Re: Wash All Undergarments Before Wearing, UPDATE

When I saw this comment on the blog yesterday, I had to go read up on Myasis and would like those of us who doubted that post, those who said it's fake to please take our personal hygiene more seriously cos we have only one life and Health we all know is wealth. Not only the washing pleases ladies, let us ensure that they are dry and not damp before taking them in cos you never know what might be hiding in the damp corner of that dress or under garment. 

The free online Dictionary defines myasis as: Myiasis is an infestation of human tissue by the larval stage of flies of the order Diptera.

Here is the
comment o for those of us who see before believing, I doubt there is any here sha:)

Sorry to derail, but this is a follow-up to the post about females washing their under-wear before wearing
Apparently, it's not just about new under-wear, but all damp clothing, and could affect anyone, male or female. So, that story about maggots coming out of a lady's breast is very true. 

The condition is called Myasis, transmitted by various flies, most commonly the Tumbu fly in Africa. I got this from Wikipedia. 
"Female tumbu flies lay their eggs in soil contaminated with feces or
urine or on damp clothing or bed linens. Damp clothing hanging to dry
makes for a perfect spot. The larvae hatch in 2–3 days and attach
to unbroken skin and penetrate the skin, producing swelling.[7] If the
larvae hatch in soil, any disturbance of the soil causes them to wriggle
to the surface to penetrate the skin of the host."

It's prevented by ironing all clothing before you wear them. 

Aunt Eyah, please, put this up for all to see. I saw a patient at the hospital today who was treated for it.


  1. Anonymous10:59

    Thank you poster

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    1. Anonymous12:22

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    2. Anonymous15:30

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    3. Sweetie,

      Sometimes, we don't always get what we want in life. Since you say he's all you want in a husband then go for it.

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    4. Anonymous22:46

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    1. Lizzy13:27

      This is completely normal. Nothing for you to worry about.

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      My dear this is normal. I've experienced same thing with my husband that we even joked about cause when I asked him he said the same thing. Relax, it is nothing to worry about.

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