Happy Eid To All Our Muslim Friends

Have Fun Celebrating this day and please remember to take pics while cooking and frying the Ram Meat o. Some of us like mua ...need
to learn how to make Ram meat that delicious:) And *coughs* if you live in Abuja, kindly post some to Eya at  Longer throat with style abi?


  1. May Allah bless you on this auspicious day of Eid and May it be a new beginning of greater prosperity success and happiness. Wishing you a Happy Eid EL Kabir.
    Aunty Ojay I would av sent some pix,but it was my neighbour that killed the ram not me. But will be hangingout at Eden garden later in the evening with Kabiru and Ibrahim.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  2. Home made bread rolls to enjoy your delicious meat with? Visit

  3. Thanks Eya, we will post a plate of fried ram to that address today.

  4. Thanks anty eya and bonario may god bless you all.


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