Glowing on my wedding day, this is the day of joy the lord has made
It's our Marriage Anniversary and my hubby's birthday.
I've been all so emotional since last night and it's just like yesterday we said "I DO".
When I think of

all that I've been blessed with - a GREAT man, wonderful family, a son and many more all I can say is Lord am grateful.
I grew up watching mum go thru days-years of tears and pain as she TTCied so when J came forth exactly 9months after our wedding, I didn't take it for granted one bit. I treasure every moment I change diapers, feed and soothe him - it's a priceless duty.
To everyone in the house who is TTCing, on this our anniversary and my husband's birthday I decree divine fruitfulness towards you in Jesus Name.
Tho a newbie in this institution, I've learnt few truths hands-on:
My marriage is special (no two are same so compare not)
Nag/Yell/Shout/Complain on your knees first (you just might not need to do so to him afterwards)
Celebrate your differences (it's what makes us unique)
Master your culinary art (good food, the easiest way to get that Brazilian hair. I'd rather invest in good shoes tho, no offense)

Thank you WC members, ya'll make me feel at home here.

Please any WC member in Warri should forward their contact(s) to Ma Eya, our lunch/get-together is coming up soon...

It's not my fault that I'm beautiful, intelligent and charming:)
Praise the Lord! it has finally happened today

 On our wedding day and yes, so what?
I like to sing like my Mommy

Pregnant sis Debbie with Baby still in the womb and baby now in the world
I wore that gown(far left) as a baby.Mom kept it, J wore it on his 3weeks birthday 

Congratulations Debbie,
This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I just logged in this morning. Celebrations continue the whole week long We wish your Darling husband belated Birthday wishes and to our baby boy, may he continue to enjoy life and may all you need to give him a great upbringing be provided. 
To your entire family, many more celebrations!!!


  1. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Ahwww...sweet! wish you the good things of life in your home.

    1. Congratulations debbie. Bon anniversary n Happy belated birthday to ur darling hubster.
      9ce collection of pics u'v got here. May d good lord continue to bless ur home.
      Btw, u'v gained more weight now than when u were pregnant o. Easy on d enjoyment. Cheers

  2. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Ahwww...sweet! wish you the good things of life in your home.

  3. U looked amazing on ur wedding day. HBD to ur husband
    Wishing u a great & fulfilled home

  4. Anonymous11/11/2013

    God bless u n ur family.

  5. Congrats Debbie and happy birthday to your husband!

    I love where you wrote: "and yes, so what?" If only some women know what that act alone can do for them!

    Keeping rocking your marriage and beautiful self!

  6. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Happy anniversary dear. May ur home be filled with d fruits of d spirit. Kiss and hugs to ur little man.

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  10. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Big Congrats to every member of your family. More of God's love, grace, blessings, peace, divine health in your home amen.


  11. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Congrats Debbie,
    Reading what you wrote and looking at ur pix made me smile.

    You are blessed and are a blessing 2 others #ehugs#

  12. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Guess ur hubby must be extremly happy to live with u for ever,u are so nice,understandible,free minded, oh mine,u are indeed a blessed .woman,happy anniversiry

  13. Happy Wedding Anniversary to her!

  14. Awesome Mum11/11/2013

    Awwww, keep the gown for your baby girl.

  15. Happy anniv Debbie,you looked beautiful on your wedding day and you still do even after having your baby. God bless your home always.

  16. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Happy anniversary dear.went tru ЧЯ collection Ŵi̶̲̅τ smile.May †ђξ G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ lord continue to keep Ąπϑ bless ЧЯ home IJN.Amen.oops Ąπϑ HBD to ur hubby.EPHY

  17. Anonymous11/11/2013

    congrats Debbie

  18. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Happy wedding anniversary Debbie, may Joy never cease from your home.

  19. Fisayo Aransiola11/11/2013

    Happy Wedding Anniversary. Charming

  20. Fisayo Aransiola11/11/2013

    Here’s wishing that the love you felt for each other when you took your vow, stays and grows stronger over the years, bringing you happiness and merriment in your marriage. Happy anniversary!

  21. Happy wedding anniversary dear, u looked so beautiful and heavenly on ur wedding day wow, so smiley and happy, I was tensed n shy on mine o, I didn't smile much seff. May the good lord bless your home continuously. Amen.

