Mushroom Ogbono Soup With Pounded Yam

Mushroom draw soup with dry catfish and cow skin.

 How to cook ogbono soup with mushroom

Hello, Well, yes I know, I know ... we don't like swallow with soup on Sundays. This is the Sunday before Christmas so we can just
manage to swallow a little, so that space is reserved for Christmas day Rice. Eating rice today and Wednesday may lead to beri beri ( A disease common among rice eating people. This was the definition of beri beri in one of my Primary School TextBooks back then, LOL!).

This draw soup was cooked using our vegetable draw soup recipe. The only difference is that here I added just a few ugu leafs, very sparingly and added mushrooms too without periwinkles. Mushrooms can be added to any soup of your choice but I love them in draw soup with lots of crayfish. Try mushrooms with okra soup , or okro without meat or ugu vegetable soup and see how you'd lick your fingers.

I like fresh mushrooms but couldn't find them this time so I used two cans of whole mushrooms. Not a meat fan so I didn't bother since no one indicated interest when I talked about making my mushroom draw soup. The only child that wanted said she was only interested in the mushrooms so I cooked my normal way with only meat stock without the chunks of meat. You can add any meat of choice to yours.

This was served with pounded yam. It goes well with any swallow of choice.


1kg beef
1 small onion to steam the beef
salt to taste
1 tablespoon palm oil
1 cup ground ogbono
2 medium sized smoked catfish
1/2 cup ground crayfish
seasoning cube to taste
1 teaspoon ground fresh pepper, you can add more
1/2 kg mushrooms
1 tablespoon dadawa (Locust beans) Optional
1/2 kg cow skin (Kpomo)
A handful of shred uziza leaves
Water to start with, you need just enough to be at the level of the boiled meat, you can adjust later.

Before you cook this ogbono soup with mushrooms;

  • Boil the beef with the onion, seasoning, pepper and salt until a bit tender
  • Grind the ogbono seeds if they are not yet ground
  • Grind the crayfish
  • Wash the smoked fish with warm water
  • Wash the cowskin with salt and cut into tiny pieces
  • Wash the mushrooms very well under running water and set aside.


  1. Add some water to the almost cooked beef in the pot, let the water get to the level of the meat or a bit lower to make stock. Add the cowskin now.
  2. Add the palm oil, cover and leave to boil for about 5 minutes.
  3. Check for salt, cover and leave to boil again, then add the ogbono, crayfish, smoked fish all at once, stir, check for taste and cover to boil for about 3 minutes.
  4. Add the mushrooms, vegetables and locust beans, stir and check for taste again, leave to simmer for about 3 minutes again. Check for doneness and thickness, if soup is not as thick as you want, leave pot open and let it boil a bit longer to reduce.
  5. Turn off the heat and serve with any swallow fufu of choice; Eba, semo, pounded yam, starch, amala, wheat etc.

Boiling ogbono soup

A tiny tiny plate of ogbono soup

Sizzling hot draw soup waiting for pounded yam

My delicious mushroom ogbono soup

Yummy draw soup so inviting

Well Cooked ogbono soup

Tantalizing draw soup

Draw soup with pounded yam for my baby
Enjoy your Sunday before Christmas!


  1. Chei!!! Aunty Eya But Y? Y have you decided to tempt me this sunday. If i land @ your place today i'd be your fault o! :D. I love button mushrooms sooooo much!!! Nice one ;)

    1. Season's greetings Dobby, you are welcome
      I eat mushrooms a lot too. Sometimes I add to my tomato stew sef

    2. sururah18:29

      hi Dobby,i am loving your blog.

  2. Anonymous12:06

    Aunty Eya what is your take on the Dino and Tokunbo Melaye domestic violence and separation issue currently on other Nigerian blogs. Do you still think she should fight for her marriage based on all the evidence produced or would you advise her to get a divorce.

    1. Anonymous12:10

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. For saying he did not marry her formally, I think he doesn't want her anymore or maybe never really loved her because I still remember stories of how he got a child outside wedlock.

