And The Recipe Giveaway Winner Is... Deborah Bala

Congratulations! Deborah has won the recipe giveaway. This result is my counting, we are all free to count  for confirmation.
All I need is
your full address (In my mail). Plus your street POSTCODE. From the three pics on the post, please indicate your choice of cookware, happy cooking!
Thank you to everyone who voted and please let us not relent in cooking and snapping pictures for posting cos 2nd Anniversary Giveaway might just come to you. 

New recipes are welcome!

God bless everyone who ever posted a recipe on wives connection and all the WC Chief chefs.


  1. Congrats Deb. U surely deserve it

  2. Thanks a lot WC family, to all the people that took out time to vote for me, may God bring strangers to help you and raise surety for you, who will speak up for you where your voice cannot be heard. And all the sisters that sent in recipes, we are all winners because we all learn frm all food posts. May God bless us all and keep our homes

    1. You are welcome. You derserve it. Cute baby boy you have there.

    2. Congrats debby, u deserve it. Say me hello to ur cutie

  3. Anonymous12/07/2013

    Deb olowo sibi congrats! i love your cute baby boy may God in His infinite mercy open my own womb too so that by this time next year all people shall rejoice with me IJN.

    1. Anonymous12/07/2013


    2. Nothing is impossible for God. Trust him! He will grant your heart desires

  4. Anonymous12/07/2013

    Amen @ anon 3:11pm.. God wil surly do it 4u.. Luv 4rm Zee

  5. Agatha Christi12/07/2013

    Amen o in Jesus name!


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