Thinking Of Skill Acquisition But Confused

Hello Eya,

I had earlier sent a mail that was published on your blog and that's why am not introducing myself again. Pls don't link it with the previous post.

I have been searching for a job for a while now but it has not yielded any result. I went into buying and selling costumes and baby things. Am tired of debt and even insults from small girls while going from office to office looking for buyers.


thinking of skill acquisition but confused on the one to go for as I am not art inclined with good marketability and profit. I have these options and I need your advise pls: events and interior decor, cake baking and small chops, home decoration and furnishing.
Help a confused sister please!

Thank you.


  1. All the three options you have listed require you to be an artistic and creative person to be able to distinguish yourself and therefore excel with your unique designs. Cake decor is an art, events and interior decor is an art, home decor is an art.

    You need to be able to create your own designs so you dont rely on other people's designs and it takes someone with an artistic, creative and sharp mind to be able to do that. So you have to really think it through which is best for you and what you really are interested in.

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  2. Brandy8/29/2013

    UP WC!!!

  3. Anonymous8/29/2013

    Have you tot of a creche?

  4. I disconfuse u IJN! Dear poster, no experience comes naturally, maybe passion or flair, but not expertise! No matter how knowledgeable u may think u are, for u to start off any biz wt growth prospects, u must undergo tutelage. Pls not from word of mouth, internet etc, these sources shld be for additional knowledge cos every biz has indigenous secrets peculiar to it. What may work for a person say in Benin maynot be same in Portharcourt. Try drawing a list of what ur passions are towards biz and ull get a pointer. Next is to do or imagine a feasibility study of what sells in ur locality. Enrol for tutorials, it cld be a crash course even if its wt the person that stays in the market. Ull learn practical secrets. Given a choice btwn the 3 craft u mentioned, ill eliminate home decoration maybe until later. Its a good biz, but not for a little beginner. It pays more wt connection and finance. I think bakeries is less capital intensive and more marketable. Above all dear, pray for divine direction. I wish u all the best.
    *My hand o!!!!!!

  5. Dear Poster,
    there is nothing you can not do,provided you have flare for it.there is nothing that gives money like food.if you learn how to bake,a cake alone can give you triple the gain.i was making it before i got a job.
    in my office we had a training on how to have 'passive income',that spurred me to start making toast in the office, my colleagues loved it.i later upgraded to club sandwich.any day i am not able to deliver,there is big trouble.
    how did i get to make it?i studied my environment and knew their immediate need.
    I would love you to do same too.xoxo

    1. POSTER8/29/2013

      Can you pls guide on the club sandwich? Any equipment needed and how were you distributing?

    2. Have never posted anything food on this blog.Will sure do ASAP.Will have to guide using pictures.I do it solely in my office and my moms shop.The only major equipment is pop-up toaster

  6. Maybe you can try being a whole sale distributor for Nbc or nig breweries

    1. POSTER8/29/2013

      Isn't that capital intensive and how does one go about it? Thanks

  7. Maybe you can try being a whole sale distributor for Nbc or nig breweries

  8. I agree with what other posters have said, try to discover what you have a flair for, something you really love doing and work on that. Learn more skills in that area then you'll get paid to do what you love and wouldn't just see it as a job.
    All the very best!

  9. Hi poster, first of all I will like to say that because others are doing a particular business and its booming doesn't mean that it's the best. For example 60% of ladies are into make up, most guys are now fashion designers. If you have to do anything make sure you have found a niche for yourself to do this you must make sure you have a passion for it, when you do something you love so much it radiates in your work. Have you seen a man diligent in his work, he will stand before kings and not mere men. That is the reason why there are some names in the make up industry that charge exorbitant prices yet people still go for them, regardless of cost. As for the business you started buying and selling, you will realize that so many people are into buying things online and selling so its a saturated market already. Pray and make a list of things you love doing, look at your immediate location, search for problems that have no solution yet, or even if there is a solution it isn't meeting the demands on ground. Let me share a small story with you. A friend needed to start a business so she could have time for her kids, after she listened to the above she thought and prayed for awhile guess what, she realized that the govt truck that's meant to pack the dirt frm different houses don't come on time, they stay for weeks and in front of house you find 3,4,5 black dustbin bags. She capitalized on this, got a truck she could rent for 13k a day, employed two boys paid them 2k each and paid the main bin people 1500 to dump the dirt finally, guess what! She started monitoring the dirt packing. Each house paid 1500 monthly and it's so profitable, she extended to hotels, hospitals, and other estates in the area. So my idea any idea can yield result, capital is never a problem, even if its 5k you have at hand set it aside and continually save while you build your idea, with time study free online courses on business management, time management etc so you can balance the work and kids, wish you the best

  10. Anonymous8/30/2013

    Dear poster as my mum always say "Nobody can do without food".There is a ready market for food 24/7 and you don't really need a lot of capital to the type of food/snacks you want to learn,go for short training,advertise yourself and with God on your side the sky is the limit.I had to move into the food sector when selling clothes wasn't bringing in much income again,Its been less than a year but I thank God the business is growing everyday.I wish you the best.

  11. If am too choose from the three options,I would probably choose cake baking and small chops..Y? Well I believe if u are creative,especially with d cake u will readily find yourself surviving in d market cuz everyday is someones Be creative,do deliveries especially for busy people dat can't go all out to get cake and all...U can even advise people on gifts to buy,buy it for them,package it with the cake and deliver on their behalf,put it up as ur dp(with captions like,let us help make ur partner happy without stressing u) Just be creative.. I have a friend that learnt making cake from youtube videos(Employment issues),right now,u have to book a week ahead if u want her to make cake for u and she does all dat at home,she doesn't even have an outlet yet o.she is very creative,today its sweet sugarless cake,tomorrow its coconut something something,she just dey form her recipee dey go..One time, she delivered a cake for me and everybody in that office collected her contact and bought from her.. But hey,dats just my friends story o,it doesn't mean u have to do same cuz what works for her might not work for you but I will advise u pray,tell God to show you what to do.. U can dedicate 3days fasting and prayer and afterwards God will just open your eyes and even help make it easy for u..cheers

  12. POSTER8/30/2013

    My people una too much oh! God bless Eya for this blog. Thanks and kisses!


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