Tips For Families Trying To Conceive

Good day Aunty Eya. Want to appreciate you for the good work you are doing here, especially with food recipes and procedures, my hubby looks forward to coming home to a new meal everyday
I know it's not easy, God will reward you beyond your comprehension. 

Can you please make a post

for "people trying to conceive" so that we can get tips from fellow WC members (please no insult because I know some peeps here have a special anointing for insults) on what to do and common mistakes to avoid so that we'll improve our chances of conceiving. 

I'll prefer to be anonymous. My email address should not be included please. Thank you


  1. Mary08:47

    @Poster, have you read Billings Method Of Family Planning? If you haven't, go in search of it. It teaches you how to work with your own individual body, gives you tips on when to hug your oga and what to do. You will learn a lot from it. That book has helped many and it's from there I learnt how to study my own body as a woman and how to understand the working of my reproductive system by working with the daily chart on the book.

    Check in very good bookstores.

  2. Anonymous08:49

    If possible, tell him to start entering from the back. That way the sprmatozoa goes deep and straight to the egg.

    1. Anonymous19:09

      I v heard contrary..what happens when he pulls out? This is not the best position for a person that wants to conceive. Th missionary position is always best cos you get most of the good stuff.

    2. Yes, missionary position is more favourable and after sex, just elevate your hips with a pillow for 30mins. It helps

  3. Lizzy10:17

    After intercourse lay on back, support ur bum with a pillow or lift ur bum/waist up for about 5-10mns before u get up for a wash. This help d sperm get in as far back as possible and remain there from a few days to a week.

    1. Anonymous10:56

      Lizzy you are very correct, it work for me even when I was told that my tubes were blocked.

    2. Anonymous21:04

      When u raise ur bum/waist with a pillow, make cycling motions with your legs. It also helps to push the sperm farther
      .I also knw a couple who were ttc after a few yrs the husband got tested ( it had been the wife going all along) the Doc found out that the active well concerntrated sperm was at the end of he's ejaculation. He was advised to remain in he's wife for a minute or mre b4 pulling out. The wife got pregnant two mthhs later.


  4. Anonymous12:49

    Take fertile aid drugs, its about 10k, but ask ur doctor first b4 taking it, make sure u and ur hubby have no infection, know ur fertile days and make love those days, after making love, dnt get up immediately and lift ur bum with a pillow like Lizzy said, above all pray, get our daily manna prayer book and war against haman and pray with them, God blessed so many people through doz prayer books, if u stay in Lag try and locate d man of God's(rev Chris kwapkovie) church and worship with them. If u stay in d east try and go to adoration ministry Enugu (rev father Mbaka) even if u are not a catholic, if u are in Abuja worship with world alive centre, Gwarinpa, even if u dnt want 2 leave ur church, just go to any of ds churches once in a while, I can testify dat God is really using dz 3 men of God.

  5. Anonymous17:06

    From day 10 to day 20 of your period.Have sex every other day till day 20.Make sure it's not every day.just every other day.Try and have an hsg done to know if your tubes are open and patent and also do a blood test to be sure you are ovulating and make sure your husband takes a test as well to know his sperm count, motility and morphology but this can wait till a year after you are married if you are less than 35 years old.If you are more than 35 make sure you have these tests done after 6 months.wish you all d best

  6. poster17:51

    Thanks a lot for the tips everyone. @Mary, I have billings method of family planning we were made to buy the both during marriage course which lasted for 3months before our wedding. I'll sure go back to the book and read again. Thanks a lot. @lizzy, I've been doing that for the past 2months I pray I get a positive result in this present cycle. Thanks. @anonymous 12:49, those are the devotional I use and am a catholic, I won't mind going to see Rev father Mbaka. I also took fertility drug (clomid) I ovulated but didn't conceive, I think because we made love everyday during that period. Thanks a lot. @Anonymous 5:06, we've done both tests and we are fine. Am below 30years. I think the mistake was that we made love everyday during my fertile window, but that will be corrected. Thanks a lot.

  7. poster17:59

    Sorry for the typo both instead book

  8. Anonymous18:03

    Good diet ie lots of fruits and vegetables..when I say vegetables, I don't mean vegetable soup oo. Fresh veggies and fruits. Exercise , and finally, relax it difficult to relax but just try to preoccupy yourself with other things but in all, children are a gift from the most you have to ask.

  9. Anonymous18:37

    Tanks everyone ve really learnt a lot...God bless u all for dis tip

  10. Anonymous18:45

    Nice tips,d entering through d back worked for a couple I know.
    Pls visit this site

  11. Note that Some people pass through gruelling fertility treatments and tests without good result when their problem is something a little baking soda can solve. If your vagina is acidic, the chances of a sperm in that environment are little. So mx a little baking soda and water, inject it into you vag and wait for two hours before sex. Trust me, its has been tried and proved.

    1. Anonymous21:33

      Baking soda kwa? Biko mbakwa oo...the vagina is fragile as it is please don't put anything in it without your doctors permission.

  12. Anonymous03:05

    My dear I understand how you feel trying to conceive, each month you see your period you can help but feel bad, I have been in that situation before, after many years of waiting. The most important thing is hold on to god, cos he said in his word that ‘none shall be barren in the land’ make it a prayer point, and also pray against any hand of man that could be in it. Get books like , I shall not be barren by David Oyedepo, supernatural child birth by Jackie Mize, etc. Also make sure you and your husband has gone through medical checks too. The same God that gave me a child after many years of long waiting will surely do it for you in jesus name. Amen

  13. mayah06:56

    Hi WC family. Many thanks for the comment. Ild be getting married soon and these tips will be remembered.Merci. @Poster,I think you should go to GOD in prayers. He knows the end from the beginning and all things are possible through him. I do not have any information about Sexual positions or meds but if you both (I.e your hubby and yourself) are PERFECT healthwise and you both do the right things, I would advise you to PLS leave the rest to GOD. Pretty soon you shall Testify.

  14. Poster10:16

    Thanks a lot everyone for the prayer and advice am so honoured and the Lord Jesus christ will bless you good.

  15. Anonymous10:48

    Dear pls kindly try preseed,its a lubricant nd its fertility friendly.after several months of tryn,i got a positive result d ist month of using of luck.

  16. Please don't forget to take folic acid tablets too; it's help in conception.

    I know your desires will be granted before the year ends.

    1. Anonymous12:23

      Please frolic acid does not aid helps with the babies prevents spina bifida in ur unborn child.

    2. Anonymous21:10

      ITK....It helps in conception.It helps one release healthy eggs

    3. Anonymous22:01

      Olodo, it does not help one release healthy eggs. go and do your research well and stop embarrassing yourself.

    4. Anonymous22:06

      Folic acid only prevents birth defects people should stop giving wrong advice.


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