Do You Think Khloe And Lamar Odom Should Get A Divorce?

Oh Well, as a fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians #YesAmFan. I became a fan when I realized that THIS SHOW is more real than most reality shows we watch. I don't like fake, for me, If it's reality then let it be real.

Now to
fans of Khloe and Lamar out there, we all have heard the rumour that Lamar cheated and again the drugs. Is this healthy for Khloe? She is my fav of the Kardashians. I like that she guards her marriage jealously and I think she is a good wife. 

Do you think she should do for better for worse since there is no threat to her life or get a divorce and start a new life?


  1. I think it also depends on how much effort Lamar is putting in. She can't continue to be married to him if he's not ready to change his 'supposed' cheating and drug use. He he seems repented bad is willing to change then I think Khloe should stick by him, on the other hand if he's not even sorry for his mistakes and is bent on beating Tiger woods records , the Khloe can go for a divorce. Afterall AIDS is still real.

    1. Nah, I don't think the show is as real as you think. Kim wakes up early in the morning and we see make-up on her face. When she's in the bathroom taking a shower, there's make-up on her face. How real is that?

  2. Brandy9/13/2013

    She should divorce him ASAP. I always suspected that this guy is into drugs, the way he does his nose every time he is talking.

    Staying with him can lead Khloe to bankruptcy if he doesn't get help.

  3. Anonymous9/13/2013

    Khloe shd divorce hm&start a new life as she deserves beter cos she‘s a gud wife,may she find d one dat ll b truthful tu ha

  4. Evry one deserves a 2nd chance. Dey luv each oda n I tinK she shld giv ha marriage a fightin chance. As long as he is repentant and willing

  5. Anonymous9/14/2013

    I rili don't fink she should divorce him,cuz once she does divorces him ,der are billions of gals ready to take him d way he as d strong woman DAT she is,she should stand by her man and win diz battle for him.


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