How To Combine Spices For Different Meats and Meals


Hello, Season's greetings to you and all Wives Connection  family. Wives connection has been a blessing to my family and I can't forget the day I stumbled on the blog while searching Google, looking for how to make akara balls at home.
Thank you all for the recipes you share with cooking learners like me. Hubby enjoys my meals a lot now without even knowing WC is my little secret :-)

I still have a little challenge though. Combining spices is my biggest challenge in the kitchen. When I boil meat, fish or chicken, what I use is
the same spices and I don't like it. Please ladies, can you teach us how to combine different spices for different foods we cook. Like what spices are best for chicken and what are best for beef or fish etc.
Thank you  and may God direct you too to your place of help.


  1. My two cent....CHICKEN: curry, thyme, enough onions, ginger, garlic,knor cube, little nutmeg, little corianda powder, little bayleaf(optional) peper(fresh preferably), salt, Benny or mivina, control onions. BEEF: I only change my seasoning I.e maggi star or royco, onga classic instead of benny or mivina. Pls note that the qty of spices is determinant on ur meat or stock your want to make. I add crayfish and cameroon peper if I am making soup and leave out thyme, corianda and nutmeg.

    1. You can subtitue rosemary for thyme

    2. LNC thank you for this!!!

  2. Anonymous12/26/2013

    Pls wot is bay leaf? Does it hv igbo name?

  3. Anonymous12/26/2013

    Lnc nwanyioma you are back, Ekabo oooooo

  4. Anonymous12/26/2013

    I have never heard of bayleaf ibo name. Ask market sellers. Aunty eya thanks for the tips

  5. Guess my new year rice would be more tasty. *drolling*

  6. Anonymous12/27/2013

    Bay leaf is a foreign spice o.

  7. Anonymous12/27/2013

    some people call Bay leaf "Curry leaf" ,it's the same thing

    1. Oh pls bayleaf aint curry leaf, you can check the jamaican food post and see 3 dry leaf in her pot. That's bay leaf. I love curry leaf in stew(not always, depends on my mood) Thanks

  8. brooklyn12/31/2013

    Jus a little tip on hw 2 spice ur meat.spice it up with curry,benny chicken,salt,knorr,pepper onion ginger nd garlic.stir it up with ur spatula nd dump it in d freezer 4 like 20mins jus so d meat wil b very spicy as it's getting cold.

  9. Anonymous1/05/2014

    HmmM dis is yummy wow I love dis blog

  10. Thank you,aunty Eya and wives connection,I am really learning a lot.God bless you all.


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