My Cousin Reacts

Good evening aunty Eya, it's me again please hide my identity. I spoke with my cousin about her husband's brother that wants to marry me. The first  thing that came out of her mouth was
God forbid. That I should count her out of it. But I love him and he is caring. 
Please what should I do?


  1. itohan8/03/2013

    Thot you said "your sisters" husbands brother? Is she now your cousin?I hoestly don't think there is any issue as long as he is not your brother sha o! Ask your cousine(if that's what she is) why she thinks you guys can't get married,at the end I still advice you follow your heart. Gud morg all

  2. Anonymous8/03/2013

    What does she mean by Godforbid? Is he notorious or what? Abeg ignore that your cousin if she doesn't hav an explanation and go speak to your mum and cousin's husband abt it. Which one is Godforbid? There shouldn't be an issue marrying your love.

  3. What's ha issue wit it? Ask ha n u both shld discuss it lyk adults. She shld hv gud rizons. If not, shez on ha own

  4. Anonymous8/03/2013

    Pls whatsup with Folashade...d lady dat writes inspirational stuffs....op she's ok dou

  5. Anonymous8/03/2013

    Mayb she doesn‘t want to b mates wit u in d same hse bt dats ha choic,jst talk to ur parents 1st&hear 4m dem b4 decidin on wat nx to do;leav ur cousin out of d pic.

  6. He wants to date you or he wants to marry you?? I really don't get it.. If he wants to marry you,it probably means you guys having been dating and want to take it to the nxt level and if dats d issue,I don't think u need your cousins permission.. But if u guys just want to start a relationship,its possible she might be against it as per d relationship not ending well and all..Cause from your first mail,what I understood was dat he just came on to u and said he wants to marry u,not like u guyz have had a long /Short time relationship and all.. Anywayz,it all in your hands as I really don't even understand d whole scenario and don't know what to advise

  7. Ok you need thumbs from ppl b4 you make a personal decision in your life..

    So bad, whatever decision you go for it's ur choice that counts at the end. And it counts on you and just you alone!

  8. Talk to her, she might know something about the guY. Talk about it in a mature way and if her reasons are not her jawe and follow your heart.wish you all the best

  9. To me o, it doesn't seem so very OK. This man's family has your sister already, should they marry your whole family? Is that the only family in the world? I think you shouldn't have dated him in the first place. Your sister's in-laws should be seen and treated as your in-laws as well cos they are.

    Your sister is married in that family, why do you want to go and start comparing notes when you can get married to a different family and make your family bigger. There are millions of families in this world, why must it be that particular one. She doesn't want to see you as a co-wife,wants you to remain her sster.I am like your sister maybe cos I'd want my family to treat my inlaws as their family and not to come get married there too. It doesn't happen in my culture. Tradoficially, One family is not allowed to marry more than one member of another family. Life is not always about us and our feelings.

    If you can, don't create enmity between you and your blood, look elsewhere please.

    1. Anonymous8/04/2013


    2. I don't see anything wrong here. If really the guy loves her and is ready to marry her it dose not matter if her sister is married there or not. Its all about true love and happiness.

    3. Anonymous3/25/2014

      There is something in law called "Prohibited degrees of consanguinity and affinity" You can google and read up but add 'under nigerian law' to the search. consanguinity refers to blood relationship while affinity is relationship by marriage..either way marriage that falls within these two is prohibited and is void under the law. (A statutory marriage). It's more than just the cousins sentiments though that is real too. Seek a lawyers advice to be sure.

  10. If your sister said "God forbid" I think to her it's unacceptable.

    I know as humans we can be very selfish, but, if possible, try to remain her sister and a not co-wife.

  11. Anonymous8/04/2013

    Well said Aunty Eya.. Ur D Best n as 4 U young advice is Flee n go find Happiness else were ok.. All n Api sunday....

  12. Anonymous8/05/2013

    U speak well aunty Eya, my cousin wanted to pull dat stunt on me. I reacted bad myself. 1, my cousins mum is a very controversial person in our family. 2,my brother-in-law childish and impatient bad combo wanted to stop a disaster in future but evry1 one thought I was selfish... Tank my stars my God intervened don't know how it happened but all dis madness is ova. So in a nutshell see her reasons why and above all heed to aunty Eya's advice. Now na so so luv we go dey hear until reality go set for una eyez.


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