      A man who married his wife Traditionally and in Church goes ahead to say he didn't marry her formally?
      She is an adult and knows what is best for her. Even the scriptures didn't say an adulterer should be spared. I cannot say she should get a divorce or force him to love her. She is free to do what is best for her and her lovely kids.
      Some men only love when they have nothing, once there is change of status, the woman that started from the scratch becomes an embarrassment and they begin to look for excuses to dump her. It's all up to her. Good luck with whatever decision she takes!

  3. Ma Eya well done, now this post just made a mess of my fried rice. Feel like evacuating my stomach and reload it with this soup.

    1. Hahaha, no rice for me till Christmas :)

  4. Anonymous16:40

    hello Sister Eya. I check ur ogbono recipies. I notice u dnt melt d grinded ogbono seeds in mild hot oil. Pls wuld it draw if i use ur method. Mum always tel me to use the meltng method and dats d one i knw. I want to try ur method to convince her. I hv learnt a lot of cookn method and its vry gd. Pls i nid an answer 4rm u or other sisters.

    1. Yes it would draw, you can put the ogbono into your boiling meat stock and stir, comes out nice. I kinda like the taste better.

  5. Cleo...17:07

    Anty Eya plz where can I see Ero "mushrooms" in Abuja? And plz how much for like a kilo? I normally buy it in local markets in d east for as cheap as 200naira a kilo...
    By the way I enjoy ur blog even though I don't comment often... You are a strong woman Maa'm!

    1. Mushrooms are sold at supermarkets too.

  6. mrs chidukane18:03

    Please Aunty Eya,read up this Dino Melaye story on Linda Ikeji.I really would like to see the Wife's family's take on the issue put up on this blog because it will help a lot of women prepare themselves in case of separation as a result of domestic violence. The documentation is fantastic, as a lawyer i'm so proud of her and her family.

    1. Anonymous00:29

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    2. Anonymous08:05

      Stella Stella, e don do. Na by force to tief traffic?

  7. Anonymous18:18

    Maam Eya, pls wher can we get fresh mushrooms in abj. Thnks

    1. Anonymous08:12

      Check good supermarkets. Shoprite and Ceddi Plaza park n Shop. I bought from shoprite once

  8. Anonymous22:35

    Aunty Eya pls rply naaa.

  9. Anonymous08:03

    Stella, you don start again abi? Leaving links to get traffic from wives connection. You need to write AUnty EYa a thank you letter for ur 2013 traffic. Truth teller

    1. Anonymous08:47

      I am the one who left those two links and no my name is not Stella neither is it close infact very far from it. If you really think Stella has time to be leaving links all over the place then you clearly do not know her. Besides is that not how Eya gathered traffic from LIB leaving her links on every post. My dear unless aunty Eya herself tells us to stop leaving links on her posts I will leave links as and when i desire if I feel that they are relevant to this blog.

    2. Anonymous10:12

      Oya Stella keep quiet and continue...

    3. Anonymous19:42

      Yes I will continue bring it on! I have plenty time for you on my Christmas break from work bring it on lady!

  10. Angel08:07

    Abuja mushroom eaters, y'all should buy from Shoprite ooooo.

  11. Compliments to all. May the joy of the season fill us to the brim.

  12. Anonymous20:50

    Pls oooo, wats d use of soy sauce? Omalicha SOS oooo

  13. I get fresh mushroms from the South and preserve them myself.
    Like LNC said, add the ground Ogbono to your meat stock and everything will dissolve. It gets lumpy only when the ogbono is too much for that quantity of soup.

  14. Anonymous12:29

    I dunno hw true this is. I heard that there are some specie of mushroom that's not good for consumption.

    1. Anonymous14:39

      The ones sold are good for consumption. You can buy canned ones.

  15. ViVia01:57

    I'm a newbie here. Pls how do I use mushroom for this ogbono? Is it seasoned and cookd like meat bfr starting the soup?


    1. No need for seasoning Viva, just wash and add to the boiling pot of soup.


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