Nigerian Unripe Plantain Porridge With Meat And Fish

A pot of plantain porridge.
 Unripe plantain porridge is the best for those trying to reduce sugar consumption and it's very healthy for everyone. Some people can't eat unripe plantain cos it's not sugary but Healthwise it is what our bodies need. If prepared with the right ingredients, it is very tasty and if we can eat yam and irish potatoes then eating unripe plantain shouldn't be a problem. 

It can be mashed and served to
babies being introduced to solid foods.

5 cups peeled and chopped unripe plantain pieces
1kg dried bush meat
2 medium sized dried cat fish
5 cups of water to start with, you can add more while cooking and stirring
Salt to taste
2 knorr cubes
1/2 cup palm oil
1 teaspoon pepper
1/4 cup locust beans (Dadawa)

I added vegetables to the plantain porridge recipes published before but didn't add to this. This meal, when cooked with goat meat gives a very yummy aroma. Adding scent leaves makes it best for women who have just given birth as they eat and drink the porridge sauce. A little uziza seeds too can make a great difference and for those who like locust beans, just add a little and enjoy the rich taste with a difference.

Plantain porridge tastes better when cooked till soft and a bit thick. I do not add crayfish to plantain porridge and there is no reason for that. For those who like their plantain fairly ripe, you may not enjoy the porridge like when you cook with very green unripe ones. The sizes can be chopped smaller or longer than mine depending on how you like yours. 

I enjoy plantain porridge cooked with 'tiny fingers' plantain better than 'large fingers'. I think the latter is
better with Dodo. 

I love cooking this with dry catfish but managed with croaker since there was not catfish at home. Catfish gives it an excellent taste. The bushmeat used here is a porcupine. It is my favourite.

Unripe plantain for porridge. This is the quantity I used for  this recipe.
Cooking direction in pictures:

Firstly, Boil dry bush meat with other ingredients

Add fish to the pot

Add and Check for salt, seasoning and other ingredients after adding fish before you cover the pot and let simmer a little.

Add plantain and and palm oil to the pot. Cover and allow to cook but check frequently and stir to hasten thickening of the sauce.

Plantain porridge cooked without vegetables. Thick and soft, ready.

  1. Roasted plantain, fish and peppered sauce by Pat
  2. Dodo with fresh fish sauce
  3. Boiled plantain served with mint leaves in a tomato egg sauce
  4. Dodo with baked beans and eggs
  5. Plantain porridge with fish, liver and crunchy peppered snails By Mavis Imanatue 
  6. Soft plantain porridge with green vegetables and locust beans
  7. Brown beans and plantain by Shayor
  8. Plantain with scent leaves in egg sauce by Dortiye


  1. Anonymous10/22/2013

    Nice recipe

  2. This looks good Eya, yummy in my tummy. Good work

    1. Thank you Tess, it was truly yummy.

  3. Replies
    1. @DarkChildLoveThyHair, you'll like it. Thank you

  4. Anonymous10/22/2013

    God bless 4 ds recipe as av ben lukin 4 a recipe lyk ds;thanks so much off tu d market now.

    1. Thank you Anon, hope you enjoyed yours. Scroll up to see similar recipes

  5. Anonymous10/22/2013

    Wow,yummy yummy YUMMY!!! But pls my dear WC,I am very sick nd tired of my teaste of stew,I want to change the teaste but I need some specific ingredient,pls can u people surgest any ingredients for me? PLS.(My toematos never get burnt but always teaste bad)

    1. Anonymous10/22/2013


    2. Leave the canned tomatoes for once and try cooking with fresh tomatoes that are blended and then boiled till dryor boiled before blending . you'll get a better taste.

      Stew tastes better when cooked in smaller quantities cos the tomatoes and onion gets to fry well.

  6. Anonymous10/22/2013

    what kind of animal is the bushmeat? I am always scared they are rat

    1. Couldn't help but lol at your comment. Wait till you see some of the rats in companies (mostly oil) where one is not allowed to kill them, you will not know the difference

    2. Nooooo,To know rats, check the ears of the dry meat. Tufiakwa in Igbo Language.

  7. Anonymous10/22/2013

    Hmmmm, yummy
    Aunty Eya don't kill somebody oh with good cooking....Lolz

    1. I'd love to if possible. Thanks Anon, if you click on the links up there, you'll see even better plantain recipes.

  8. Anonymous10/22/2013

    This is one of my favorite meals, especially with pumpkin leaves added to it. Never added dry cat fish. Will do that when next am cooking it...
    Nice one Eya, keep it going.....

    1. One of my favs too but with hot leaf and sometimes very little locust beans. You'll love it with dried catfish.
      Thank you Anonymous

  9. chubby ELLA10/22/2013

    Coincidentally I jst made dis 4 dinner bt wit diced turkey n shrimps. Really healthy. Nice one Eya.

    1. Hi Chubby ELLA, I will try you recipe next time, sounds good. Did you use fresh or dry shrimps?

    2. chubby ELLAH10/25/2013

      I used fresh shrimps.

  10. I love this, but porcupine? Nah

    1. Hahaha Precious, not many people like Bush Meat sha. Cook with Goat meat and dry catfish. Porcupine is actually one of the most tasteful when you talk about bush meat.
      Thank you.

  11. Yummy yummy, but have not had unripe plantain b4, will surely try it out soon.

  12. you like it, just cook plantain soft. Thanks


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