I Need Help With Delayed Gastric Emptying And Excessive Saliva In Pregnancy

Good afternoon Anty Eya. I am 18weeks pregnant with my first baby and I have been having delayed gastric emptying,i.e food can sit in my stomach for up to 7 hrs before digesting and sometimes I end up vomiting it, I also suffer from excessive saliva (spitting) which makes me to carry a cup everywhere I go.

 This is really affecting me cos I love to
eat but can't eat because it won't digest fast so I end up eating just one tiny portion of food in a day.Please I need suggestions on hw I can manage the situation thank u. Pls anty Eya don't publish my details o.


  1. Anonymous10/04/2013

    am also 18weeks pregnant nd I understand wat u mean. ...digestion in pregnancy can be very slow..I deal with mine by eatin very small quantities like four times a day.. more fruits, vegetable and lots of water helps...most times I have to sit up for hours just burping till I feel some relief. ..but fruits definitely help..u may not go immediately but after a while tummy shud feel a bit better...op it gets better if nt pls see your kr

    1. Anonymous10/17/2013

      Take lot of garden egg,pawpaw and water melon it helps a lot avoid banana go on vegetables too, for saliva I use bitter kola and my doc said is ok.

  2. Anonymous10/04/2013

    My dear congrats on ur pregnancy,d saliva will stop by d 20th week by God's grace,as 4 d indigestion eat ur food in bits nd chew well b4 u swallow,drink lots of water,dnt lie down immediatly u finish eating,finally eat lots of fruits and fiber cos seriously I dnt tink deres any medication for it,do take care of ursef.

  3. Salivating in pregnancy is very normal. U can try puttn sumtin in ur mouth at all tyms. Eg chewing gums,sweet or bitter kola. Just make sure there's always sumtin in ur mouth. It'l help u control d saliva at least wen u r outside... Then abt ur digestion prblm,I'd suggest u complain to ur doc wen u go 4 ur antenatal;am pretty sure he'l gv u liquid gestid cos dts wat I was given tho but talk to him 1st cos no two bodies/pregnancies r same. Its always best to seek a doc's adivce in pregnancy so as not to ingest d drug dt'l b harmful to ur baby cos not every drug is pregnancy friendly. Futhermore I'd suggest u chew very little portions at a tym like d 1st person said. It'l also help u. Take lots&lots of water,fruits&veggies evryday! Hope this helps... Cheers

  4. Thank u all for ur suggestions.I'll try all dat u adviced except chewing gum cos it tends to make me salivate more, and I noticed that I can only take fruits on empty stomach, if I take them after eating, esp oranges, I throw up like 15 mins after.

    1. Sugar free gums r d best tho... Den d fruits,try blending dem or juiceing them&drink it if u cnt take them straight like dt. Eg,u can blend pawpaw,apple&orange 2geda,put in a plate with spoon&drink like u r takn oat.

  5. Add lemon to ur water ESP afta eating
    Worked for me

  6. Add lemon to ur water ESP afta eating
    Worked for me

  7. Anonymous10/05/2013

    I spit frm d beginning of pregnancy till the end.
    I use orbit gum, the dark blue one that's like purple. Chew little at a time after eating.
    Its proven very effective.
    U can also make smoothies at home for the feeding problem.
    Blend all u favourite fruits, u can add ice cubes while blending.
    Also don't forget ur prenatal meds.

  8. Anonymous10/06/2013

    Always chew crackers biscuit, it stops d saliva, dnt take bitter kola, my doc said its not gud 4 preg women, chewing gum didn't stop mine.

  9. Anonymous10/06/2013

    Salivating in pregnancy is normal .try adding ginger in ur meal when cooking it works like magic. I v 4kids n I dont spit or vomit 4rm day 1 til d last day.2ndly like thy use to say try to remove ur mind 4rm spiting it also help to stop..... Pinkfab

  10. Anonymous10/08/2013

    For throwing up. use Avomine. u can break a tablet into 2-3. use only when necessary. (was a doctors prescription for my second pregnancy. am in my third works effectively:)

  11. Anonymous10/08/2013

    I'm also pregnant with my 3rd child now. And for my 1st trimester, I didn't have any morning sickness or excess salivating what so ever, and my major secret has been, lemon and warm water. U can Google it, it's very safe. It helps keep d saliva away and aids digestion too. I take it 1st thing in the morning (even before I brush)
    Goodluck and congratulations dear


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