Style Idea For Registry Wedding In Nigeria, Please Help

Good day aunty Eya.
I love your blog a lot. Please I am a lady living in England who has not been home for a while now; and I will be having my Wedding in Nigeria soon. Can you and 'the house' please help with ideas on what to wear for registry wedding?
(I am
tall and slim)
Thank you very much. And have a lovely week

*also, please don't stop uploading the recipes, as a matter of fact please increase it (laugh). That was what attracted me to your blog.


  1. I think it's suit and hat that women wear to registry weddings.

  2. chubby ELLAH11/04/2013

    It dsnt necessarily hv 2 b suit n hat my dear. U can wear a long or short gown depending on wch u prefer. It is nt a church whr u'l b asked 2 cover up if u wear a tube bt u can also decide 2 dress decent bt fine. Anytin goes 4 registry. Its ur choice.

  3. I see ppl wear white gowns, but not as elaborate as the chc wedding gown! U can wear a nice white corporate gown, then after the registry wedding take off the jacket and go for a little dinner.

  4. Anonymous11/04/2013

    Just wear a simple knee lenght or long fine gown, black and white or any not too bright colour is ok...

  5. Anonymous11/04/2013

    Google and Facebook is ur friend! A dress will do

  6. Anonymous11/04/2013

    Just a dress u feel good in is just fine my dear!

  7. Robe (Cassock & Cottas)

  8. Wear a dress

  9. Anonymous11/05/2013

    A short dress with six inches shoe is perfact. Just look smart and good. U can wear anything u like for a court wedding. And go with ur ring. For ur hubby suit is good for him. Psiky

  10. Anonymous11/06/2013

    You can wear a wedding gown incase you don't plan on doing a white wedding so you take your wedding pics at once.

  11. Anonymous11/06/2013

    U can mail mi, am an image sure I will b able to help u. I mke outfitz for weddings and beads

    1. Anonymous11/07/2013

      Imagine the kind of writing you used to advertise yourself. The way you write tells me you cannot be a serious minded business person. GBAM!

  12. Thank you everyone for your suggestions.


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