He Wants My Friend To Come Visit, What Should She Do?

Hello Aunty Eya and wives connection,Happy Sunday. A friend of mine wants to go and meet a guy she has been talking with for weeks now,she said one of  our friend's hubby introduced her to the guy and the guy says he really wants them to meet because the person that introduced her to him has said a lot about her and he wants to see for himself. 

He has been
begging her to date him, and the guy's work doesn't give him a chance to come see her,so he begged her to come and she wants to go. She asked me for advice and I can't think of anything,but then I remember I'v got a wonderful family that can help. Your advice is welcome. 

Thanks. Have a wonderful week.
N.B-she already told the guy she doesn't know how to cook at all. Please o,its my friend that needs the advice o no be


  1. What exactly is the problem then? Y d scepticism.
    Of course she can go visit him, meet him at a neutral setting and insist on not sharing his room for the duration of the visit!

    Is she Nigerian, and doesn't know how to cook at all? Very bad!

  2. I presume d visit means dey stay in diff states. I dnt tink she shld go 2 his house jst yet. She cld stay wit som1 she knws or lodge in a hotel. So dey can meet in a public place n nt in d confines of his home or hers 4 dt matter. Wht does ha not knwin hw 2 cuk hv 2 do wit seeing him? Absolutely nuffin. Its wen its tym 4 d big step dt he wld rem ha shortcomings so she had beta hook up 2 wives connection n strt makin use of ha kitchen.

  3. Anonymous9/17/2013

    She can visit but be very careful, ritualists and rapists are everywhere o, may God see her through..

  4. Anonymous9/17/2013

    I agree wit Ivy;dnt stay in d same hse wit hm,dnt gt loose&talkativ;b composed&b on ur best guard,its well.

  5. Anonymous9/17/2013

    That's how I went to visit a virgin and came back with pregnancy.Abeg these guys are not to be trusted.She shouldn't sleep over in his house at all.In fact,she should go with somebody she knows.Most times these guys use words to sweep you off your feet and entice you and at the end of the day you end up with regrets.

    1. Anonymous9/17/2013

      Poster pls tell your friend not to go, must she go n see d guy, let them cont to chat or call till he has d time to visit her, let him come to her confort zone n see her..

  6. Anonymous9/17/2013

    God bless anon 5;33pm. U said my mind. To add. Abeg poster tell her dat even when he cums visitn it should b in a public place o. As for cookn na wa o. A grown up lady, doesnt how to cook. At all? Abeg she shuld learn it nw o. Introduce her to wc pls. Na mrbiggs go finish d guy moni. Chei

  7. Anonymous9/20/2013

    she should be extremely vigilant. because men now and days are very desperate. God will see her through.


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