Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. Please Help Wunmi Alo

Hello aunty Eya,my name is Abimbola Oyindamola Adelowo and my number is 0806*******. I have been a regular visitor on your blog for quite a while now,and presently in need for your kind assistance.
My cousin had her baby not too long ago and in the process developed pregnancy induced hypertension,to cut the long story short she is presently on weekly dialysis for kidney disease and in dire need of a kidney transplant.

What we need now is the kind assistance and aid from well meaning nigerians to give as little as a thousand naira.
Please find attached the
plea from her brother,my cousin Lawrence Alo and also some pictures of my cousin.


Dear all,

If you are reading this that means I am counting on you to be a support. My sister Wunmi Alo has kidney problem, for almost four months now we have been spending money on weekly dialysis. It is now obvious that the only way around this problem is for her to undergo a kidney transplant. The transplant will be done at the teaching hospital in Ilorin, Kwara State; and we need N4, 000,000.00(Four Million Naira) for same.

We need 4000 people to give us N1, 000.00 (One thousand Naira) each.

I need you to give me at least N1, 000.00 (One Thousand Naira).

You could pay into this account; Account Number: 1010407579, Account Name: ALO LAWRENCE, Bank: UBA.

 Please I need your contributions
God bless you for your support, you will always find help in your times of need.
Thank you.


  1. Thank you so much aunty Eya for posting this,God bless you richly. A thousand naira from 4000 people is all that is needed. I really appreciate you.

  2. Anonymous8/15/2013

    Am sorry but why not give us d victim's account instead?.. I understand u are her blood but its just that experience has taught so many people a lot... Thank you

    1. Anonymous8/15/2013

      Yes, true that is, experience has taught a lot a lesson. But the truth is the victim is ill and she might not be able to access her own account that's why her brother is acting on her behalf. No one will include her full name+ picture to commit a fraud... You can easily google the name et al to find out... But, if you want to help, please do, no amount is too small. Thanks

  3. Shayor@Soup-aBowl8/15/2013

    I don't want to sound insensitive but I don't feel good abt dis...d pics r not clear, u gave ur own acct no! Cousin lounloun.. Then I fink u shld ask us for wteva amount and not 1000. Tho I kno 1k won't do anytin 2 most ppl but shldnt der be a way we can atleast verify all dis calls for help. May God Almighty heal ur cousin/sister,Amen!

    1. Anonymous8/15/2013

      I think its d brother's account not the cousin's...but all d same,u should be using d victims acct no..dats if u want people to take u serious o..

    2. Anonymous8/15/2013

      1000naira is the amount needed from an individual to make up the stipulated amount (4million for the operation) I want to believe you can give more or less (as God touches your heart) to help.she's a cousin acting on behalf of the family( I believe anyone can help) and its not her account number there though. May God almighty heal her

  4. Anonymous8/15/2013

    Things has to be done in faith. Frauds abound though, but this life needs to be helped.

  5. Oyin try and add contact details to this information. I think that's responsible for the objections being raised. We all want her to get well, so try and provide all details, so that people will spend time sending money to the account instead of spending time raising questions. Please provide all of the details, so that all doubts and objections are cleared and answered.

  6. Where d husband dey and why she dey use her maiden name if na pregnancy cause am. Pls Eya, verify this for us so we can send our widow's mite. God visit you with His healing power IJN.

  7. Anonymous8/18/2013

    U're heal ijn


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