Because My 54 Year Old Mother Scratched His Car?

Hello aunty eya, My name is *******.please don't show my name and number.I'm married with kids and I'm very young.My dad is a medical doctor while my mother is a teacher.

the problem is that my father still beats up my 54yr old mother at the slightest opportunity.The last one was last week when he hit and broke a rechargeable lamp on her head because while
she was driving into the compound she scratched his car.

When I heard it I was so angry that I called him and warned him never to touch my mother again and that I'm ashamed of his actions.he replied me that I won't end up well and that she's his wife and he loves her.I replied him back that he's never going to see my end because he'll leave this world before me.

My husband feels I went too far.What do you think aunty?I need your advise.                                   
 NB...he beat her up in front of my brother's wife and nephews (her grandchildren)please reply me quick.if possible tonight.thank you


  1. This post brought tears to my eyes. A medical Doctor???

    1. A director in the civil service.they have been married for 35yrs.I'm lucky that my husband is very good to me.I'm so ashamed of his actions.uptill now he's still cursing me in hs sms's

  2. Its so sad that he still beats her up at that age. U the kids my dear, are the ones that can really stop all these... U people need to organise yourselves and find a lasting solution to this.. I don't know what u Said to your father exactly but I don't think its wrong what u dear, u people need to stand up for your mum...God forbid your husband beat u,who will fight for u? Your dad? Someone that beats up your mum infront of in-laws.. I pray God gives u guys wisdom to tackle this.. U her kids, especially d married ones shouldn't let this type of thing continue, please do something about it.

  3. Hey sis... Sorry to say, Your dad is mos-def Cray.... Capital letter "CRAY"
    for that matter sef!

    WTF, a 54 year old woman!!!

    Heaven must be let loose if any man tries that with my sweet mom!

    You've done well by attacking him, he needs some matured talking to, contact a senior family member or his older ones, hopefully they ain't birds of same specie!


  4. Anonymous10/31/2013

    The question is what is your mother still doing in that marriage if she previously stayed for the kids you guys are now grown so why is she still in it? If it were my siblings and I we would have combined funds by now and sought her alternative accommodation or flown her abroad away from this beast because that is what he is. Is she waiting for him to become too old and weak to hit her or for him to kill her the decision is hers and yours by some extent as her grown children

    1. Anonymous10/31/2013

      54 is still relatively young by today's standards where people are living to 90 and beyond she needs to live the rest of her years a happy woman 35 years of beatings and unhappiness can take a toll on anyone judging by my calculations she was a teenage bride so probably brainwashed by this brute so you guys need to help her leave if she doesn't want a divorce let them separate so she can live the rest of her years in peace.

    2. My dad will be 60yrs by nov 10

  5. Anonymous11/01/2013

    Wtf! I would literally sit on him pound him with frying pan.

  6. Anonymous11/01/2013

    My dia get her out of there,what is your brother doing? Are you waiting for her to die? Ahh no oh,organize your family.

  7. U shld all raise money ie u n ur siblings n pay 4 a flat 4 her n insist she moves. If ur father swears n promise to stop, u guys can then let her move back. Ur dad no try at all. That's why I tell pple a woman beater is not by education, that a man that didn't see d 4 walls of school can be loving. See this one a whole doctor. What a shame! I'm so embarrassed 4 u guys. Kpele

  8. Anonymous11/01/2013

    I am so sad....

  9. Anonymous11/01/2013

    U d children shd organise urselves & find a solutn tu it ASAP b4 he ll do smtin worse dan ds,pls take it serious
    Ur dad is stil ur dad even if he‘s a monster pls dnt insult hm no matter d cause;wen u‘ve settled d issue den plead for 4giveness 4m hm bt dnt let it take too long as u nid blessins nt curse 4m ur dad,its well.

  10. Anonymous11/01/2013

    Hia! Poster what are you and your siblings still doing? My dear if I wear to be you I'll report him to his professional body so that his license will be seized or revoked and report him to the police(you knw NIF pls give them enough dough) so that they will teach him a lesson.

  11. Anonymous11/01/2013

    *if I were to be you sorry 4 d typo

  12. Anonymous11/01/2013

    Poster pls don't u ve brothers?
    Its only u kids dat can change ur dad o, *infront of ur Inlaw*?, he has gone too far.. Ur dad needs prayers.

  13. Anonymous11/01/2013

    My dear, you didn't go too far. he needs someone like you to give it to him very hard. Now I suggest you tell him that the next time he tries such that you will go over to his place of work and disgrace him. And do something that will make him believe you. Mtsheeeew.

  14. Anonymous11/01/2013

    Nawa for ur popsie! U guys need to warn him not to try that on ur mum again or he will pay dearly for it, haba !

  15. Anonymous11/01/2013

    organise pple to beat him up too, let him feel the pain, then he'll understand

  16. Anonymous11/01/2013

    My dad and his brothers had to bring my grandma from d village becuz they did not like d way my grandpa was treating her and they said they grew up to see their dad always "disturbing" their mum. They took turns in housing her, much to the annoyance of my who accused his sons of taking his wife away from him.
    I once had an argument with my dad over a family issue which led to me raising my voice @ him. I was adviced to go back and make peace, NOT! Becuz I agreed wiv wat he said, buh becuz he may place a curse on me out of anger. So I did so reluctantly!
    My point- u and ur brothers should arrange to remove ur mum from there before it will end in "had we known" 2ndly try to make peace wiv ur dad so that he won't place a curse on u. Imagine him saying u won't do well. E no pure na!
    Matters like dis, one needs to apply wisdom dear
    God bless!!!!

    1. Anonymous11/02/2013

      His cause will amount to naught cos he is not the almighty..besides on what moral basis is he going to rely on while causing? He should be ashamed of himself. This type of men raise women with low self esteem and when they are abused themselves, they see it as normal. Thankfully poster seems to have a good head on her shoulder. Please take your long suffering super mom away from this boxer...she's might have been abused for such a long time that she sees it as normal..she deserves a litt respite..she is the one whose cause I might fear.

  17. Anonymous11/01/2013

    so sad

  18. Anonymous11/03/2013

    What a man! Smashing a lamp over his wife's! And so brazen and free in himself that he will beat her in front of anybody he chooses. Where is the dumb-azz who told us last week that God hates divorce? Your mother better get backbone quick time, and self-love, but he probably beat all of that out of her over the years. As I always say the most dangerous thing a woman will ever do in her lifetime is loving a man, particularly loving the wrong man. 35 years of misery, 35 years of hate, 35 years of humiliation, 35 years of rage.

    Your father has title so who is going to go up against him? No wonder nobody has put him in his place after all these years. The best thing to do is to have a long talk with your mother to find out where she is at, is she ready for change, is she ready to move on from your father, because there is a mind control element that happens with the abused, some of these women cannot leave their abusers for whatever reason, so find out where she is at mentally. Once you know where she is mentally and emotionally you will know how best to proceed. Encourage her regardless of her mental state to get professional counselling, she is likely emotionally and spiritually depleted, and don't even know it after decades of this kind of treatment.

    No, you didn't go too far with your father. Why haven't your brother manned up and challenged him? Your father needs some good man handling. These cowards beat women and do to women what they will never do to a man. I bet if he came face to face with a man on his size or even bigger who challenged him, he would walk away. Him cursing you in his emails and making those vile comments to you tells me one thing, he is a misogynist! I believe deep down your father hates women. Many misogynists do marry, they do function in society, but at the core of their being is a rage against women. May God have mercy on your poor mother, because it will take divine intervention to release her from that miserable life.


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