My Struggle With Alcohol Addiction, What Else Can I Do?

Hello Aunt Eya,
I honestly didn't want to send this but I figure there maybe people out there who are struggling with what I'm about to share with you.
I'd prefer to remain anonymous- many thanks for your discretion.

I realised this morning that its been 8 years since I've struggled with alcohol addiction.
What begun as a douse to a heartbreak I suffered in the University (a 3 year relationship that crashed rather brutally when I realised my cheating

boyfriend was not only dating my friend, but had actually grown feelings for her. The were an item for another 3 years before it packed up) had turned into a sorry tale.

I've lost several relationships and burned bridges because of it and when I've stayed away for 2 years, the relapse is really bad.

I feel really weak and ashamed and I'm struggling - I've asked God severally/daily for help and yet when the depression gets the best of me, I reach for a drink.

I know I'll overcome this, I have family who truly love and care for me and I'm also betrothed; I really and truly want to get this chapter forever closed- for myself, my esteem, my husband to be and my unborn children.
At this point I'm so sick of myself, I feel I've gotten to the end of the road and must take the turn for the best.
My sobriety is the most important thing to me now and I know that God will help me sort this out and probably use me as an instrument to help people facing addictions get their lives together- I really see this as part of a bigger plan- but I must do the hard work now.
The sorry part is that I know the damage alcohol causes and have read so wide and long about it- I'm not even as pretty as I used to and I've piled on pounds on my hitherto slim frame (my face is always puffy and eyes discoloured). You would think that would be enough to put me off it a long time ago.

I know that God will truly intervene now.
Else, I truly may ....


  1. Johnson10/25/2013

    You are on the right step to getting out of the addiction...
    I was into plenty drinking (average 5big stouts/day) until I met Christ. It did not end abruptly, but He helped me out and has kept the door shut, to alcohol, permanently. How did I meet Christ? I confessed with my mouth and believed in my heart that Jesus is Lord and Savior of my life. From that moment, I could tell that He was committed to helping me move forward in every aspect of life...

    1. God bless you for your comment. U hit the nail on d head.
      Pls visit

  2. Anonymous10/25/2013

    Is d poster a female?Well,i tink detrminton,change of envrmnt ll wk nt 4gtin yieldin ur life tu God.

  3. Please seek help from professionals that deal with addictions such AA- alcoholic anonymous. Different interventions will be explored to see what works.
    You mentioned you know the impact it can have on your health, please reconsider as you don't want your kidney and liver to start having problems.
    I don't knw how bad ur addiction is but if u depend on alchol to much then suddenly stop its quite dangerous that why u need professional help.

  4. Anonymous10/25/2013

    @Poster, pls seek professional help fast. If you are in Phc, i recommend shallom hospital (private) along East-west road. I took a brother there sometime ago and they were really great. Also, you need to change your environment as its was one of the tins recommended at the clinic for my brother. Get involved in religious activities - bible study, dancing or singing group, drama, praying etc, before you know it, you will never remember the door of alcoholism again. gulluck but be determined to get it right this time.

  5. I feel you need to talk to someone, I do not know where you are but you need counselling and not just spiritual. alcohol addiction is a deep illness and you've just taken your first step by admitting you have a problem with alcohol. please seek help so you can enjoy your life. stay blessed

  6. Anonymous10/25/2013

    Remove all temptations around you. Clear your environment of anything alcoholic and if you can starve that addiction for just 15 days, it's dead and you are free.

