Can I Sleep On My Stomach While Pregnant?

Hello WC, I know this a question for my Doctor but I haven't yet done antenatal registration cos I'm only eight weeks pregnant. I intend to talk with my Doc when I go to the hospital. For now please, I know there are Doctors and health personnels and even more experienced mothers on wives connection that's why am bringing my issue here. 

My mother forbids me
sleeping on my stomach cause of pregnancy but I realized that is a very comfortable position for me apart from lying on the side. When I lie on my stomach, I sleep so well and feel rested. If that position is not good, I that am supposed to feel some kind of discomfort? 

I know it may not be ok later on but this is just early pregnancy.

It's my first and I hate the way my mother keeps complaining and really want to be sure this is bad for the bay before I stop. Are there other pregnant women who sleep comfortably on their stomachs? Please share experience with me. ( Aunty Eya, pls publish anonymously. My friends read Wc)


  1. Anonymous9/23/2013

    I sleep on my tummy in early pregnancy.
    Nothn happened so far. If d baby is unfortable u wld be.
    Later on it wld be impossible, no one wld tell u wen u d time comes.
    Ur baby is safe in d amiotic fluid.
    U can go to
    I ve enjoyed that website in all my preganavies.
    Very informative.

    1. Anonymous9/24/2013

      Dear poster its wrong to lie wit ur stomach during d 1st trimester even doe u feel very confortable.. Buh its s advisable neva to lie frm 2nd trimester til delivry.. Its advisable u lie wit ur right side doe left side is also ohk buh d right side s d best..... U can also reg for news latter.... On day to day pregnancy or week on ...... Babycenter..... Family education etc... There r somany site u can learn frm.... Also an xpectant..... Cheers

  2. Dear poster u shudnt, its is wrong. Be patient, it will be over after 9months.

    Tragic: Nathania Terry, 32, watched in horror
    as her five-month-old baby fell onto an
    airport baggage carousel and was crushed to
    death in a freak accident

  3. My dear once I notice that I am preggie I don't lie with my stomach cos even if dey say it is safe I still feel I am not suppose to if u can Pls lie on ur side not for ur comfort but for the baby's sake.

  4. Anonymous9/23/2013

    Like d 1st anon said,wen d time comes,nobody wl tell u t stop sleepn on ur stomach. Sleeping on my stomach had been d most comfortable position fr me in my 1st trimester n even beyond. I did dt in all my babies n they came out perfectly fine. Rem t tk ur antinatal drugs,preferably,pregna care wt omega 3,wt lots of wl mk ur babys skin smooth n beautiful n not dirty n irritating. Gudluck as u verge thru ds 9mnths journry.onye nweanyi du be gi ooo

    1. Mrs Rango9/23/2013

      Pregnancare+ doesn't hv d right dosage of folic acid u&ur baby nid&also it doesn't contain calcium; so i advice u eida stick to ur routine drugs or take ur routine drugs&pregnacare+ 2geda if u can. That's wat I did truout my pregnancy. @Poster,its perfectly ok to sleep on ur tummy 4 nw,subsequently no1 wld tell u wn not to as u'l gt uncomfy as d tummy becomes big like arnd 5-6months. Pls make sure u still continue ur normal sex life wit ur husband(not rough sex o) as dis wld help expand ur vagina perinum 4 delivery. Also in ur 9th month,it can also trigger contractions&srt labour. Frm ur 2nd trimester,I'd advice u only hv sex lying on ur side. Take lots&lots of fruits,veggies&water&make sure u dnt miss ur drugs. Exercise in last trimester-take long walks. Be sure to not lift or push any heavy object frm now till u gv birth as dis can lead to miscarriage! All d best darl!

  5. Anonymous9/23/2013

    I'm currently preggers and I verified from my Gynae. Its perfectly fine to sleep on your tummy. Eventually you will get uncomfortable when the tummy gets big so you won't even be able to sleep on your stomach. Like the other anon said, is also very useful and will answers some questions you have.

