What Should A Mom Do If Her Baby Is slow In Physical Development?

Aunt Eya,
I just stumbled on this blog a couple of days ago, and i am hooked already! I love the way men and women open up to each other and share their pain and joys and worries and tears and.... Recipes. I wish I will get responses that will also help me. 

I am a first time mum with an adorable son. The thing is; from the time i took in to the day i delivered my baby, i was sick. 

For that reason, I didn't take my routine drugs as I was supposed to (with being nauseous and all). And I didn't feed well too. A few days after my EDD (Expected Delivery Date), my Doctor said I needed a Caesarean Section cos the amniotic fluid was decreasing, my baby was too small for his Gestational Age etc and he didn't want the baby to be distressed in the womb. 

story short, I had the baby through a Caesarian Section and he is the best thing in my life. My worry now is this: he is two months plus and is yet to support his head. His neck is still wobbly and I am beginning to worry: He is gaining weight, feeding well, (exclusive Breastfeeding) and a happy baby, just that he seems slow. 

Sorry for rambling but is there anything I should do? What should a mom do if her kid is behind in his development milestone?


  1. Check with your doctor if you are that worried.
    You seem to be expecting just too much from this baby seeing the circumstances you cited.
    So long as he's feeding well, you've got nothing to worry about.
    At 2 months, my baby boy's head still wobbled a lil bit but I did increase his tummy time( put him down on his tummy and let him try supporting himself with his hands; it helps strengthen their neck).
    Please allow this baby ok? Let him go at his pace and don't compare him with other babies. If you see what I witnessed yesterday, you will just kiss your baby and say God thank you.

  2. Anonymous11/09/2013

    Seconded,well said,dnt worry too much poster d head ll stay right,its well

  3. Anonymous11/09/2013

    He is still very tender for u to b dis worried, ur baby is fine ok.

  4. Anonymous11/09/2013

    My dear,point of correction"ur baby is not slow" and don't make him feel he is that slow okay, first u didn't take ur calcium well cos u weren't fine and cos u didn't know the importance of it,I will surgest u ask ur doctor if is okay to take calcium now u are doing baby friendly,and try and give him the necesary medications. All children are not the same,some are faster than the other after all our grandparent didn't take medication in their days yet our parents are okay,not saying one shouldn't take drugs but can still take calcium nd others through some food.

    1. Woow I keep learning on this blog! Anty eya thanks for this platform. Poster don't worry and don't make it a problem okay speak positive. Pls anon 8:39 what's this calcium? Is it same as folic acid? Thanks

    2. nne baby11/10/2013

      Calcium and folic acid is what d baby needs while in d womb. It's a tablet in it's own. I also take it while breastfeeding very effective.

    3. nne baby11/10/2013

      Calcium and folic acid is what d baby needs while in d womb. It's a tablet in it's own. I also take it while breastfeeding very effective.

    4. @Deborah. Calcium is a chemical element that helps build and maintain strong bones in our body.
      Its very important during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I use Pregnacare Breastfeeding and it contains calcium and all the other nutrients my baby and I needs at this time. I'll switch to Well-Woman once am done breastfeeding

  5. physio mama11/09/2013

    I have always been a 'waka pass' on ds blog ever since I stumbled upon it a short while ago. I've learnt a lot and I've been looking forward to contributing positively on d blog. My comment on this topic will be threefold:

    As a christian, I will advise the poster to continously confess positively about her son cos he is primarily God's gift to her. Please rebuke the devil so that he will desist from planting negative thoughts in ur mind.

    Secondly, as a mother of two girls with varying achievement of milestones, please be patient. Your son is unique and will achieve neck control in his own good time.

