My 5 Year Old Daughter Is Driving Me Nuts, I Am Confused

Please I need help and will like to remain anonymous. I got pregnant when I was 19 and luckily I had graduated from university then. I can't say I was particularly naive but I didn't know I was pregnant till I was 5months along. I had my daughter and accepted my fate that I will take care of her at all cost which I have been doing since then. 

The father of my daughter denied the paternity of the child until she was born and looked like his mom, at that stage he still denied and was not interested in child support. His family also abandoned her. With the help of my family I raised her up. We never allow her throw unnecessary tantrums and now she feels we are being cruel to her. 

She will be 6 years in some days and  is suddenly requesting that she wants to relocate to her father's house and saying she hates my house. I come home late most times because of work and she feels I have neglected her for work....

I am confused, I dunno the kind of affection she wants.....
My dear WC family please help me. Aunt Eya pls help post asap.
Thank you.


  1. Anonymous12/13/2013

    Please show her more love,does she not understand that her father abandoned her?

  2. All she needs is affection and care. Take her out, go on holiday with her, buy her toys and she will be happy. Just show her love and have a hrt to hrt talk with her. I believe she will calm down.

  3. Anonymous12/13/2013

    Wow you graduated at 19? when did you start college amazeballs you must be very smart. As for the little girl all she needs is attention try and have breakfast with her and kiss her goodnight even if you find her asleep everyday. Create time over the weekend to spend with her just the two of you call it mommy and "her name" time so she feels special,

  4. Anonymous12/13/2013

    My dear do evyfin u can to show her love dunno how u want to do that. Bcos it will be disastrous if she grows up with that kinda thing in her mind. She might grow up with this bad inferiority complex. Trust me u don't want to read her diary later on.

  5. Poster how come she wants to move to her father's house if she has no contact with him or his family?
    Please always tell her you love her, try to get home before she goes to bed and read her/let her read to you a bedtime story, kiss her b4 u leave home and when you get back. Do things together maybe two saturdays a month such as swimming, baking, shopping, dancing/ballet and don't hide the truth about her father from her.
    Explain to her that you love her but you have to work in other to keep providing all the nice things she has, food and shelter. You can even tell her what time you start and finish work and that you always rush straight home after work so she knows you are truly busy at work and you love her.
    Pray together and when praying alone ask God to change the way she feels and direct you on how to make her think positive.

  6. Anonymous12/13/2013

    sum kids are 2 difficult to understand. But stil gv her extra love and care. Tel her u love her. Dnt neglect prayer. Trust God.

  7. Anonymous12/13/2013

    Dear Poster,

    Is it possible that the people who care for her while you are away maltreat her? I don't want to believe the worst but I hope there's no male relative abusing her either. Like everyone has advised, take out time to treat her special, different from everyone else. Talk to her, spend time with her whenever you can and always communicate to her how much you love her and are proud of her. Ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He'll give you great ideas on how to proceed from here. She's still little and this is the time to do things right. All the best.

    Diamond Girl

  8. Fyn Ijebu Chic12/13/2013

    Find time to talk to your child(quality time).
    She might have heard someone say something, you know how kids are
    Pls, dnt let her feel your job is more important.
    And make sure she understand that her father do not want her(except u r lying abt dat part)
    She might jus have natural love for her dad( which I dnt think is the case here)
    Above all, teach her the way of righteousness!

  9. Immaculate12/13/2013

    Just show her 100 percent love and she will change automatically

  10. Anonymous12/14/2013

    Em well try to surprise her once in a while! She's little so try to buy her sweets/ biscuit/ chocolate things she likes! May not be so expensive! But don't in an attempt to pamper her that you spoil her

  11. Take her out as often as u can, let her have play dates with other children. Allow her get involved in extra curricular activities. Anything to keep her mind occupied. She also needs a male inflence in a life (but that's the complication) a male u can trust. Eg ur dad.


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