  6. Anonymous9/23/2013

    Ʊ can actually sleep  ur tummy as it has rightfully been said,but with advancement in pregnancy no one tells Ʊ not to again cos the Baby in utero would not be comfortable n by then Ʊ ll surely want to change it to left/right lateral side. Save delivery.

  7. Anonymous9/23/2013

    My problem is dat i cant eat anything nd even drink water. Water tastes lyk drugs to me nd if i force myself to take it, i must vomit. Any advice fam?

    1. I'm going through same. I have learnt to brush more often like 4 times in a day, it helps my mouth feel fresh so I can eat and drink water. Pregnancy no easy o.

    2. mrs anon3/28/2014

      U can flavour ur water with lemon or fruit to help u drink it

  8. Evry baby with its kind of Morning sickness, I experienced it in my 3rd preg although i lost the baby, can't drink water except pepsi! All I did was instead of taking the normal water, I mix it hot water for it to b warm,until d first 3mnth elapses. Nw I'm in my 1st trimester, nothing like dat, but just dat I'm always tired

  9. Yes you can sleep on ur tommy at this stage, your baby is safe in the womb, read every woman and also visit baby centre. Wish u a stress free pregnancy n delivery.

  10. Anonymous9/23/2013

    Ok! Eya don post today own story. Now, na to wait till tomorrow for d nxt one.

  11. At this stage yes! But, when you are farther along in your pregnancy, ur stomach undergoes physical changes making it more difficult to lie on your stomach. 'sos' (sleep on side) is the best position. Sleeping on your left side increases the amount of blood and nutrients that reach your placenta and your baby

  12. Anonymous9/23/2013

    What abt lying on one's back? I'm in my 3rd trimester n d only comfortable position 4 me is lying on my back, that's d only way I can reduce my back aches, and whenever I sleep I still wake up lying on my back...its been giving me worries..

    1. mrs anon3/28/2014

      Lying on ur back when ur tummy is big is not adviseable. There is a blood vessel that supplies blood to parts of ur body and when u lie on ur back ur baby presses on it and blood supply can be obstructed or cut off such that when u wake up u could be dizzy or even faint and u won't know the reason. Google it for more info. I think its called superior vena cava or so.doctors can help us with more info too.

  13. Anonymous9/23/2013

    I slept on my belly until I was like 7-8 months pregnant for both my pregnancies. It was the only way I could fall asleep. My children came out normal

  14. Anonymous9/24/2013

    Poster,if ur told its ok to sleep on ur tommy at early pregnancy, I think u shd have a rethink, y?, every pregnancy is diff n bodies too, d ideal is what u shd do that is sleep on ur side,u can put more pillows on ur side to prop u in a comfortable side position.
    In as much as it is sweet n confortable to sleep on ur tommy I beg u to start to sleep on ur side, fine d baby is protected in d womb but pls do d ideal.
    What works for A,B,C may not work for u.
    Also start with regular folic acid n bld tonics u can never go wrong with those, Some pple don't do well with pregnacare, I have a friend dat it aborted her baby n it was too strong for me, but d regular folic acid n bld tonic is just right for fetal development. Then worry less n steessless too.
    All d best n safe delivery dear.


  15. Anonymous9/24/2013

    Dear poster, I tink you shud always listen to ur mother cuz she is even more expirenced. And its never to early to start antenatal. The eariler the better.

  16. Anonymous9/24/2013

    My mum bullied me somuch during my first pregnancy kai! I neva did anything right in her sight! If u feel comfy lieing on ur stomach go ahead. My 2nd pregnancy right now 2 trimester to be precise, I just stared taking pregnancare and dat thing makes me soooooo hungry like I'll go crazy if I don't eat. Coupled wiv my healthy eating habit. I've dumped it biko and continued wiv regular routine drugs biko and eating of vegies and fruits. I wish all of us pregnant women on dis blog safe delivery IJN. Amen!

  17. Anonymous10/03/2013


  18. Anonymous4/09/2014

    you can sleep any how you are comfortable with, no medical implication

  19. Anonymous6/07/2016

    Anonymous June 06,2016
    I alway get a stomachach almost every day i do not know why and am pregnant for the first tyme can you help me please?


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