Pictures Of My Husband With Another Family, Should I Leave Him?

Hello Aunty Eya and Wives connection blog readers. I need replies urgently cos I'm really worried. I'm bothered. I have been living with my husband for 7 years and we are still believing God for the fruit of the womb.

For the past two years, he's been misbehaving. He leaves home, tells me he is travelling but people tell me they see him around, which is confusing and embarrassing. When confronted, he denies everything. Just last night, he claimed to have travelled then I decided to search his bags. I saw his camera in there and decided to go through the pictures.
What I saw shocked me:
Pics of him in
a beautiful house, I saw a little boy of less than 2 years old that looks very much like him in a room and his clothes littered all over the bedroom.
HOW DO I CONFRONT HIM??? I am thinking too much, contemplating leaving him. 
Please advise me on what to do.


  1. Brandy12:25


  2. You guess may be right and also wrong... Assumptions they say is the mother of all f*ckups!

    Are you scared of confronting him?

    If yes, do a more comprehensive research into his life and oddysey.

    Even if ur findings come back real and startling, it only calls for a re-evaluation of your life and ur past 7years!

    Remember, God giveth all good things in his own time. Keep faith!


    1. Anonymous16:40

      Trouble maker (˘̯˘ ) ... Whatsapp me yo

  3. Anonymous12:56

    Its an assumptions dat cld b true, I feels u shd b 100% sure , do more digging so when u want to confront him, its with facts...

    feel for u sis...pls take It easy

    Some men r just mean.

  4. Oyin13:15

    Get your info correctly but to be honest, it seems he has another family. Don't just leave. Pls confront him and ask him. Show him the pictures. Don't involve a third party just yet. At least hear from him first, though there is a tendency he might lie. The people telling you they see him around, try and proof read their info with what you've got. It seems your husbandhas a new woman though.... Am really sorry about this. I can't imagine how you'll feel. Get courage and confront him but don't fight. Just ask him as calm as you can be. Love u, Oyin

  5. BeeCee13:53

    You guys should stop shying away from the truth and call a spade a spade. The boy looks so much like her husband with his clothes all over the bedroom.

    1. Ebehi16:10

      I tire for for dem oh,which proof do u need again,d boy looks like him,who is about 2yrs old,and he has been misbehaving for d past 2 yrs.This might not really be easy on you.... Only God will comfort you,and He will bless you with ur own child.It is well

  6. Anonymous13:54

    A third party will take sides with him especially if it's his family. Just sit down and watch like you know nothing yet.

  7. Oh lord! My naibours daughter got pregnant for a man that has been married for 4yrs plus without kids the man relocated her to UK and she has a daughter for him now planning for the second without the wife's knowledge. The man is still formimg caring husband to the wife. What a world!

  8. What I'll do: quietly walk away , concentrate more on my job(if any) , get myself busy with anything n if possible relocate, cut ties with everyone including my parents n friends ... Hopefully, I ll find another n a better person...

    The right thing: call him , ask him quietly , listen to his stories , forgive him, accept him n d other family n keep praying 4 mine... Its well dear but some men re bastards ...

  9. Dear this is quite a precarious situation,compounded more by the fact that u've not substantiated the evidence you have.
    The pic you saw is not enough,I'll advice you find more evidence to buttress your suspicion or allay your fears.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  10. Start a secret family too....just confront him and stay patient. Just makes sure he knows you know everything, but don't talk about the bag or pictures.
    Jdy last posted...All of My Married Friends Cheat on their Wives with ME

  11. Anonymous14:55

    @Poster, pls carry out secret investigation on his movements. Eardrops his phone calls/conversations to be able to get the exact location where the woman lives. phone pics can be denied, you need hard evidence! When you get one, pls report him him to the church he belongs (this type of people are usually committed in the church)! don't just walk away and loose everytin you have built together! make sure you follow due process (legal) option cause if you are legally married, he is not suppose to take another woman without legally divorcing you! Above, stay strong even if you confirm your suspicions!

