've never serve before, love like you've never loved before. Now is the time to spread the gospel of TRUTH!
    Like I will always say ' it is better to die a good and a born again person and then realizing that there is no heaven, than to die a bad and unrepented sinner and then realizing that HELL is real and no repentance in the grave.. Then you're damn for life! This statement is similar to omalicha's writeup, so am not against her post.. But what it can do, is my fear. My pple, HEAVEN and HELL is REAL... Live your life as though it depends on GOD.. Cause without HIM, you'll end up miserable.. Jesus loves you..

  2. I agree with Anon 6am. As good as Omalicha's post may look it could serve as a tool for the devil. Heaven is real so is hell. Let us all live right. Let us LOVE like never before. Let us study the word of our creator and be who he has created us to be. Great day ahead WC family.

  3. Anonymous12/13/2013

    nice piece!

  4. james .O.12/13/2013

    This girl is wonderful.She just hit the nail on the head and said it where it touches the most! Why are we humans always avoiding the truth?she didn't mean any harm,pls read the ariticle carefully before is very deep,and not everyone will understand it.

  5. Well said on paper, but in reality... No one cares! Evil pervades everywhere.

    Even the fear of heaven doesn't even exist! I almost shared a gory pics of a young girl killed for rituals just this week, didn't they do it for a sweet life here on earth at the loss of the girl?

    Some preach of karma, and even the buddhist teach their followers about re-incarnation, how some pple come back here on earth to pay for sins they committed in their previous spell on earth...

    Islam teaches about jihad (holy war), sharia, polygamy and the believe that ablution is cure for all sins and dirts.

    Christianity in it's all righteousness have produced some of the worlds biggest con men of (g)od, and what not...

    In all, Life is an unknown variable! It's all vague, be your heaven here on earth or above!


  6. Anonymous12/13/2013

    @ace pls get ur facts right. Islam does not tell you that with mare ablutions without sincere taqwa ur sins are forgive. Though Allah is all GafuruRahmin

  7. Anonymous12/13/2013

    Thanks for this post omalicha. It got me thinking deep. Thanks again

    1. Anonymous12/15/2013

      pls kip enternity in view.

  8. Anonymous12/15/2013

    Omalicha must be a jehovah witness! Na so their preachn dey start... This is 2 phlilsophical abeg. Pls are u a witness?

  9. Anonymous12/15/2013

    abeg sisters lets think of where to spend enternity o me no fit shout!


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