Debate: Christians, For Or Against Wearing Leggings

A female dancer on leggings
Hello Eya, please share this argument in support and against wearing leggings...

St. Josemaria Escriva...

Leggings make it look like you aren’t wearing
anything to a guy. This is the most fundamental
reason you should not wear leggings as pants. Men
are visual creatures, you see. They are as attuned to
their eyes and images as women are to emotions
and feelings. When they see an image, their brains
are simply wired to react to them, most of the time
in a lustful or harmful way if the image is

I don’t have
time in now to go into
the details about this topic, but there is plenty of
research out there available if you’re looking for it.
So to a guy, when you wear leggings, you might as
well be wearing nothing at all. Yes, I know that the
fabric technically covers all of your skin, but that is
no excuse. 
You certainly can’t wear sensible
underwear with them, which is certainly attractive
and therefore bad. And really? There is nothing left
to the imagination. Your legs and rear might be
colored black instead of your skin color, but every
nook and cranny of them is as visible to a guy as if
you were Unclad. He can see your curves, and that is
provocative stimuli for a man. If you wear leggings,
you are (intentionally or not) leading men to lust
after you. 

If you’re doing that on purpose, shame on
you! Getting a guy to lust after you is not something
you should aspire to. If you want a good husband
when you’re older, or wouldn’t want a girl to do that
to your brother/cousin/guy friend/boyfriend, then
don’t do it to them. If you’re not doing it on purpose,
be more conscious from now on, and please, choose
pants next time.

My pet peeve is people who say 'if you were really a
Christian, you would...". Christians believe in Christ
and accept His grace, period. There is behavior
unbecoming a Christian, but there is no "unchristian

That being said, wow, my daughter and I argue this
all the time. She wears leggings and sweatshirts! To
me, that just isn't modest and I don't like it. But I
just have to trust her judgment on it. She is a great
Christian girl, engaged in lots of youth activities and
a great moral kid.

PS: My daughter even wears that to church
activities. I suggested maybe it wasn't "church
appropriate wear" and she - correctly - pointed out
that people shouldn't dress one way at church and
another (less modest) way at should be
who you are both at church and school

I asked one non christian woman why she wears
stuff like that and she told me “Its my body and if I
have it I will show it off!” That is a very anti-Jesus
attitude. What surprised me was her boy friend had
no problem with her doing that and he told me he
thinks its cool because it shows other guys what she
has and makes them jealous. This is the fruit of
throwing the Word of God out of society.


it may not be AA (Asbury Appropriate) to wear
leggings, and for that reason, maybe you should
save them for the summer. Men, if you can’t control
yourself around a woman because of the way she is
dressed, learn some self control because, believe
me, even if leggings are forever banned from
Asbury, they will be out there taunting you—along
with a million other scandalous fashion statements
in the “real world.” And ladies, no matter what
you wear, it is not your responsibility to keep a
man’s lust subdued. Wear what expresses who you
are and above all, be smart. Beauty is first and
foremost self-respect, and secondly confidence.

By Rachel Taber.

As a Christian what is your own view? share Please


  1. You see, I dint bother to read this post... Wallai!

    All I know is I love leggings, wow! Naija girls look darn hot and sexy in them! Sometimes I dey look sote motor wan clear me!

    Now if you wear it to church, that's bad, but keep the street seduced and not the church!


  2. Anonymous11/21/2013

    pls my God is totally against women putting on men s attire.trouser or leggings;they r all wrong in His eyes.
    Rem,wtout holiness,no eyes shal see d Lord.

    Ps,am entitled t my opinion

    1. Anonymous11/21/2013

      Please define men's clothing first before you make your comment. What we consider men's clothing was introduced to Africa by the Europeans...the jews in bible times wore what resembled a Jalabiya both men and women the women's own were more structured but the men's loose bso please define men's clothing first

    2. My dear tell me something. I never knew leggings r menswear. U r so in ur world. That same chapter Deut 22 said  “You shall not wear a garment of different sorts, such as wool and linen mixed together. Tell me sister nowadays who wears cotton from head to toe or wool from head to toe or silk or linen. This is in the same chapter. U pple just select some n toss others away. Most important thing is a good xtian shld dress decent. I can still wear a skirt that is very short n tight is it not women cloth, but indecent. So be a good xtian n stop be a hypocrite. The key is DECENCY!!

  3. Anonymous11/21/2013

    Pls wat do i use on my rashes.wen eva am bfeedn,i experience ds severe rashes on my shoulder n hands,dt wnt go away.i v tried agnesia yet no change.pls help a sis.

    1. creampalace11/21/2013

      I do have the same issues too, after using series of creams a dermatologists prescribed a tablet called mycoten which worked, but do not worry much it's just hormones, which will stop after breastfeeding.

