Good Morning Baby, From This Same Girl, Please Advise Me

Hello Aunty Eya, good afternoon. I am 21yrs Old, married with a son who is a year plus. I am currently doing my national service and will be through by February. My problem is this, Eya, earlier this year my husband took an interest in helping a young girl (probably btw 16-17yrs of age), he dint tell me about it initially, I found out and asked him why he was hiding it, he said he wasn't sure about my reaction that was why he dint tell me. 

Truth is I
was a bit suspicious of the whole thing cos she was sending messages late nights and he'll delete them at first reading, but after he opened up I totally forgot about it.

   Fast forward to this morning, I took some pictures with his phone,(mine has problems) yesterday and cos we were too much in a hurry yesterday I couldn't transfer them to my phone, so this morning I picked up his phone to transfer them and immediately I unlocked the phone I saw a message on whatsapp that reads "good morning baby" from this same girl.

  I really do not know what to do. Sorry about the long story and punctuation(or lack of it). Feel free to ask any questions. I am so upset and really confused. Eya post this ASAP


  1. Anonymous12:33

    is eya ur mate no , work on ur self poster.hisssss

    1. Please shut it!! Respect hungry ignoramus!

    2. Anonymous20:35

      i knw u dont have respect 2.

  2. Anonymous13:02

    Yeah Eya isn't her mate. Now that we've settled that, hope you feel much better bushe!

    1. Anonymous21:07

      wat advice do u gv? Yeye

  3. Sorry to deviate....

    Hello dee... Saw ur mail last night about 11:45,cos that was when I logged into my email.... Couldn't send a reply back to u... Said couldn't be delivered... But I just wanted to say thank u so much... I read it all thru the night,never even read my project like that in school(lol).... U are a kind... Much love... Really gratefult wanna thank somone....

  4. Anonymous13:37

    You're 21yrs so I'm guessing he married you @ age 18/19. And he is involved with a 16/17yr old. Hmmmmm. Na wa oooo

  5. Anonymous15:01

    First, calm down, show him d message and watch his reaction. Secondly, tell him to take d girl out of ur home though he might be seeing her later o but its beta outside than in ur home. Be prayerful. Let his reaction 2 the chat determine ur actions.

  6. Anonymous17:33

    Please do ur own coded investigation, if u ask him he may jst say it was an error nd start being xtra careful with hes phone nd movt.
    Is ur husband a her baby? What wld give a teenager d guts to call a grown man baby if they are not having an affair?
    If he is just helping her it shld be gd morning brother or sir or uncle.
    Dont ask him anything yet.
    Just smarten up try to find out things urself.
    The instinct of women is always powerfuls nd seldom wrong.

  7. Fyn Ijebu Chic20:11

    Though I am not married,
    But my fiance has no right to call any other person Except ME baby,
    And no other person(big, small, old, young) should call him baby except me!!!!
    Seems ur husband likes to catch them young( eg you are 21 with a child, probably you got married 20, u must av been dating him in your teens). Your husband has moved to the next person.
    Poster, investigate, find out the truth which will be very bitter in this case.
    Above all, dnt kill yourself ooo, find what will make u happy. No man is worth killing yourself for.
    Wish you the best!! Muah!!!

    1. Anonymous20:52

      Laugh @ 'husband likes to catch them young', but seems that very true.
      Sure he would have deleted the message before you ask him... No need for an investigation - every relationship, whether good or bad, with this babe should be severed immediately. Tell your hubby and call the babe to stay off!

  8. I find it highly disrespectful when I hear married people call people who are not their spouse or relatives per names like "baby" "honey" etc and vice versa, people should know how to act when they get married and people who are friends with married people should know how to act too and try to consider the feelings of that person's spouse in their dealings. Please call your husband to order and tell him to end that relationship now(yes, they are seeing each other, don't believe other wise) and that girl should know, you are now in the know of their dirty and she should steer clear of your man. Please speak up, because I bet he won't find it funny if he sees or hear another man call you "baby".

  9. Anonymous16:57

    call the girl in question, because your husband will just deny

  10. Anonymous20:33

    Poster. U shuld respect d owner of this blog and address her as mrs if u cant call aunty. 21yrs. Do u knw her age. Ok back to d matter confront ur hubby and plainly tel him u wont tolorate dat nonsense. D girl wil tk ur man if u dnt act fast. Gv dat babe warning.

  11. Anonymous03:10

    Na wa for some people on this blog sha, so because she said Eya, it means she doesn't have respect? If shes working with Eya in the western world, wouldn't she say Eya? Even some multinational companies in Nigeria call older colleagues by first name, no big deal as long as you can respect the person. Please calm down, am sure Aunty Eya saw it before posting it and if she had issues with it, she would have told the poster. Poster, communicate with your husband and don't just conclude in your mind. May God grant you wisdom.

    1. Anonymous10:39

      Thank God you used "if" are we in the western world? Smh 4u. Copycats generation.

  12. Anonymous21:05

    @ annon 3:10am. Sumone young enough to b ur daughter cal u by ur name im sure u wont like it. We are africans nt americans. Hp u understand??

    1. Anonymous23:14

      Let it rest! Ibanuje lojo ori,ipo lagba.... Abi u dey carry aunty go heaven? What if she no put her age, y go know?

    2. Mrs Chukwu23:46

      Someone young enough to be Aunty Eya's daughter??? Eya wey neva even smell 40. Her oldest child is still in junior secondary school FYI. 21 cannot be Eya's child INNUGO

    3. Anonymous00:53

      ok o o o.

    4. Anonymous11:33

      Hmmm na wa for una,which one con be d aunty mata,am sure aunty Eya does not even care. And don't make the poster feel bad

    5. Anonymous14:42

      who is making d poster feel bad? Mind ur biz!

    6. Anonymous14:44

      anon 1114pm. Shut up.

  13. Mrs say it as it is16:34

    My dear your hubby is knacking that girl. Ho ha! I was also old is your hubby?

  14. Anonymous13:57

    One problem we hv as human beign is dat we easily point out d wrong which is too bad. Those saying that the poster has no respect did u at all read the first line of her post or is it only where she said Eya that you recognized? She called her aunty Eya and even greeted her.she must have been in agony while postin this .even if she is wrong she should be corrected calmly and not with insult. So my dear poster I suggest u talk to ur husband calmly and pray for him. U can also call the inqquestion and warn her to stay clear off ur man's back.

  15. Anonymous17:28

    Hmmmm na wah my dear prayer is d key becos one thing for sure is dat ur hubby has sth to do wit dis girl bt doing it under ur roof is d height of it, so I advice d girl shld leave ur house

  16. Anonymous15:32

    Shits really happen. My dear, be strong and prayerful for the Lord got your back. Good luck.


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