Justice For Pregnant Factory worker Beaten Up By Lebanese Boss

Justice for Alice
I did not post this earlier because I felt we all must have read the story on Gossip blogs. However, President Jonathan's response brought a change of mind, decided to put it up here so that women going through similar situations or being abused by Employers  in Nigeria will know that they can get justice.

Imagine being
paid a paltry Twelve Thousand Naira per month, a salary far below The Minimum Wage and then losing a pregnancy as a result of beatings from this same underpaying Boss:(


  1. Anonymous12/27/2013

    But why do these idiots *sorry to say* treat Nigerians this way.I work in a chinese coy and ever since i started workinf(3 years now),no leave.Even if u are not feeling fine,they will never allow you go and even if you go for som e days they take out ofo your money,as am typing this,am at my place of work.Pls,what can we do as Nigerians to stop this wicked babaric act by these wicked souls.Am writing with annoyance because I know what am passing through everyday and the government is not doing anythiing.The way these Asians treat us in Nigeria is very very annoying.Pls,lets do sometning to salvage the situation at hand.I weep for Nigeria.

    1. Anonymous12/27/2013

      They get away with it because the government allows it by not watching out for their citizens you report to the police these foreigners bribe them and your case dies down. Thank goodness for social media and the president's intervention such cases will soon be a case of the past if people like you who work in these companys keep on exposing your abusive bosses. DO NOT KEEP QUIET EXPOSE THEM

    2. Anonymous12/27/2013

      Am voicing it out now.Let's fight this wicked and barbaric act together.Am in the system.Some labourers in my coy dat are no more working,d chinese sign on their behalf and take their salary,dey treat people as nobody.We are supposed to be collecting more than 65,000naira as graduates but the remaining is for their pockets.No single day off if u are visibly ill,no leave,no employment letter so dey can do as dey like,no bebefit,u sign in the morning and afternoon.The nos of Chinese in my coy is up to 300,including husband&wife,IT students,small boys and girls while the majority of nigerians are for cheap labours.The nos of graduate is not up to Eight,just imagine dat!!! *sighs*All I can say is dat I regret being a nigerian because if the government can look into the case of each Asian coy in Nigeria,dey will see lots of atrocities going on.I don't want the govt to bring them 2Nigeria again.

  2. Anonymous12/27/2013

    Eya well done for bringing it here. Don't assume that everyone reads other Nigerian blogs religiously especially the popular ones like LIB and SDK who first carried this story because most people don't do so because of the turnaround for posts on those blogs it is easy to miss a story unless you want to keep clicking "older stories" or spend the whole day refreshing their pages so if it a case like this one please bring it here like you did so your readers who don't frequent other blogs can see it. As for that Lebanese man eh thank God for the President's intervention if that was my sister and nothing was being done about him that useless Lebanese man would have gotten a Christmas present from some hoodlums and I am not even joking!

  3. Anonymous12/27/2013

    @Adeyanju& Anon:12:25,dnt kip quiet speak up as oly dose wkin wit dese coys noz d kind of treatmt u r receivin dere
    Y nt try talkin to sm reporters afta duty so dat dy can investigat&publish it den oly ll u c govt intervntn&possibly reformin of der laws
    Go to PUNCH facebuk& talk as dy r reliable,gud luk.

  4. It is disheartenin. I hop justice wil take its course. Those people are heartless. How can we b facin dis kind of inhuman treatment in our own country? I hope he wil b prosecuted.

  5. Anonymous12/30/2013

    There are Chinese/Asian companies in developed countries – do they people they way they do in Nigeria. The value you place on yourself will determine how others will treat you. Ironically, Nigerians do not place value on themselves… Those in leadership positions in this country are there only to amass wealth to themselves and generations after them.
    Not that I support what these unfortunate oyibos do; but do this Chinese/Asians value themselves. Check out how they treat employees in their countries, you’ll be amazed it’s not different. They will comply with the regulations of any government as long as the government enforces the rule of law.
    On a flip side, do you think Chinese/Asian businesses will survive in Nigeria if they act differently? Nigeria is a very difficult country to do business – not that it is impossible.
    What should be done? Refuse to accept wrong leadership at all level – government, company, church, family, etc. Know and demand justice every time – do not accept meritocracy…

  6. Mrs Dayo1/03/2014

    The woman's health is deteroriating while her hospital bills are still unpaid.


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