How Much Fruit Is Good For Daily Consumption

Hello Aunty Eya,
                    Please,I need to be enlightened on the intake of fruits,I keep hearing it everyhere and there that fruits make one stay healthy,I really do not like eating fruits that much,but I want to be forcing

myself to,so I want my WC family to give me advice on how much fruit is good for daily consumption,and also which type of fruits are best to be taken.Thanks for being there all the time.


  1. 5 a day.i.e five different friuts be it canned,fresh or dry.cheers!

    1. Anonymous9/19/2013

      5 a day refers to both fruits and veggies so poster check your diet if you have veggies in your lunch and dinner then you only need 3 portions of fruit to complete the five a day. And fresh fruit juices and smoothies also count towards the five a day. No be only fruit man go eat lol you can make a mango, banana and pineapple smoothie, add some spinach to make it even healthier

  2. nice post, cos I really need to know the same, I am not much of a fruit eater.

  3. Anonymous9/19/2013

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  4. If you don't like eating fruit, you can make a fruity out of it by blending them. It has the same effects. My favorites are two bananas, one apple, a few slices of pineapple, a few carrots, two oranges, some spinach or kale.

    Please note that my list is not cast in stone. You can substitute what you don't have for what is available in your local market but make sure you include vegetables. After blending it, I put mine in the refrigerator and consume it in portions all day.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Oh yeah? Never knew there is a particular quantity recommended for daily consumption. I don't even take fruits / veggies daily and when I do, maybe an apple a day or one orange...

    Will definitely up my game.

  6. Five a day as recommended though I take less that lol

  7. Plz take as much as you can... 5 may be too much or too small for you, it all depends on what ur body can assimilate.


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