Is It Wrong To Ask My Husband To Go For A HIV Screening?

Please, I need advice from WC family. Pls is it bad to ask my hubby to go for HIV test, knowing fully well that he cheats around?
I am
scared and confused, I don't know if it sounds rude or disrespectful, please I need advice on how to put it to him cos contacting HIV AIDS is my biggest fear with him.


  1. Anonymous12:34

    My dear its your life at risk here so you just have to tell him like this "honey due to your past indiscretions which i have forgiven it will be wise for you to go for a HIV test and have it as often as every three or four months. If you refuse to do this we will have to use condoms or even stop sex cos i want to be sure am not putting my life in danger" madam this is not something you mince words for.

  2. Johnson13:22

    It is neither rude nor disrespectful to ask - it is the how/why…
    If HIV is your biggest fear, have you consider him ending up in HELL and leaving a terrible legacy behind for the entire family?
    Have you yourself gone for HIV screening?
    You need to sit and have a good talk with your guy and possibly get both of you to do HIV screening. If not, protect your own life...

    1. Anonymous14:49

      Thanks. I ave gone for the test and am negative. I have talked to him in all ways but after each talk he does even worst by cheating more.

    2. Then dump his cheating ass and save ur life!!!!

      What is wrong with women of these days? Ur husband openly sleeps around and u r here askin if its rude for u to demand an HIV test? Do u hv kids? Cos if u do, u will care about leavin dem behind in dis cold world.

      That is hw my uncle gave his wife aids, he died in 2000, wife died in 2003. The two sons stays wit us since they were 7 and 5 respectively!

  3. So if he goes for the HIV test now and he is negative, will that stop him from cheating? What exactly are u scared of? Are u scared of him or are u scared getting infected cause of his cheating and all?.. It is well

    1. poster14:55

      Thks mama ijebu, am scared of getting infected so far I ave advised him in all way I knw but he's still adamant I ave decided to just watch. I know the test won't make him change but I just want him to know that there are grave consequences for whateva he does.

    2. So if it turns out he uses condoms with his outside partners, is that enough to calm you down? Then buy him condom and stop whining.

      If you're really scared of HIV and have spoken to him as often as you say you have, and he continues to cheat serially, you would be planning how to take your life into your own hands.

      What you can do at this stage - tell his.or your parents/elders, ask for counselling from your pastor, and stop having sex with your husband until he agrees to go with you to the pastor or stop cheating.

  4. Veev18:53

    But why will u continue to stick around with a cheating husband?

    1. exactly my point!! okay madam, he comes back negative now.. what if he really has HIV but its too early to detect ? or he does not have HIV..he later goes back to his cheating ways and finally brings HIV home. not only HIV madam..are you not scared of other STD's ? You want to get infected by any of then then God forbid you die and you live your kids behind (I am assuming you have kids) .. No amount of test should make you stay with a pig (yes your husband is a pig). you have kids to protect and also a life to live!.So madam.. leave your husband before something drastic happens to your life!!

  5. Makz09:30

    Since ur fear is d HIV, from what u wrote, I see u r tired of fighting d war against his cheating. Just buy packs of condoms for him n hand it to him personally tell him its for his safety n urs too. U giving him condom might embarrass him n make him think about his way of life. Since its open that he knows that u know he's a serial adulterer. Kpele my dear.

  6. Lizzy12:31

    I'll suggest you ask him that you both go together to get the HIV test done.
    As he is unlikely to stop cheating regardless of the test result then it is important you fast and pray for God to touch his heart so he changes his ways and go for the test.
    Think about your marriage and the future of your marriage, if he doesn't change do you really want to live like this forever? Apart from HIV what of other STI's and the long term damage it can have on you. Go for STD tests as well please poster.
    This case sounds pathetic but there's nothing impossible for God so please turn to God for direction.

  7. Well,to answer your question,there is nothing wrong in asking him to g for the test,Infact,na d approach matter. U can suggest to him that u want d whole family to go for HIV test but I doubt he will answer u, this kinda person no go send.

    I just feel u should be more worried about his indiscriminate cheating,I know you are already worried about it I but take some action,don't just sit down accepting it as your faith, there are crazy infections and diseases to be really worried about out there, HPV and co.. The lord is your strenght o

  8. It's not bad to ask your husband to get tested. If I were you, I would get tested too. Since your husband is still going to sleep around and you're still willing to stay married to him, if you must sleep with him PLEASE USE PROTECTION ALWAYS. Have him wear a condom. So start stocking up on your supply now.

  9. Anonymous17:26


  10. Anonymous19:19

    No don't ask him a good submissive Nigerian wife endures all just stay there continue having unprotected sex with him without knowing both your HIV statuses and increase the chances of getting infected, getting pregnant and having HIV positive babies you hear! Mschewww what a silly question is this what marriage by fire by fore has turned women into na wa!


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