Ukodo With Catfish And Turkey By Onome

A Serving Of Ukodo with palm oil

Good Evening ma,I'm Onome by name, a silent member of WC.Decided to send this in today,hope u like it.

These are the ingredients used
Cat fish
Ground cameron pepper(optional)
Ground chilli pepper
Ground pepper soup
Chicken knorr cubes
Maggi crayfish cubes(optional)
Unripe plantain
Scent leaves(sliced)

1) Put water in pot with turkey .the water will determine the quantity of soup.
You can gauge it with your yam and plantain.

2) Add seasoning,pepper,salt and spices

3) Boil for about 15mins

Boiling turkey

4) Add yam and scent leaves and boil for 10 mins or until yam is slightly cooked

Slightly cooked yam and turkey

5) Add unripe plantain and boil for 5 mins

6) Add cat fish

last so that it will not scatter and boil till fish is well cooked.

A well prepared pot of ukodo.

A serving of ukodo with palm oil
Serve with palm oil and a little salt in the yam if u like.

NOTE: If the soup is too light you can mash some yams and use as thickener but if well measured it will be just right.I did not quantify the ingredients so u can use your preference.

Ukodo can be served separated or mixed together in a bowl with or without palm oil,still your preference but I enjoy it more the way I served it.Good for cold weather.

Ingreients for ukodo

Turkey and catfish for ukodo

Yam and scent leaves

Cooking ukodo

Boiling Turkey

Added unripe plantain

Unmripe plantain and yam in the pot
Added fresh catfish to ukodo dish

Food is ready

Yummy ukodo dish
Enjoy eating healthy.


  1. Anonymous8/07/2013

    Nice. well done Onome

  2. Anonymous8/07/2013

    Well done my urhobo sis as now u don make my throat long,abeg help me pass am thru bluetut,thanks.Great job.

  3. Nkele wu Oshimiri Jordan.
    Nice and yummy. Book marked already.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  4. Looks inviting. I'm already salivating. I've never cooked mine with unripe plantains. I'll try it someday. Nice.

  5. Elohor8/07/2013

    Am sorry Onome, yur name implies you are urhobo but this is not dint include any peppersoup spice not even ere(calabash nutmeg). How could you murder this special delicacy this way ehn? Its like cooking banga soup without taiko and iregeje. I dey vex for you abeg. Nice job sha not easy to send any recipe in the 1st place

  6. Elohor8/07/2013

    Oh okay! Just saw d ground peppersoup spice...I don fear b4 lol

    1. Haba Sister,you don fall my hand o.u still de vex now.i no de fail for my native delicacies ooo

  7. Mrs ij8/07/2013

    Yummy looking+i like ur dish set etc.its lovely

  8. @ Mrs IJ, as if you know it's the dishes I am just looking at... Very lovely! Onome, pls where did you get them? I have that type of tray but it was bought on it's own. Love the set.... *let me go back to admiring them...*

    1. Thanks Ahdaisy,I sold them some years back so kept some for myself.i bought the trays as a set of three afterwards .

  9. Nice one onome looks good although I'm itshekiri and I feel ukodo is incomplete without peppersoup spice ,it gives the meal this head smacking effect I can't explain #My thought

    1. Thanks am.Cant make ukodo without pepper soup spice,that's the main thing sis.i added it.its in the list and in a small bottle in the pictures.

  10. And I noticed u didn't put onions, u Sabi d tin my sis.

  11. Nice one onome just one quick question! After its cooked will I bring out the yam and plantain? Then server like yam and sauce or leave it together and serve like porridge. And won't the plantain be too soft? Thanks

    1. Thanks a lot..u can serve like porridge or serve as soup n ever u like it but serve with a little palm oil,u will love it so much?Enjoy!!!

  12. mrs morgan8/07/2013

    Good job Onome,dis is 1 urhobo dish I lov since I gt married to ur broda.wil take more of it immediately I put to bed nd wl demand 4 ds 1 wt turkey cos hv nt tasted it b4.wekobiro

  13. Thanks ma

  14. Anonymous8/07/2013

    Hello mrs Eya, just to say welldone! Ur blog has returned 2 what it used to be. Not so many comments but the few ones are refreshing n live me feeling happy.
    Pls I've got a request. Just went thru ur soybean powder recipe again n don't know if I can start using dat on my 4mth old baby? Also I wod like other suggestns for foods I can mk myself for my baby. I'm starting d weaning process nxt wk.


  15. Don't you think 4mnths is too early to wean? On the soy beans, I will suggest you buy already made powder available in the market.This is because if you prepare it yourself and its not properly done/cooked, its dangerous for the baby.

  16. Nice!
    Onome weldone and I like dos plates!


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