Bottle Feeding And My Baby

Hello Aunty Eya,
Pls hide my ID. I am a Frequent blog visitor. I am writing to seek your advice and other blog visitors. I have a 3 month old child who has refused to take anything from the bottle even expressed breast milk. It is giving me serious  concern as I will be going back to work by the time he is about 7 months.

   So, how do you

think I can make him drink from the bottle. I plan to exclusively breastfeed him till he is about 5 months. 

EYA: Sorry about the delay. There are mails I got before this and was just trying to post those ones first. I'm posting it now.


  1. Anonymous12/11/2013

    Praise God Shiloh 2013 EXCEEDING GRACE is here again

  2. Anonymous12/11/2013

    Wait for the baby to be very hungry.

  3. Anonymous12/11/2013

    Keep trying. He will take it eventually. My son did same thing.

  4. Anonymous12/11/2013

    My first son had a similar attitude towards feeding bottles. Cup and spoon is the answer. It is easy to sterilize and there is minimal risk of contamination. Give it a trial and see.

  5. Anonymous12/11/2013

    Don't force him. Spoon feeding is evn best for him.

  6. Some women apply bitter stuffs like bitter leaf on their breast... Dunno if it works sha!

  7. Anonymous12/11/2013

    please feed using spoon and cup.

  8. creampalace12/12/2013

    you have been given the best advice,spoon and cup work best.some doctor even prefer it to bottles,they have theories of bottles harboring bacterias.

    also kids tends to get addicted to bottles,i didn't even bother using it wholly for my kids.

  9. This one pass me o, over to the mothers.

  10. Check the nipple hole of the bottle, he might not want to take it, if it is too wide.

  11. Anonymous12/19/2013

    Its not something to fret abt, when he gets older say 5mnths, he wud suck 4rm d bottle cos by then he wud want to start experimentin on foods. Buh if he stil refuses, like others av suggested spoon feeding is best 4 ur baby. Cheers


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