Do Women With Irregular Periods Have Difficulties Having Children?

Good day anuty Eya! Pls hide my detail n publish my mail!I am a regular reader of your blog, and have gained so much from it. May God bless you and ur blog readers! 

Pls I have  this
problem of irregular menses n it has been like dat since menarche, my cycle runs btw 33 to 35 days, n since last year it comes every 2months, n skips d nxt month, it has once skipped for 2months @ ago, am in my early 20s,n hvn't let any guy go inside me.

 I want to know if women with irregular periods have difficulties having children,cos I can't imagine not having mine , am really be worried about this,pls are there things to do to regulate it!! Thanks as I await ur comments!


  1. Anonymous9/21/2013

    Kindly see a gynae.
    Anything u get here wld be guess work.
    Bodies are different.
    when u seek professional help for ur health problems or questions, u wld be more comfortable.
    es are different.

  2. Pls quickly seek professional medical advice! Also, I hope u know that there are Veneral diseases that aren't sexually transmitted. Seeing ur period once in 2 months isn't normal except u are on strong medications. Pls act fast. Cheers

  3. Queen Bee9/21/2013

    Irregular menses doesn't stop conception,but it's so risky in the sense dat u will be pregnancy prone if u are sexually active cos u can't really know when u are safe or not!
    My elder sis had irregular menses like urs,(hers comes like once in 3months)when she married she didn't know she was pregnant for her first daughter for 4months she almost lost the child.but she's ok now.
    It's actually a reproductive disorder that balances itself with time,or some prescription drugs help the process too.

  4. more often than not irregular cycles is an indication of annovulatory cycles (cycles without ovulation and yes it is possible to menstruation without ovulation)

    in most women it is an underlying symptom of pcos (polycystic ovaries) especially if you have midcycle spotting (bleeding)

    Pls see a gyneo as soon as you can and get monitored for one cycle to see if you are truly ovulating, you can also do a hormonal assessment and transvaginal scan.

    pls don't leave it till you are married or ready to have children

  5. Dear poster, as long as you ovulate conception shouldn't be a problem. Women with irregular periods still ovulate however it might not be on a monthly basis.
    See a gynea to run tests on you to check ur periods n ovulation as well as explaining things to you. Like Doll mentioned above it might be PCOS but without the presence of other pcos symptoms, tests and proper diagnosis you cannot cannot conclude yet.
    Monitor and keep a wrtten record of ur cycle(a gynea will need this) then book an appointment with a good gynea. Goodluck

  6. Anonymous9/21/2013

    I aggree with doll (retired blogger) "winks"

  7. Anonymous9/21/2013

    Wat u nid is a gud gynea any advice here will simple b guessng as they no nothing about u. For ur occassion cakes(weddings birthdays etc) pls call oma treat on O8O5257451O we r in ph we av cakes 4 every pocket

  8. Anonymous9/21/2013

    Go see a gynea...cos it culd b related to polycystic ovarian syndrome. D earlier d better!

  9. Anonymous9/21/2013

    Pls see a gynea ASAP.
    Click on this link and u will be amazed. It worked for me.

  10. My dear since its been like that since menarche I don't think you'll have problems conceiving.My best friend and her sister have the same cycle( a period once in 2 months) and they both have kids.One concieved within a month of her wedding and the younger one concieved 3 months after her wedding.It might be a sign of PCOS but I wouldn't worry too much because you haven't tried to concieve yet and failed.Worrying about something that hasn't happened doesn't help.If you get married and are finding in difficult to concieve then you can see a gynae.Enjoy your virginity and don't be scared o what has not happened yet.

  11. Irregular menstrual period most at times does not affect conception but u av to see a professional to be sure there is notin wrong.

  12. Anonymous9/22/2013

    Thanks a lot every1,will go see a gynae asap. God bless

  13. Anonymous9/22/2013

    See a gynae Doc asap, since ur still a virgin pls don't allow for any probing into ur P. Part, bld works is good enough for now...

  14. Anonymous9/23/2013

    @ poster I had that exact same issue from menarche too. From d age of 14, untill I was 23 it continued. Till my bf @ d time (now my hubby) noticed I had neva gotten pregnant by mistake sef. And told me I had to be concernd about it. Long story short I went to see a gyenea, I had to do some test, scan, and luckily mine was hormonal. And didint require surgery. And he put me on medication for 31 days.@ 30 yrs now My period has been normal since then & I'm now a 28th day person. Pls see a reputable& experienced gynea dear. And make sure u do test b/4 u take medicaiton Oo°˚˚˚°! Cuz d first gaynea I met put me on medication wiout test, and wat he gave me made me bloat like a pig and it didn't correct it.stay blsd dear.

  15. Anonymous9/23/2013

    Dear Poster, maybe your prolactin (a hormone that promotes milk production)is high, i.e above normal range for someone who is not pregnant or breast feeding. You need to see a Gynecologist and get your hormones tested through blood samples. I had the same problem with you, and the doctor found out that my prolactin was high, I was placed on a medication called dostinex, this brought my prolactin to the normal range and my cycle became 28 days for the time I was taking the dostinex. But after I stopped taking the medication, I went back to my normal 32-33 days cycle, but my period has been regular since then. Also irregular cycle cannot prevent you from conceiving, but very very high prolactin level can delay you for conceiving.

  16. Spell caster ke! God abeg oo.@poster,pls go see ur doc,u will b fine

  17. @poster urs is even better,mine @23yrs no ovulation 4 over 8mnths now @ all but I do menstrate.I've been advice 2 c a gnea @ gen hospital but I too rich right now to run any test or buy drugs.baba God na ur hand we dey oo

  18. @poster urs is even better,mine @23yrs no ovulation 4 over 8mnths now @ all but I do menstrate.I've been advice 2 c a gnea @ gen hospital but I too rich right now to run any test or buy drugs.baba God na ur hand we dey oo

  19. @poster urs is even better,mine @23yrs no ovulation 4 over 8mnths now @ all but I do menstrate.I've been advice 2 c a gnea @ gen hospital but I too rich right now to run any test or buy drugs.baba God na ur hand we dey oo


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