May the Joy of this season abide with you and your family forever, Amen.
Yes, for our Christmas and
New Year Rice Recipes, Just click Rice Recipes On Wives Connection.
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  1. Happy holidays! I just want to thank aunty eya and the entire family for helping me find a new direction; at a point I was bitter, confused, heartbroken, I sent a mail and I got responses that has helped me have a better relationship with my mum. Between that time and now, we've had just one or two disagreements but nothing serious, I really cannot pay anyone of you back but every sore point in your lives, the master healer will heal them.

  2. May we all ,like the 3 wise men, celebrate this Christmas by seeking the Lord, worshipping Him and laying our treasures at His feet. Merry christmas WC

  3. Anonymous12/25/2013

    Merry xmas wc famly

  4. Wishing all WC family a very merry Christmas. As we enjoy d rice, chicken salad, drinks n all d orishirishi, let. Us rememba dat Christ comin was simply 2 pay d Ultimate price. As we await His 2nd comin, we shld ensure dt we r prepared so as not 2 b caught unawares.

  5. Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you all for being a BIG blessing to me this 2013. I appreciate this family

  6. Merry Christmas evryone. I pray God keeps us to see 2014 IJN Amen. Anty Eya u hv been so wonderful and all WC members may God bless us all.

  7. Agatha Christi12/25/2013

    Merry xmas fam, may the good Lord keep us to 2014 and beyond!

  8. Anonymous12/25/2013

    Merry christmas to Wc,soooo happy 2 ve found dis blog,thanks everyone and enjoy ur day.

  9. Anonymous12/25/2013

    Merry xmas 2 every 1.Claire

  10. Merry christmas to you all. I have learned a lot from this blog. May God continue to bless you all, Amen.

  11. Johnson12/25/2013

    Christmas signifies the birth of salvation to mankind… As we celebrate, may the salvation the Lord brings not elude you and yours – Merry Christmas!

  12. Fyn Ijebu Chic12/25/2013

    Aku odun, aku iyedun, emi a se pupo!
    Ewe so oooo omo'ye mi gbogbo!
    Wishing u all a berry merry christmas.
    @ aunty eya
    +deborah bala
    +ace bentley
    +bonario(ur 100k don cloud your eye ba)
    +jay(I know u are here oooo)
    +creamberry(abi wetin be ur name)
    +ivy brown
    +mama ijebu(not sure if u real ooo)
    +papa ijebu
    +nelly(runaway detective)
    +you wey dey read wey I no mention
    +all d anonymous
    I laff you all!
    Wishing u a wonderful year ahead
    Oya make una chop kiss!!! Muah

    1. Fyn Ijebu Chic12/25/2013

      Laff-lahve-love #una get?

  13. Mrs Kay12/25/2013

    Merry xmas to wC family.

  14. Merry Christmas to Eya and all her readers. Thanks so very much for the recipes, and I'm so looking forward to more recipes :)

  15. Anonymous12/26/2013

    Merry Xmas WC family!!!! Finding this blog is one of d blessings I got 4m God this 2013. MaY God continue 2 keep u n urs in Jesus name. Amen.

  16. Anonymous12/26/2013

    merry xmas everyone, and those that dont believe...merry xmas as well. had so much fun on this blog, learnt alot, God bless you all ...lets do it again next year

  17. Best wishes of the season to you all! And a special one to you Eya and your family.


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