  7. Anonymous10/25/2013

    I have sought professional help.
    I intend to do more of that when in the Uk as seeing a shrink here almost has a stigma attached to it.
    The one I saw traced it to the depression I had faced and which, at just a sip of alcohol, got me dependent without knowing it and he says that everything I've done so far- drinking, popping sleeping pills to enable me sleep, have been my way of managing what he calls "depression".
    I know I've got the will power to kick this to the curb- and I severally have (and look absolutely resplendent when I do cos I glow)- but when faced with two scenarios; a sad turn of events and when I'm extremely pleased with a feat I've accomplished- it almost seems like just a teeny- weeny drink wouldn't be a bad idea and there goes the downward spiral and itd usually take a few depressing months to get my act together.
    You must know that I'm a sort of perfectionist and when things go way out of what had seemed like a brilliant plan, I tend to spiral.
    My fiancee's been the most wonderful man on earth and has been with me althrough this.
    I'm a rather soft-spoken, and happy person and, strangely, that part of me isn't almost ther anymore- until I have a drink.
    I'm finally kicking the shameful habit but then, I've said that severally.
    I just think I have to face my depressing times squarely which I do by studying my bible.
    I do seem to have an alter-ego; the me that is fiesty, out going and happy-go-lucky when I've had a drink with flashes of temper and the me that is the total opposite and home-minded when I'm clean.
    Thank you for your advices.
    I truly know in my heart that this will pass but when I consider the years that have passed in this yo-yo struggle, I think, "what a waste.
    You must know that I have a thriving career- but then I've had to skip jobs cos of having to call in sick when I'm having a terrible hangover- and no employer wants that.
    I did give my life to christ in 2008 - but I must say that was my most intense year as its just been a struggle.
    Thank you again for the advice.
    I'm positive I'll be over this wholly.

  8. My dear poster... Giving ur life to christ is not just confessing the word, though that is the first step but it's way beyond that... U didn't give Him urself in total, give Him ur heart, ur time, let His grace lead you, confess death to ur fleshly desire, seek Christ earnestly.. U mentioned studying the bible whenever u feel depressed.. That shldn't be, the bible shld be studied at all time.. Spend time in the word of God, get to know christ more, and u can only know by studying His word! Not on special occasions or downcast moment, but on daily basis.. Acknowledge His grace and let Him help you (By strength shall no man prevail) The devil will take hold of your thought and mess u up when you think you've arrived! Trust me, addiction is not a weapon of the flesh, but a spiritual warfare... Get acquainted with Gods word and you will know for urself.. Read more about the sinful nature of man, and how God's work in the life of belivers.
    Read the book of ROMANS, GALATIANS, EPHESIANS, then go back to the book of LUKE and JOHN.. Before you read, each day, pray for insight, ask God to grant you access to the revelation of his truth in His word, and pray constantly in this regard.. Get this book, The battle field of the mind by Joyce Meyer.. Pple may say I'm too spiritual, but trust me, even a shriek needs help when it comes to a spiritual warfare. They may teach you how to manage the situation but you may never be able to break out... And when u're faced a difficult challenge, you fall back to ur fleshy friend again... You need GRACE to overcome! Let Christ help you, get acquainted with HIM..


  9. i also need help o. Mine is Nzu! Dat native chalk. Called calabar eaten by pregnant women. Am nt pregnt. I like eatn it o. I had it is nt gd. Please aunty eya i dnt knw how to post direct or mail u. Pls i nid help i want to stp it. I chew 4 evry wk. I have prayd. And stp it 4 3 mnths. Nw i have gone bk to dat stuff.

  10. Anonymous10/26/2013

    u wil stp it. Just trust GOD

  11. I pray God will help u curb this soon in Jesus name. Amen

  12. pls wc sisters help me how can i stp dat habit of chewing native chalk! I nid ur comments pls

    1. Anonymous10/26/2013

      You are anaemic. Please see a Doctor and maybe start taking your supplements. Once your blood is boosted, you ma not want to eat that chalk anymore. Even pregnant women who eat it are anaemic. It is a sign that they are anaemic and need more blood in their system. Goodluck.

    2. Anonymous11/03/2013

      Eerrmm! M expecting my 3rd baby and in all my pregnancies I take nzu(white chalk) cos I spit terribly. Frm day 1 till after I deliver. My own case has nothing 2 do wit anaemia! It only helps wit my spitting. Either dat or chewing gum or bitter kola

  13. Anonymous10/26/2013

    Poster I really do empatize with you. Any form of adiction is terrible and not what God intends for us as he desires that we live Godly and self controlled lives.
    I'm happy you have given your life to Christ because I believe that it is He that can help you overcome and kill this adiction.
    You need to have faith in the blood of Jesus, that the blood has the power to cleanse and deliver TOTALLY from every infirmity. When you believe that with your whole heart, next step is to confess continously that you have been delivered. When depression hits you, open your mouth and confess and plead the blood of Jesus over your life.
    Also, trust completely that the Holy Spirit can help you. Acknowledge his presence and daily call upon him for help.
    I pray God gives you all the encouragement you need.


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