Importance Of And How To Care For Cloth Diapers

Hello Eya, thanks to you and everyone that leaves comments on wives connection, I have learnt so much since I discovered the blog.
I am a mother of two who is expecting my third child and there is something I would like to learn from other women out there.

Is it unhygienic to use cloth diapers on babies? Why I ask this question is because I do not see mothers hanging out cloth nappies to dry like it used to be in the past. For my other babies, I used all kinds of baby diapers,both baby pampers, Huggies, ETC,  and made use of cloth nappies when we are home. Disposable diapers were used only at night and when we go for outing. Because of my method of washing them, all my baby nappies remained immaculate white until they are torn, none changed color at all.

Wrapping nappies on
a baby was very easy cos I wrapped the pampers method and you can never tell just y looking at my baby. Right now after 6 years, I'm pregnant for my third child and I cringe at the thought of buying only disposable diapers. This morning I tried to calculate how much money we would have spent on pampers by the time baby is one and the figure is not encouraging, this is money I can use for other important things rather than wrap baby's poop and throw away.

My babies never developed a nappy rash cos I buy cloth nappies in dozens and change as soon as baby messes himself even if it's just urine. I'm still interested in shopping for good cloth nappies but not sure why mothers no longer use them. Am I too outdated and laid back or is there something I do not know?

The work involved in changing cloth nappies cannot be compared to the savings at the end of the day.  But if there is a health risk involved or something, I won't mind going with only disposable diapers. Please I need to be updated a little and I'm bringing it here cos I cannot ask my friends, they all never used cloth nappies at any time . Even my helps are taught my washing method so the nappies remain white like new.

Please dear ladies, is there anything wrong with the use of cloth nappies and apart from the stress of changing often and washing (Even though I wash everything once a day or in two days), is there another reason people do not shop for cloth nappies like they used to? Please educate your outdated sister.


  1. Awesome Mum12:08

    Most women stopped buying cloth nappies because they cannot care for whites, dasall. If you can, carry on dear cos money is not to be wasted on avoidable expenditure. #YesFlogMe

  2. Lady Eva12:46

    Pls how do you protect babys skin from nappyrash and how do you keep it white?

    1. Anonymous13:41

      Vaseline is the best whether cloth nappy or diaper. I was adviced in the hospital, u can do a simple test. Rub powder on ur hands and splash water it wld absorb. Do same with vaseline it wld roll off.
      Poster u can use napply liners it makes it easier to dispose poop and keeps the nappy neat for washing.
      Its very easy to get abroad don't know bout Nigeria but am sure if u look well u wld find.

    2. Anonymous12:27

      And don't forget to change the diapers regularly,

  3. Anonymous12:51

    Lol. You are not outdated. The only reason am not using reusable nappies is because i cant be bothered to wash them thats all. And the convience of disposable nappies. I know i can save some money but i really cant be bothered. But since you can thats a good thing.

  4. Anonymous12:59

    my dear there's nothing wrong with cloth nappies, most women stopped using it cos of the soaking & washing involved, so they prefer to use the disposable diapers.

  5. Anonymous14:26

    May b u r a stay @ home mum, but if u r a working mother n u carry ur baby along its a no!no!,.. Also nappy's change color wo, however clean u r cos of d natural color of urine n stool it STAINS!!! Gbam!!!... RME

    1. Anonymous16:13

      The reason they change color is because you wash with cold water. Boiling water removes every poop and urine stain like new.

    2. Anonymous14:42

      If you want your nappies to remain white. Get a bucket with a lid, buy napisan.
      Every day make a fresh solution of water and napisan, then soak baby's nappies throughout the day. Wash them every day. Use nappy liners to catch poo.

  6. Anonymous15:06

    if u are a stay at home mum, its can be easy, but if u work and take ur child to creche where they will only accept disposable diapers then where is the time to use the cloth nappy, maybe only on weekends, thats if u dont work Saturdays too.

  7. Anonymous15:44

    i agree with you, it is easy for stay at home mum

  8. Anonymous18:29

    Please who uses cloth diaper o? I started using it at 4 months and my baby's nappy area hasn't known peace. What do you use to wrap it? It used one breathable diaper pant for my first baby and she didn't have such problems except when my help forgets herself and leave it on for almost the whole day. But the panties' durability was nothing to write home about so I now use tie-pant which I suspect might be the culprit. Pls any tips?

  9. Anonymous09:38

    If there is any blog I luv most is ds blog(WC) it helped me a lot in terms of good recipes,marital advice,conception,though am stil TTC bt it has help! I knw u're a busy woman bt pls try 2 b adding new recipes everyday,even if it's only one a day! Thank u ma

  10. I am glad to come across your post but where to buy cloth diapers . these all are just amazing. Great work. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Anonymous04:11

      You can get on www, and

    2. Anonymous04:15

  11. Chika02:29

    Please what's napisan?

  12. There is nothing outdated about cloth. I use them for my children and bought my stash in London and us. They are more funky now and easy to manage. Hot wash gets rid of every stain and retain colour.


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