I Took Her As The Big Sister In Never Had, How Do I Stand My Ground Now?

Good evening anti Eya and all WC family. Anty please hide my id.

My name is ************ I finished school last year  and currently doing a professional course on aviation management.

I was with my boyfriend last month when a celebrity who is also into modelling and pageantry stopped by to say hello. I didn't know they knew themselves before this time. She told me she wants

me to contest in the next competition, told her am not interested but she still gave me her no and asked me to call her.

I called days later, she was excited and told me to come over to the house which I did, (though I didn't want to go out that day). We got along so well, she even bought me some clothes the 2nd time I met her. I took her as the big sister I don't have (I'm an only child).

To cut the story, she has been ignoring my calls lately but if i call with a different no she picks and says she will call back but never does. To be honest i have come to really love her like a big sis, even when she ignores my calls i still think about her rather than get angry. I have deleted her no several times only for me to get it back, call her and get same response. Called her this evening she told me she was on the road and will call back but she did not.

Pls i need advice on how to get her off my mind, and stand my ground of not calling her. Criticism is allowed.


  1. Anonymous11/02/2013

    If someone doesn't want your friendship any longer, delete her number and do not try to force it OR is it a romantic relationship???

  2. Anonymous11/02/2013

    Are you a lesbian? Why are u trying to force yourself on her. Or is there something you aren't telling us?

    1. No need asking that question,cos its obvious there is something she is not telling us.

  3. Anonymous11/02/2013

    U ar sounding more like a lesbian u know.so y did she just stop picking ur call 4 no reason.u are not telling us everything

  4. Anonymous11/02/2013

    No i am not a lesbian. I am on the quiet side, do not have friends n not an outgoing person but when she came i started going out, my spiritual life has increased, i now have some christain books esp that of juanita bynum. This is the more reason i am bothered but nothing romantic about us. POSTER

    1. •Omalicha•11/02/2013

      She knew your boyfriend in the past.there might be another side of the story IF and only IF she was involved with him in a romantic way.or IF there is something going on that you do not know.I might be wrong,that's why I kept saying "IF".
      She has a reason for avoiding you.send her a message and ask her why.if she still refuses to reply I will take it that she might be going through some stuff herself or she just dosnt want to be friends with you anymore.
      I sometimes do not want to fuel some friendships I have.FOR NO REASON.the person might call,text,etc.I just wanna be left alone,so pls ASK HER.

    2. Anonymous11/02/2013

      Mayb she had d plan of getting close to your bf through u and she is just trying to free u so she doesn't feel guilty after finally getting him... U know,she doesn't want u to feel She betrayaled u so she is trying to end whatever friendship I think u hve.... Dunno,might be wrong o,but just pray for ur man and rebuke every strange woman.

  5. Anonymous11/02/2013

    If she doesn't want to be friends with u anymore pls let her be.I had dat same issue with a frnd like 5yrs back,we were very good friends,same dept in school,we go everywhere together,I grauated but she was asked to withdraw cos her results were bad,after we left school I will call and she will do exactly what ur friend is doing,we live in diff states,I even told her I want to come visit her but she told me she will be travelling,when d whole thing became glaring I just deleted her number and that's it.if she can't come up and give u a reason why she's avoiding ur calls abeg leave her jare.

  6. Anonymous11/02/2013

    D lady is just jealous! She might have dated ur bf in d past and had feelns 4 him. She doesnt want to tel u. ABEG LEAVE HER 4 gud!

  7. Anonymous11/02/2013

    Keep on looking for a big sister, dat girl is either fucking ur bf or is about to, she is avoiding u now and u won't leave her and make sure ur relationship is still intact..u are even lucky dat she is not coming close..some girls will get close to u and be fucking ur guy, be wise

  8. Is it by force that you must be friends? You will make good friends in the future, and remember a quality friendship is better than the quantity of friends you have. If I was in this situation, I would not have attempted to call her back the first time I realized she was ignoring my calls. It's really not worth it. Focus on your relationship with your boyfriend and the other positive people that you have in your life and you can trust..... Let this friendship with this girl go....


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