  22. Awwww lovely pics! My name sake may God continue to keep ur home n make baby J a blessing to his generation.

  23. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Hapi annvsry,may ur home continue tu enjoy God‘s favour,blessings,peace n hapi birtdy tu hubby;wishn hm more fruitful yrs ahead.

  24. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Happy wedding anniversary and happy birthday 2 ur hubby, may God continue to bless ur home

  25. Johnson11/11/2013

    Nice one... More fruitful years ahead, ni oruko Jesu!
    Area! Make una try package some chopies for the house - no bi for only Waffi...

  26. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Wow! you look gorgeous on ur weding day, i wish u unending joy,ur hubby a happy birthday. and cute baby J all d best.

  27. mrs to be........11/11/2013

    Happy Anniversary dear, So happy for you. My wedding is coming up in dec hope to follow ur footstep, nine months tinz..... *winks*

  28. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Congrat dearie, ds is so lovly! My Anniversary is nxt wk nd hubby's birthday too, am soo hapy

  29. mrs krixx11/11/2013

    Congratulations debbie. Had a wide smile on my face as I read dis post. May ur family continue to grow with love and Jah's blessings. Bear hugs dear

  30. Happy Anniversary! Couldn't help smiling while reading this.
    God bless your home dear!

  31. Cute cute mummy daddy baby, congrats sis.

  32. WoW... Thank you, thank you and thank you my family. Sincerely happy and am humbled by your love. Amen to all your great wishes. May He do unto you all much more than you ever desired/imagined.

  33. Shayor@Soupa bowl Foods11/11/2013

    Happy Anniv dear!

  34. Congrats debbie....

    Still missing our precious AhDaisy Jayde! Holla someday sister, we miss you much...

  35. Congrats Debbie! You are just an inspiration. Your family is blessed to have you.

  36. Anonymous11/12/2013

    When I saw this,i was filled with emotion bcos am of marriageable age but not yet married.God bless your home.U shall live together forever and I tap into such blessings IJN..................AMEN.God please answer me too and speed my marriage...AMEN

  37. Anonymous11/12/2013

    happy b/d to ur darling hus. wish a happy wonderful marriage ahead.

  38. FolaShade11/12/2013

    Congrats dear, may the Lord continue to bless and keep your home.
    BTW Aunty Eya please this background can make someone faint with hunger oh... M soooo hungry..

  39. Anonymous11/12/2013

    Congrats Derby. Your family is awesome. Happy birthday to your dear husband and wishing you both many blissful years together.

  40. Congrats Debbie,wishing you many more years of marital bliss.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  41. Anonymous11/12/2013

    Wow! Where was I... 3 gboza for Debbie!... GBOZA! GBOZA!! GBOZA!!! Congratulation gal, you rock!


  42. Wat more can one ask for? Debbie you are blessed of the lord, Joy shall never cease in your home.

  43. HWA!!
    May God continue to bless your home. Amen.

  44. Anonymous11/12/2013

    congrats! Nice pix.

  45. Anonymous11/12/2013

    congrats! Nice pix.

  46. Congrats Debbie,wishing you many more years of marital bliss,happy belated birthday to your hubby too.God bless your family.

  47. Anonymous11/13/2013

    Happy Anniversary! God will continue to bless u home.

  48. You're beautiful and such a cute son and sweet family. Congrats on your anniversary and wishing you more love in your marriage.

  49. Congratulations Debbie!!!
    I went through the post and pictures with a smile I couldn't help even if I wanted!
    You looked like your wedding day was the best day of your life! Lol!
    And you sang!!!!
    My heart's so light with inexpressible joy- I just love that you seem like a radiant, skipping bubble - like the bubbles of a fruity champagne!
    Happy anniversary to yourself and husband dear.
    May Joy never leave your home and may you keep being a blessing to the world in Jesus' name. Amen.

  50. God bless your marriage Debbie, greater things to come

  51. Anonymous11/14/2013

    But Debbie you be chick O! fyn gurl. I guess you were the one that made a comment about marrying the short man that was begging you and it being the best decision you ever made in your life. I keep telling my sisters that in the end that height they all keep clamouring for wont do them any good. Congrats Love. Wish you the best.

  52. Congrats dear, many more happy years for you!


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