  12. Anonymous15:22

    What other pictures did you see?
    Possible he had a one night fling and the child you saw is the result... It's also possible he's not able to tell you cos of the perceived devastating reaction... All this could also also be wrong - the boy looking like him could be your imagination (your worst fear).
    Tell him about the pictures you saw and what people have been telling you. Don't do this talking unless you are able to comport yourself. Listen to his response and reassure him of your love for him... You need to win your man back!

  13. Anonymous15:48

    Well said anon 2:55,@ poster pls b prayful,patient & if ur susption is right den folow due process so dat u wnt suffer in vain & dnt worry as u ll gv birth to chilren too;ur joy ll cum in IJN,its well.

  14. •Omalicha•16:03

    This is your husband. Why are you afraid of asking him? Are you scared of yoouur husband? No need raising your voice or accusing him of anything just ask him about the picture,who the boy is,and whose house it is.simple.the way you ask him if he is hungry.Don't raise any alarm until you hear from him.his reply would determine your next line of action.but pls by all means,ASK.

    1. Anonymous20:17

      He will lie, that's probably why she's afraid to ask him. What use is it if he lies?

    2. Anonymous03:17

      Omalicha is right. What she has now is fear of the unknown.that's the worst kind of fear.she shld ask him nd stop guessing,he is your husband of 7years,if he is lying,you will know.then you can even start making plans to locate the other family.meanwhile,7years? And you haven't adopted? WHY??

  15. Amaka17:27

    Pay somebody to follow him n get d address of where he goes to. If its true, don't just pack n leave him after 7yrs just like that. Make sure u get money n stuff as back up plan, then u confront him with ur findings. If u just liv, he will happily bring the other woman in. So gather ursef well well.

  16. Fyn Ijebu Chic18:27

    It is well.
    I no get any advice cos I am shocked.
    Pray for guidiance.

  17. Anonymous18:46

    I'll advice u carry out an investigation FIRST w/out him knowin, cos some men are pathological liars, b4 u can confront him.

  18. Hmmmmmmm, e be like say your husband don get another family o...... The lord is your strenght... Try to do more investigation and prepare your mind for anything, whatever decision u decide to take after seeing the result of your investigation is left to you... I pray God will bless u with d Fruit of the womb IJN.. He will put a smile on ur face IJN.

  19. Anon 3:22, u made sense oº° ! Until u said she has 2 win ha husband back. If her suspicions r ryt, he is d one hu ought to tink about winning ha back. I so pray u r wrong poster bcos I cnt evn begin 2 imagine hw u wld feel odawise. God hav mercy on us. D evil dt we r capable of, is usually manifested on doz we ought to or claim to love. It is well.

  20. Anonymous00:36

    The best thing is jst to ask him. If u are thinking he'll lie, look at his facial xpression and reaction when u are asking him. Look at his face. U should be able to tell when he is lying.the whole thing is heart breaking but u have to accept the child.

    1. Mrs Anon19:30

      She does not HAVE to. It is her choice whether she would like to accept such a child or not. We should stop all this double jeopardy on a woman that is already hurting. Haba.

  21. Anonymous04:23

    Don't ask him just yet,since people see him around when he is supposed to have “travelled” nose around a lil bit. Catch him red handed! Then whatever you do DON'T leave your matrimonial home. The strange woman must not win! In His time God will make all things beautiful for u!

  22. Hello, thanks a lot. The comments were quite a relief. I wanted to tell my sister but someone commented that involving a third party was bad and that I needed to investigate more and confront him. yesterday I made arrangements with someone to have him followed.
    In the midnight I woke him up and told him I knew what he was up to, I lied that I had someone follow him, I didn't tell him about the pictures.
    To my surprise,he didn't deny it, he promised to tell me how it happened later today. I will keep you posted.
    From the poster.

    1. Makz07:45

      Eeeya, kpele. May the Lord be with u my dear.

  23. The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately
    wicked: who can know it?. God will be with you, comfort you and make you happy

  24. Hmmm! May God comfort u dear Poster! Pele sogbo?

  25. Louisa15:12

    May God strengthen you my sister


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