Peppered Variety Rice And Mutton By Omalicha

 A serving of peppered variety rice and mutton
It was a warm Saturday afternoon,we were done with the house chores and the general cleanup,this was not the average Saturday,our taste buds were itching for something exciting. 

After a little dilly-dallying I came up with this recipe. It was awesome and everyone loved it. As usual,it's subject to alterations and you can always add and subtract as you wish. Enjoy!


Rice               - 2 de rica

Onion            -3 medium bulbs

pepper          -(like a plate I guess,didn't
                        Count,just knew it was
                         Plenty. lol)

runner beans  -a small basket.(I love runner

dry fish     -16 pieces (the small ones)

chicken stock - a medium sized bowl

shrimps          - a small pack

chicken sausages -a pack

mutton               -1 and a half kilo

vegetable oil      -a cooking spoon


salt to taste

wash and arrange everything you need to prepare your food. Dice everything that needs to be diced. I washed my rice 5 times to get rid of the starch.

The mutton had already been seasoned previously and even half dried. i put in a pan,added ground pepper and a pinch of salt and allowed to heat and cook completely before setting aside.

The chicken stock was gotten from a previous meal,I brought it out of the fridge to defrost and set aside.

Put a dry pot on medium heat. Add your vegetable oil. After 5mins,your oil should be very hot,add pepper and onion stir fry. We wanted the rice peppery so don't scream when you see how much pepper I used. lol,but if u fry your pepper properly,it reduces the hotness.

Add your dry fish. When I make rice with dry fish I usually put it in the beginning and not when the rice is cooked  as some people prefer to do. I do this so that the fish can get sauced properly and if its really dry,you don't have to bother about it scattering.

Add little salt and seasoning. This solely depends on how seasoned your stock is. You don't want it too spicy.

mix well and keep frying,after 5min,add your washed rice. I brought this down from the heat and stirred well,endeavor to use a wooden spoon. this way,it doesn't get burnt.  Mix properly,and let all your ingredients work their way to the top.

Add your stock,taste for seasoning and leave to cook.

when almost cooked,add shrimps and diced sausages.(They are tender and do not need to over cook),its safe to turn @ this stage,using your wooden spoon and taken from bottom to top.

when completely cooked,add runner beans. This is my favorite ingredient. :).I love it crunchy,so I turn again,and turn of heat. Never over cook your vegetables the heat from the food should do this.

i didn't forget my mutton. it was served as a side dish. (Don't mind me o,na just meat)

This sounds stressful,but ignore my long epistle. its really easy and tastes way better than it looks. enjoy!

Ingredients for peppered variety rice, sausages, shrips, fish, onion, pepper , runner beans
 Seasoned and half dried mutton

Vegetable oil

Washed rice

Chicken stock

Stir fry pepper and onions, frying pepper reduces the hotness

Adding washed dry fish to stir fried pepper and onion

Adding rice, seasoning and salt to taste
Stirring rice with a wooden spoon

Adding chicken stock to pot of  rice

Adding sausages and shrimps to almost cooked rice

Adding runner beans to cooked rice

 Peppered variety rice served with a side of mutton
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Enjoy your lunch!


  1. Anonymous11/11/2013

    yummy!!! but ddnt u overwash the rice?

    1. •Omalicha•11/11/2013

      No dear,that's cos I do not parboil unless its white rice.

  2. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Will try this by weekend.nice 1

  3. Must one use mutton?

  4. Young Awesome Mum11/11/2013

    So hungry right now!, seeing this just made me extra extra hungry

  5. Le bebe!!!looks so gewd!!!!!biko yuh must prepare dis for me when we resume.....lols

  6. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Chizzy has done it again,it looks mouth watering,bt is it possible to make it wit out the fish?

  7. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Chizzy!!!!!!!!!! U v scatter ma brain ooo,dis is mouth watering,it looks perfect,bt do we v to use fish?

    1. •Omalicha•11/11/2013

      No dear,its not compulsory.

  8. Beautiful, omalicha nice one

  9. Beautiful, omalicha nice one

  10. chijioke11/11/2013


  11. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Chzzy hbmmmmmmmm.......any day i call u on a friday night...just knw say d saturday gó be www. choppinsin .com for my Próud of u dear........

  12. I'll rather stick to my fufu and Ogbono or egusi soup... All this one na short cut obesity!

    But great for those who love stuff's like this... Thumbs up Omalicha!

    1. •Omalicha•11/12/2013

      Fufu is the shortest route to obesity.if u really check the ingrdients I used,u'll discover that they are more of protein,rice is the only carb nd u can do portion control.I am crazy about nutrition nd healthy eating nd I know how many calories is just enough for an adult individual,thanks.

  13. Hmmm,the variety is really VARIETY. For just 2 cups of rice. They all even overshadowed the rice. Nice one but this is hard to cook where we have 'battalion' of people,plus the pepper is 'fearful'

  14. Anonymous11/12/2013

    Omalicha,pls wat is shrimp,sausag n mutton n were do i get them.thnks

  15. Wow!!!!!!! I really love this now I will be expert in preparing mine.

  16. Am going now to prepare mine its, its will look good for my lunch.

  17. yum! this is definitely today's dinner minus the shrimp.

  18. Thanks Oma baby, I'll try cooking mine minus the sausages. Not sure I'll like the taste of sausage in rice. So happy you added that we can increase or reduce the ingredients.
    Your husband and famiu are lucky to have such a great cook. Hope mine turns out this good.

    1. •Omalicha•11/12/2013

      My future husband you mean?lol.not married yet.

  19. Nice one!

  20. kene Arazu11/13/2013

    Na wan o! Chizzy this is not fair now. Seeing this on a very hungry night.haba!

  21. Yummie! Eya, why do you keep tempting us with food, lol!

  22. Jus made my peppered rice but less pepper a lil tomatoes no sausage (don't really like sausage). I garnished wit carrot n spring onion. I also served with chicken. Thanks 4d awesome idea Omalicha. Been craving fish in rice n this is a gr8 recipe.

  23. am not loving the blog, I have loved the blog already. pls ooooooo what is muffon

  24. Anonymous11/17/2015

    Ok, I've had enough of dis blog for today. so hungry right now. hope i dont robb a canteen tonyt. logging off right away.... lolzzz...


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