Gbegiri Soup Recipe In Pictures By Yinka

Washed beans for gbegiri

Serves 4
Beans 1 cup
Palm oil (1.5 serving spoon)
Habanero Pepper/ Rodo (some people use dry pepper also known as cayenne pepper)
Stock cubes
Potash ( a little)
Salt to taste
Locust beans (optional)

Gbegiri Procedure:

your beans like you would do to moinmoin, place a pot on medium heat, add your potash and boil till its soft, blend your pepper (6pieces would do) to a smooth paste, I use the traditional broom to mash my beans the same way it is done for ewedu, but in place of the broom a blender can be used.. The beans must be warm not scalding hot before blending so you don't destroy ur blender. Once the beans is in a smooth paste either from blender/broom, place back on low heat, add one single stock cube, your pepper and ur oil, then u stir. Add salt to taste and a little water to reduce the thickness. Leave on low
heat for 5mins, if u want to put locust beans, now is the perfect time, add it and let it steam for 1min. Turn off the heat and serve hot.

PS.. Gbegiri gets thickened when cold, little water can be added when warming.
Pot of beans is placed on medium heat

Stirring beans with a traditional broom. This can be done with a blender

Adding ground pepper

Adding one stock cube

Gbegiri simmers in heat

 A yummy pot of gbegiri


  1. Anonymous11/03/2013

    What is potash please

  2. Replies
    1. Anonymous11/03/2013

      Empty tabular rasa

  3. Anonymous11/03/2013

    Potash is akanwu or kaun.Hope this helps.

  4. Anonymous11/03/2013

    The use of potash should be discouraged pls.This can be done without potash.It will take longer but definitely healthier

  5. I know some pple sift d blended cooked beans before putting it back on fire.

  6. interesting,i made this soup over d weekend and it was superb,one can add grounded crayfish as well.

    i sieved after smashing with traditional broom for a very smooth nutritious............ combined with ewedu/okro.......

  7. Anonymous11/05/2013

    beans! Na soup be dat? It more of beans na.

  8. Anonymous11/06/2013

    Thank you yinka. I will try this by weekend

  9. I made food similar to this today. I don't know Nigerian food, but want to learn. I boiled beef bones all day yesterday. I used beef stock to cook white beans. I added onions, garlic, cayenne pepper, tomato, pieces of meat, turmeric and curry powder. Then added clarified butter (ghee) and coconut oil. I have used red palm oil in past. Thanks for sharing. I will look in big city for more African foods. What spices for naija food?


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