I Use The Toilet Once In Two Weeks, Is This OK?

Goodevening Aunty,trust your well.pls do you mind posting this for me.
Am a lady,in my early twenties,have a problem with my digestion.I eat healthiy,stay off from a lots of carb,I only indulge myself with rice and that's becuause it's my favourite meal.

I usually defecate after a week or two weeks at times.

my stomach so full and heavy.
Will really appreciate,if my WC family have some suggestions on what I need to do or take to help solve this.
Do have a smashing and favour filled week everyone.


  1. Hi Good morning,
    Your mail has just been published on the blog. You need to see a Doctor ASAp. That is not good for your health. Your body is storing waste for too long and that could lead to life threatening diseases in future. In two weeks? the waste and gas continues to poison your system slowly. Bowel Movement should happen atleast once daily if not twice or thrice sef. You system needs to excrete waste as fast as possible cos that is POISON.

    You need lots of fiber in your food and maybe cut down on rice. Lots of Fruits and vegetables are needed in your diet o. Fibre is what you really need and you can get a lot by eating oranges (everything o, not just sucking the liquid), watermelon is another good one that helps bowel movements. Green veggies too will help.

    At this rate, you may need to detoxify your system ASAP sis.
    Stay healthy and try your best to see a Doctor. if you haven't done so cos what is happening to you is not normal and not OK..
    Have a sweet week!

    1. Anonymous9/16/2013

      Sorry 2 devaite 4rm d topic,pls z it possible 2 make african salad without potash???heard dat potash is BAD 4 pregnant women,I've bin craving 4 it badly.pls do reply #thanks#

  2. I think you have IBS - irritable bowel syndrome.Please see a doctor and get some laxatives to help you have a bowel movement. After not had your bowels opened for 2weeks u must be constipated and having a very difficult time when you actually go.

    Introduce lots of fruits n vegetables into ur diet, eat wholemeal bread, brown pasta and brown rice. Drink acup of hot water 1st thing in d morning,I hear it helps. Also make sure you drink lots of water daily at least 2litres. Exercising also helps.

  3. Anonymous9/16/2013

    Water, water and water! You need lots of it to cleanse your system. Its not healthy at all and I will advise you cut down on carbs and increase ur intake of veggies. Exercise also works increasing bowel movement.
    Also, you have to train your system to defecate daily. Every morning take a glass of water with a tbsp of lime juice and after like 30mins, go to the toilet. Just be calm and don't be in a hurry to leave even if nothing comes out even if you spend 20mins its ok. After a while, your body adjusts to that even without you forcing it

  4. Anonymous9/16/2013

    I think u need a lot of water melon n over riped pawpaw ASAP

  5. Anonymous9/16/2013

    as soon as i open this your post mess begin to smell. the smell na dieeeee!

    1. Anonymous9/16/2013

      Thank you anonymous....some things are not actually funny..grow up

  6. Anonymous9/16/2013


  7. Anonymous9/16/2013

    Thank you for ur comments everyone...God bles you all.

  8. Anonymous9/16/2013

    hello i think am in the same shoes with the poster.

    would try all recommended here

  9. Anonymous9/16/2013

    Me too o....I use the toilet once in two weeks. Thanks Poster and thanks for the comments.

  10. Anonymous9/19/2013

    Drink a full bottle of 75 cl water first thing in the morning. Works magic.

  11. Anonymous9/19/2013

    Drink a full bottle of 75 cl water first thing in the morning. Works magic.

  12. Anonymous9/19/2013

    Detoxify yourself with living bitters capsule and thereafter start taking lots of fruits and vegetables and water

  13. Take lots of vegetable twill help u.


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