Why DSTV Nigeria Always Searching For Signal? Can't It Be Upgraded ?

Hi Eya, first of all I have to thank the wives connection family for all I have learnt on this blog. I have been on leave for the past three weeks and just decided to chill at home this time around, read blogs and watch all my favourite movies and series.

The rains have been on and on and with the number of years multichoice has been in this country and the zillions of Naira made, how come we lose signal whenever it rains? Even with just a little cloud, one cannot watch TV again, the whole channels start searching for signals and this leaves one bored and frustrated. 

I live in Nigeria and do not know if that is how it is all over the world that when it rains, televisions start searching for signals and
continue that way until the sun comes out. Is there nothing that can be done considering that most Nigerians patronize multichoice?

 The worst is even this year 2013. My favourite XFactor USA started auditions long ago and I watch Online weekly but whenever I search DSTV to see, nothing is showing. Is it that we cannot watch XFactor USA again because they aired boring Naija XFactor?

If any reader has an alternative to multichoice (DSTV) that I can port to, please help with suggestions. My leave is running out fast and even with constant light I can't enjoy DSTV cos it's rainy season and it has to always search for signal
(Aunty Eya please post without my details).


  1. Anonymous9/26/2013

    I feel you my sister, multichoice is just exploiting Nigerians

  2. The day a good service provider arrives Nigeria eh? what is happening to MTN today is what will happen to DSTV Multichoice. Every one will port and abandon them. In my house we switch over to the local external antennae once there is a little rain.

    The local antenna works when it's cloudy and rainy but DSTV must search for signal.

  3. If DSTv is using satellite to transmit to homes, a sudden change in weather pattern like heavy downpour will affect the transmision.

    The other method of cable transmission is using cable wire. I doubt that is what they are using because that requires they lay cable wires underground all over the country.

    What can you do? You could unplug your TV from the cable connection and watch regular TV programming until the weather improves.

    Have a pleasant vacation!!

    1. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that you will need an external antenna for that.

  4. you can switch to terrestrial cable networks such as Startimes and GOtv. the bathroom weather condition has no effect on them.

  5. you can switch to terrestrial cable networks such as Startimes and GOtv. the bathroom weather condition has no effect on them.

  6. Anonymous9/28/2013

    i feel u. Dis multichoice pple r really exploiting 9ja pple o. Aside dat one d decoder takes more than 5mins to scan, remote freezes e.t.c plenty issues wt dem abeg. Mtshewww


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