Me, My Husband And His Family, Please I Need Advice Before I Do Something Silly

Please aunty Eya,I need an advice before I do something silly. My hubby is planning to buy a car of 2million Naira for his brother my age. The problem is that I have asked him to buy a car for me after selling mine but he always reminds me that he is building a house in the village and in Lagos. Am presently driving his official car since he sold mine but I really want my own. 
I have never had
issue with him concerning his people before but this particular guy,he gave him some huge money to start oil business with, now the guy wants a car and I was asking my hubby if it's not better for the guy to wait and establish himself first before buying a car?
 Without even knowing he is planning to buy it for him. As I speak now we don't have a house in the village except the one he is trying to build that is still on derking level. Please advise me on what to do.


  1. Unfortunately, u rily cnt stop him frm buying d car, as annoying as it is. Its nt easy 2 stop a man frm spending money esp wen he has d money..

  2. Mrs Dayo8/10/2013

    If he has left the official car completely for you and doesn't share it with you, doesn't use it when you need it, maybe for now you should just do with that so you don't give yourself High Blood pressure over a car. Your kids need you more.

    Don't let it become a fight or source of quarrel. Manage the official car because when a man is bent on doing something he feels you are fighting him for, he will make sure he does it to prove to you that he is the oga kpata kpata. #TalkingFromExperience

    1. Well said. My sister just follow what the others have said, you might be surprised oga is planning to buy you a range rover like p- square gave lola.

  3. Jamila8/10/2013

    What type of a brother is that. Is he using something on your husband or what? AfTER THE CAR LET HIM NOT COME ASKING FOR HIS OWN HOUSE O.

  4. Do not let your husband feel like you are against him assisting his younger ones,fine it could be quite frustrating when there are immediate family needs to be considered and your partner feels he has obligations to his first family. I would advise you to take a deep calming breathe,if your objection to buying the car stems from your desire for a personal car of your own,my sister try and let go and manage the official car for now,but make him realise that so long as he has bought his younger brother's,he is beholden to buying yours soonest. Try and take it easy and not dwell on the issue too much.

  5. Anonymous8/10/2013

    B calm dear as d kids nid u arnd;jst let ur hsb no dat afta buyin his broda d car,urs is nx witout any conplain as his wife so pls manage d official car for now,its well.

  6. Anonymous8/10/2013

    Don't bother urself my dear... Since is for his brother just relax maybe he's trying to kw if u like his brother or not. And u have d official car manage it until he decide to buy another one for u. Moreover, u can't force a man to do something. We all face d same thing. It's well.

  7. You chose your friend but you are born into your family without your choice, do you wht the younger brother has done for him when they are growing up? Your husband is yours nd the best is yours. Plese be Patient abeg. God will be with you

  8. Which kind younger brother is that. I fear o.well this younger brother is not real at people like him will kill their brother and send the wife packing just to get the properties.beware oo.well just leave your husband to get the car but I bet the younger brother will still demand for something else afta d car. Continue praying for your husband that God should enrich him more and more so he can continue buying.

  9. Anonymous8/12/2013

    I no how u feel! But give it a rest! Mange d official car, and encourage ur husband to complete his building projects.if cash to complete d project won't be a problem after he buys d car, Den let him buy d car for his brother. Maybe he just wants to settle the boy and concentrate on his projects.


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