Leaving This Company, Is It A Betrayal?

Good day Eya,
Please I need advice from you & your readers.
I have been working for a company that is so good to me (though I have been with them for just 3 months). They got me a good apartment of up to N250,000 did the furnishing & the pay is good. I love this apartment & I never knew work could be stress-free until I joined them. Honestly, I have had peace of mind since I joined them. Everyone is just nice & it's a happy family I see here.

The problem now is that I

have gotten another fabulous job that pays almost thrice of what my company pays me. Please my dear people how do I tell these good people am leaving all of a sudden knowing fully well they can't afford to pay what am being offered now. 

What happens to this sweet apartment? How are they going to feel? To be frank, its a family here & I don't know how to do this. I feel its like betrayal. Do you guys agree with me?


  1. Sorry I don't know how to advice on this one. The reason we apply for jobs is to make money. To live in comfort too. You already have both BUT the apartment still belongs to the company, not yours.

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  3. Hi Poster, like the first Anon said we work to make money, eventhough sometime some factors are more important than money. Like your happiness, the level of stress, the relation with your coworkers, your job satisfaction etc. weigh in on all these things and if you still prefer the new job please go ahead.
    One thing someone told me about Companies is that, they will not hesitate to let you go when the need be, so you shouldn't think twice when you get a better opportunity. I'm even sure your boss will also leave if he/she gets a better opportunity( unless the boss=owner)
    Anyway can you tell us what type of job and your qualification cos it seems you are having a good time in the employment market.
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  4. Anonymous9/04/2013

    In life, so many factors come before money, that i have realised from my new job. They are not paying me heavily, but I'm at peace, i wake up by 7-7:30. Did i forget to add that i live in lagos? The only job i am willing to leave my present job for is, either a Federal Government job or, an oil company that will pay me hugely for doing almost nothing :D.
    Poster, what if you get this job and you start regretting it? If you also stay, you'd also find yourself unhappy in your present job, especially when you remember how much you would have been paid in that new job.
    Basically, the decision lies with you, take any decision you feel is wise and live with the consequences afterwards.

  5. Abeg give me their contact, let me replace you there. Been looking for a job for 3 years now. Let them hire me, I will even be a better staff/colleague than you.

  6. I won't advise you to leave.
    When did you say you joined the company? 3 months ago you say?

    Guy/babe, please what's hurrying/rushing you? You still need to get your feet settled first. As far as I'm concerned, you are still new on the job.

    You should be concerned about acquiring the necessary job experience first rather than jumping from place to place. This isn't good for your career and CV.

    You have everything working for you, so why the haste?

    Like That African Chic said, when the need for downsizing comes, the staff with the least duration of stay will be let off first.

    I've seen/heard this scenario played out a lot of times; the greedy ones take the more paying job and lose out not too long after joining while the ones that take the less paying job get their feet solidified on the job.

    Ask yourself this: if I take this new offer, will I still enjoy the benefits I'm currently enjoying? Will this new offer favour me and give me peace of mind?

    Well, weigh your options well and see the one that will favour you GREATLY!!!

  7. Anonymous9/04/2013

    My daer company jobs are not reliable at all,they will do away wit u wen dey feel ur no longer useful to dem. Dont be like a friend of mine who had a better offer but turn it down cos he felt he was too useful where he was only for dem to kick him out when he least xpected n is regretting it today. Be smart n act wisely

  8. Anonymous9/04/2013

    Only you can answer the question.. What do you want out of ur career apart from money? Weigh all the factors..choose the better one. Ppl leave gud jobs n make it or regret it. Pray abt ur decision. All da best

  9. Never stay in a place of work out of sympathy. Your career is all about you. If you feel you have better opportunities to grow in your career in this new place, type a neat resignation letter and leave. It's not rocket science. People do it all the time. Nothing new. If you had job satisfaction in your present job, I'm sure you wouldn't have applied elsewhere.

    But hey, guess what? No be your papa get the money. You'll still leave one day. Either by resignation or retirement. So, do what you feel is best for YOU.

  10. Anonymous9/04/2013

    Am not d poster buh am confused in so many many reasons why I should stay or leave.

    @Poster, May God help you. Amen


  11. Anonymous9/04/2013

    Discuss with you present employer and see their responds... They just might step up ur pay, if that's ur concern.


  12. Anonymous9/04/2013

    Jos Follow your heart

  13. Anonymous9/04/2013

    Poster, pray to God n settle your doubts before making a decision. Pls am a graduate of elect engineering, female with second class upper but with no job :( would be happy if I could get one, am based in lagos. God bless. Chy

  14. It Is a difficult one but you have to do whats best for you. No one is indispensable to an organisation.

    Pray abt it and follow your heart.

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  15. My dear, nobody is dispensable in an organisation,u work to earn your money and u are there cause u still do your job,d moment u stop doing your Job u will be kicked out. So forget that famiLy story. That been said,atimes,its not about money o,infact,u need peace of mind,u will understand what I mean if u work in an organisation where there crazy politics..

    Best u can do now is pray,I pray about every step I want to take and ask for a sign either to go ahead or not from God.. Don't say cause they are being nice to u in ur present organization u are going pause ur life,your career is all about you,no be your papa get the company o. Just make sure u hear from God before making any decision..cheers

  16. Anonymous9/05/2013

    I don't understand what all these people here are talking about!!!!

    You've gotten a better offer for a Job and you are talking about family and stress. You are just 3 months into your present job, you are still in the Newbie phase (things might still be rosy or you are too green to notice they aren't). Don't kid yourself or let others kid you....There is politics in almost every company, even in the ones that are not well to do, as long as there are human beings there.

    What you should be looking into is the stability of this new company, some companies offer mouth-watering salaries that they cant pay steadily, Is it a new company? How firm are they in the industry that they are in?

    Do you really want to let a job offer that pays three times more than what you are earning go based on sentiments? Haba! my dear, bring forth strong points.

    1. Anonymous9/05/2013

      Plus, the apartment thing is a non issue

    2. My thoughts exactly. I concur with u.

  17. Anonymous9/05/2013

    Dear poster,I wud advic u weigh the pros nd cons of ur present job nd dat of the one ure considering,wteva is the outcom,pray about it nd let God guide u through it,sincerely,I would go 4 the juicer offer if I find myself in ur position,at least,its not a crime 2 earn a bigger pay..update us on the outcome tho,BTW I wud rily lik 2 knw u,God cud use u 2 help me 2*smiles*..#THELMA#

  18. Anonymous9/05/2013

    Pls, help a sista here with a job o.
    Graduatd wth a 2.1 in Banking n finance n havnt gottn any job since 2005. Kindly help a sista here, plssssssss.

    1. Anonymous9/06/2013

      I hope you haven't been just "job hunting" from then till date? 8 years is a long time to be looking for job,try and look for what you can do or create with your hands,I've always believed that God gave each and everyone of us some kind of skill that we need to discover within us (in case we can't get white collar jobs). Sadly we don't have have enough white collar jobs to go round so pls my sister explore that area and tap into it.

  19. Anonymous9/05/2013

    Pls, help a sista here with a job o.
    Graduatd wth a 2.1 in Banking n finance n havnt gottn any job since 2005. Kindly help a sista here, plssssssss.

  20. Anonymous9/05/2013

    My Dear poster. Just ask GOD 4 DIRECTION.

  21. Anonymous9/06/2013

    Abeg i nid dt ur post o incase u wanna leave!


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