The Doctor Said Her Tongue Is Tied. What Breast Pump Can I Use?

Gud day aunty Eya. Hope are doing gud
I have this little problem.
My 7weeks little baby has refused to lactate. 
She doesn't suck for more than 5mins in every 4-5hours.
I think she isn't gaining enough weight.
I don cry tire.

she weighed 4.5kg when we went for post natal last Thursday
The doctor said something about her tongue tied but that it isn't much.
I want to

try pumping out milk to know if it will work.
So pleaase i need to know the best and stress-free breast pump that can be convenient for me.
Pls i need names.
Thanks all and remain blessed.


  1. Anonymous9/02/2013

    your 7weeks little baby has refuse to lactate........then there is no problem baby's don't lactate babies nurse/suck while mothers lactate am i right house????

    Maybe you are not latching the baby on well look for videos online on how to properly position your baby when breastfeeding.

    1. Anonymous9/02/2013

      Yeah right!!!

    2. Anonymous9/03/2013

      @POSTER, you should be more concerned with your baby's tongue tied.
      Go get it cut immediately.
      You don't play or overlook such things, that can lead to her turning dumb.
      AND just so you know, it's the major reason, she isn't eating well.
      Get it done & your baby will feed well and be happy......

  2. Baby's tongue is still tight at 7 wks? If that little thing is not cut ASAP, your baby might not be able to talk. That is how some babies turn deaf and dumb cos the tight tongue wasn't taken care of.

    Try another Doctor biko.

    1. @ poster,pls see another doc as suggested by Mrs T.

    2. Anonymous9/02/2013

      It need to be cut immediately!
      It is a little snip under the tongue, by an experienced doctor.
      Please go back to the hospital asap!

      signed;good anonymous.

    3. So true Mrs T. The child won't talk properly which is even more important. You can substitute break milk with formula, if you chils starts talking funny - no cure!!!!!

    4. Anonymous9/03/2013

      Don't mind some doctors o. The hosp I gave birth didn't notiice my son tongue was tied after paying so much. When I took him for circumcision in another hosp, I was told he was tongue tied and they cut it. Poster pls change your paediatrist and try to latch your baby properly. Let him/her get used to breast b4 bottle so as not to get nipple confused

  3. Modupe9/02/2013

    Please see a paediatician to check your baby for you! Secondly,if your baby is not getting enough breastmilk,theres no how he/she can gain the necessary weight. The baby may not be latching well on the areola part of your breast! You can talk to any experienced mother around you to put you through! And lastly,tommee teepee breast pump was what I used for my children,and it helped out a lot! I hope I made some points. Good luck to you

  4. I guess you meant that baby isn't latching on properly. And what doctor is it that says a 7 WEEKS old baby's tied tongue ain't no problem? Are you sure its not a house doctor that attended to you? Coz that's how one wanted to use me to learn work when I went to deliver my 4weeks old boy but God refused. Please try another doctor, infact a paediatrician. They need to cut that ASAP, now that baby is still tender.
    I have Avent manual pump, you can try electric pumps too but they're quite expensive.
    I'll advice being careful with bottlefeeding to avoid Nipple Confusion and that's if you are doing Exclusive tho; it also goes with using pacifier on babies.

  5. Mrs Ay.9/02/2013

    U can get any good breast pump it doesn't ve to be expensive.After expressing it,make sure u measure d amount expressed,preferably start cup and spoon.get a 20ml syringe and a bowl with cover,use d syringe without d needle to measure each feed which should be at least every 3 hours.U can start with 30mls n gradually increase as tolerated.Also,make sure u position d baby correctly when breast feeding.D one given by cup and spoon is just a top feed.All d best.

  6. Aunty Eya welcome back o! I don refresh tire. Mtchewww! Watever that kept u away should not repeat again o. Ap poster plz be more concerned on the tied tongue I believe it must hav bin d reason for d inadequate feeding. Go ge it cut asap.
    P.S. Permit me to post tis here couldn't write it on d post cuz of bad netwk. @ Ephy, so sorry abt ur loss.God knws Best and he never fails. May he confort u wit twin the next time.

  7. Anonymous9/06/2013

    Madam, i advice you get a tommy tippee electric breast pump or a madella breast pump (electricc) kindly google it. Also is she is not latching on properly den i guess u ave flat nipples. Try pulling out ur nipples while massaging to stimulate suck reflex. Tnx


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