INTRODUCING…NIGERIA’S BIGGEST ONLINE SUPERMARKET, GLOO.NG. has been blazing the trail of relieving we busy women folk the stress of balancing our wifely and motherly duties with the hectic pace of coping with modern-day living in the metropolitan areas of Nigeria, starting with Lagos. They have indicated that their reason for being is for our happiness. Feedback that can be clearly gleaned from the many posts of their numerous satisfied users on social media suggests that they seem to be succeeding very well at selling the happiness they claim they are spreading to us. is a pure-play electronic retailing service dedicated to delivering direct to the doorsteps of her clients, on a same-day basis and at very affordable prices, a wide variety of
high quality brands of grocery and living essential items. provides her clients very convenient, very efficient and very affordable means of shopping for their living essentials, saving them irreplaceable time, needless stress and valuable money, thereby enriching their lives with the happiness these savings facilitate. They say they are not in the business of selling living essentials: their business is Saving You Time, Saving You Money, and Enriching Your Life with HAPPINESS!

The clear
benefit of these savings is that you can now spend them on life-fulfilling activities, such as spending quality time with family, friends and loved ones; laying a solid foundation for the future success of your children; studying for career/educational advancement; exercising to stay healthy and in-shape, etc. has become known for dependable legendary service, with the shortest average order-to-doorstep time in the entire ecommerce industry in Nigeria; LOW prices, EVERYDAY; 100%-free SAME-DAY delivery; and the widest selection of supermarket goods you will find anywhere online in Nigeria. I encourage you go try them out. They come highly recommended. Go and get glooed to HAPPINESS! Visit today! Don’t be a learner.
Please note: they are presently in Lagos and are expected to roll out to Abuja and Port Harcourt next year. (See for more details.)


  1. This is good, I just checked the website and their priced are the best so far. How are the goods delivered?

    With Lagos traffic you still do same day delivery? Am in love with ur price range hate.

  2. Anonymous11/20/2013

    Too long intro. Good prices though

  3. The website makes sense, there are sometimes one doesn't feel like stepping out to get a few things

  4. I vote for anytime, any .day for all your provision needs and much more. Well done Eya for getting the word out. Bless you. I have used them over and over and over and have NEVER been disappointed. Not once. Plus, they take feedback extremely well. It's true, they are not just selling stuff. They are selling smiles....happiness.

  5. Anonymous8/27/2015

    Another online supermarket to watch out for is those guys are doing something great! They've got a great service and they have the lowest prices compared to other online supermarkets in Nigeria. I'll recommend saverscart anytime


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