  4. Anonymous11/21/2013

    I believe the topic is Christians: for or against leggings. That said, my reply is strictly to Christians and I'll address it from the only standard we have: the Holy Bible. On clothing, God says that women be dressed modestly,appropriately and sensibly in seemly (in keeping with the accepted standards and appropriate to the circumstances) apparel. While nothing is inherently wrong with leggings, the way it is worn matters.When worn, if it fits right in with the description stipulated by God, then, you go girl!

  5. Anonymous11/21/2013

    Every item of clothing if worn wrongly can send d wrong message. Nothing truly is wrong with leggings. Leggins are tight fitted, so when worn d top worn with it should be long or a short gown should be worn with it. This way ur bumbum n thigh area are covered.

    A tight fitted gown, showing all of ones curves can also be provocative.

    We need to dress the way we wod want to be addressed. If u dress like a policeman and walk on the streets pple will address u as such. In the same vain, if you dress like a slut, pple will address u same.

  6. I can't imagine any of my sisters wear that outside our house. Even the other day I and my mum shouted down my sister that tried to leave home with it.
    Ironically I love the sight and fitting on other girls.
    (Agbero di mma na obodo,kama onye ga ekwe ka osi be ya.)

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  7. Anonymous11/21/2013

    My opinion is this, I wear leggings ( for casual outings to market etc) but, I make sure the top I am wearing is not see tro and is long. I will feel totally self conscious if I wear a short blouse on my leggings, In short I can't do so. I guess am old school. It irritates me to see women wearing leggings and showing off their bum bum for every one, not nice at all, but then, what do I know?
    Mrs A

  8. Sweetness11/21/2013

    Leggings is not bad..its just the way it is worn.
    I hope u know u can tie wrapper and still be seductive...

    Abeg some women like to bring unnecessary issues biko

  9. •Omalicha•11/21/2013

    If u put on "two wrapper" it can still look seductive to someone outside.if u put on leggins it can still make you look funny.Not all woman have curves,I hv actually seen some people on leggings and it looks like "agbada". So this is it,why don't we just dress in a way that we know is modest? That won't stop Men from looking trust me but it will save you the embarrasment of being looked down on,because of your dressing,or being misinterpreted. Now,we must not always make every post about women's dressing related to men,they are not what life is all about,really.

  10. Leggings is not bad but so many ladies abuses it a lot by d way is been woren,I wear it wit somtin long enough to cover my bum bum and hips and dts d way it shuld be worn,but is so alarming how ladies of nawa days wears dem wit jst a hanging top,its wrong,evn d oda day I was in keke I sighted a grown lady wit des leggings dt ws showing evrytin evn her pravite part shape.its wrong,to me leggings shuld be worn wit a long top or gown bcs its a longer vasion of tit,one will not tell me dt U ll be bold enough to wear tit and top outside,pls women let's advise ourselves. And pls madam poster tell Ur dota to stop wearing it to church bcs is not rite. Dts my opinion thou.

  11. Anonymous11/21/2013

    Leggings is bad. Fullstp!

  12. Like most people already said leggings is best worn with long tops/ short dress that covers the bum.
    If worn in an unrevealing way I don't see y it can't be worn to church. One can dress up or dress down with leggings. I wear it to church with knee length or just above the knee dress and its only proper blackout leggings I wear never see through ones.
    If we say leggings cannot be worn out or to church (only if worn modestly) then outfits like skinny jeans, pencil skirts and fitted dresses also fall into the category as leggings.

  13. Moderation is what matters in our dressing n everything we do. I also believe that if u know what u r wearing will make others sin n u still wear it then it's bad. #justmytot#

  14. Anonymous11/22/2013

    Leggings are to be worn with a long top, simply because some of them are see through and no one wants to see your unsightly rear end. It is a bit embarrassing for the wearer. However, I do not dress with men in mind because I wear my long maxi gown and they are still gawking. Men gawk at women in hijabs as well. A man lacking self control can not be saved from himself unless he asks for God's help. I do not like when people say, don't wear that will bla bla bla. Do not wear XYZ because it exposes parts in a way that does not represent your values.

  15. Anonymous11/22/2013

    Pls I need an advice,my sis got pregnant @ 40yrs of age wen d one born last is 8yrs,is not intentnal,she is her last trimester now,is she safe wit d age ?

  16. Anonymous 1:22,you are right.I feel so bad each time I see women wearing that without a cloth that cover her buttocks.I told my twin sister the other day that she should stop wear that even at happy she listened....

  17. my advice here is that even if u are wearing it,try put on a top that will cover ur bum bum area....

  18. Anonymous1/01/2016

    Christians did not start the legging thing. It was done by celebrities, so the Christians like sheep well,just followed along. I know so many Christians thay wear...most shouldn't. ...but they all think they are in style. It leaves nothing to the imagination. When I visit a churich et the pastors wife and others are sporting legging, kind a hard not
    to notice thier camel toe. Jesus in my opinion is not pleased.


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