Tired Of Ma Wife's Nagging Ways

I am a blackman tired of ma wife's nagging ways. Bought her a home, two luxury cars and went against Ma beliefs did IVF now am stuck with her and have a son. 
Divorce is the only
way Deng I will pay that 20% of my gross income to be happy never again will I get married to Beyonce look alike black woman. I will take an average or different race.  Lord help on this one something had to change or I will nut up.


  1. Anonymous8/28/2013

    biko o si noo gini?

    1. Anonymous8/28/2013

      Osi tired of madam's nagging ways and thinking of divorce and child support payment. Oga sorry about your American wife. That's how American women are. Come to Africa, Nigeria to be precise and find you a submissive wife.

    2. Anonymous8/28/2013

      @anon 11.37 u got mi cracking, choi! LMFAO

    3. Anonymous8/28/2013

      Lmaooo...una no go kill me for this blog

  2. A woman's nagging may be her way of responding to a situation she isnt pleased with. That is not to say nagging is a good thing but some women do it unconsciously. She may not even realize the impact it has on you. You loved her enough to marry her and even undergo IVF, try to work this weakness out with her.If you divorce her for another woman, how are you sure the new woman wont be worse.

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  3. Was she a nag b4?
    If No den check what ur doin wrong..
    If u think its only 20% u'll give every mth u may b wrong cos u cld b paying for other up keep as well dats if u divorce.
    LMBO-laughing my brains out on "nuting up", nut up na, na u go regret am when u ve a rap sheet @ correction offices...*smh*
    Oga, talk to ur wife know exacting why she is nagging..

  4. Can't dig anything outta this post.
    You bought her a home and two car.
    Why not buy her happiness and love too,since u feel everything could be bought.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  5. Anonymous8/28/2013

    What a post!

  6. Anonymous8/28/2013

    Buhahaha.oga ur wife need love,so forgt divorce.

  7. Oga sorry o! I think the people u bought the "home" from played u some wayo. Check the receipt properly u will discover that what they sold to u is a house. U don't buy a home, u make or build a home. The ingredients for home making is not bought in the market, characterised by giving a lot n wanting less.
    Home building is the responsibility of two reasonable people.

  8. lol! u should work it out... maybe u are not paying attention to her needs -- not monetary needs but others

  9. Anonymous8/30/2013

    @Peace, well said. @ poster I want to believe your wife wasn't a nag b4 u married her, don't you think you have succeeded in bringing out or making a nag of her? Pls do a thorough search of what you are doing or not doing and make amends.if you work on getting her best out you enjoy but if you can only bring out a nag then enjoy / endure ur handiwork.

    Aya Okanlomo

  10. Anonymous9/06/2013

    For the very ferst time I love Bona's reply. "Money is not everything"


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