    Finally, as a Physiotherapist of many years practising in a teaching hospital. Achievement of developmental milestones vary from child to child. Give your baby at least one more month before you start to panic, he may just be a slow starter. Also, do you know his APGAR score at birth? In simpler words, did he cry on time at delivery, was his body pink and did he have jaundice at birth or a few days after birth? These are questions you might have to answer if he is too slow at achieving his milestones.
    My candid professional advice is, relax, leave the worrying for later if ever there's need for it. Should the need arise, please see a doctor (paediatric neurologist) and a Physiotherapist.
    Phew, what a long post! For more info, please send me an email : efanu101@gmail.com

    1. Anonymous11/14/2013

      Hi, Physio mama,
      Since you are here, I'd like to ask a question.
      Pls, sometime in 2011, I fell down and threw out my arm in the process.
      I had actually fallen in a faint and so, at the clinic where I was taken to after I'd been resuscitated with glucose, I tried to wear my top over my head and the arm dislocated.
      At hearing my piercing scream, a physiologist (abi physiotherapist), swiftly came and with a sleight of hand, fixed it back.
      I knew I should have gone for a scan but I didn't as I had a whole lot on my plate and felt it'd just go naturally but since then till now, my arm has gone off its socket occassionally and such times are unbearable. I hover in pain for about 5 mins, try to find a sitting position that work and slowly wait as I minamally move the arm and, voila, sometimes at the highest throes of the pain you find the bone's back in place.
      This year, its happened about 4 times- the intervals are like Jan, April (once), Sept(while trying to find a position to sleep, it happened and was out of this world).
      Somehow, other concerns seem to make me not actually have the chance to go for a scan but its always on my mind.
      I've resolved to go regardless. However, can you throw any light on what is happening and what the implication of what is happening might be?
      Thank you.

  6. bulls_eye11/10/2013

    Madam, ur baby isn't slow. Head control starts at 3 months of age. I actually feel ur guilt at not taking ur antenatal drugs is what is making u scared. Not strange for first time mothers. Relax and enjoy ur baby's growing up years. No cause for anxiety. Many small for age babies do very well

  7. Anonymous11/10/2013

    My dear my candid advice is take the baby to the hospital and see a Paediatrics. That will put your heart at rest. I however aree with every other person that your baby is far from slow. He is a healthy boy!

  8. Anonymous11/10/2013

    Poster: Thank u all

  9. Poster I think you are doing a great job. Wait for a month or 2 and if baby cannot support his head yet see a health visitor or doctor.
    Some babies take a bit of time to achieve this especially boys so please don't panic.

  10. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Nothing to worry about madam, he's just two months and he wont be able to support his head till about 4 months.(My son who will be 5 months tomorrow) started gaining balance about 3-4 months

  11. i don't think you have anything to worry about for now. babies develop at their own pace. just relax and enjoy your baby because they grow up pretty fast and you will be wondering how it happened. if you are still not satisfied that he is feeding well and growing well then you should take him to a pedi.

  12. Anonymous11/13/2013

    Poster: I m grateful for all the feebacks. In all fairness to the lil guy, he sometimes holdsd the head uop a little bit before it goes all wobbly again. Somebody suggested giving him codliver oil to strenghten the bones. wat do y'all think? And he absolutely hates tummy time

  13. Anonymous11/13/2013

    Dear poster, please take your baby to hospital it will help u

  14. Pls ders nothing wrong wit ur baby, jus relax

  15. Pls ders nothing wrong wit ur baby, jus relax

  16. Anonymous11/14/2013

    Hello poster, I read your post n all d comments n decided to continue reading other posts but my conscience will not let me. First and foremost there is nothing wrong with your sweet baby. The problem is how u handle him. I am from Akwa Ibom and how we handle babies is different from others. Well this is simple:place him on his back right inside his bathtub when ever you are bathing him , but remember to cussion it with a wrapper or towel . Do this for a month and you will come back to testify on eya's blog. This is how my aunty who nursed me bathed my baby and she looked very strong and viable within a month after birth. Pampering a newborn so much isn't the best he/she must be massaged from head to toe during the morning n evening bath. I don't know your location, I'm in port harcourt I would have helped out though. Take care of him and remember u need to start training him on sitting from three months. God is with you dear. Nothing is wrong with my son-in-law to be(lol) so just take care of him for my daughter which I will have when I off load the baby I'm currently pregnant with. Take k dear.

  17. Anonymous12/02/2013

    i think this blog is just too tight,love everything about it,your baby is sure very fine mam.We mothers tend to worry so much,but u will see it will pass.Show him love and bless him at all times.


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