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Anty Eya,
  I am an ardent reader of your blog, i will be 26 by november. I recently got out of 5yrs relationship. my parents even advised me to stay in the relationship that "the devil I know is better than the angel I don't know" which I agree with ,but the truth is

I was no longer interested in the relationship, the reason I waited that long is because I was scared that I might not get someone else,.. I have  no idea how to start dating again, and am very busy because I work in a bank and I hardly go out on weekends, am an introvert.

because of the experience from My former relationship I want to remain celibate even when I start dating again till am married.
Like I said earlier I work in a bank and I earn quite big, I am scared men might be intimidated or might want me for my money..

Please your advise is needed, how do I start coming out of my shell and start dating because it seems highly impossible.

P.S :  I sent you a mail some months ago asking if it's okay to marry out of pity.


  1. Johnson8/04/2013

    1. What do you want in a husband? Be very modest, starting with ABC (A Born-again Christian – that’s if you’re one) & write it down… Pray over this constantly – good husband (wife) na serious biz.
    2. I don’t think you’ll have issues with looking good – sure your profession demands it… You need to carry yourself well – feel good about yourself. Enjoy everyday as they come.
    3. Get busy at weekend and take time out to visit place of interest – cinemas, seminars, church activities, friend birthday bash, etc…
    4. Be friendly and ready to court - that man, that will put a smile on your face, will come & you’ll say ‘THANK YOU JESUS!

  2. Godchic8/04/2013

    My dear,all I'll tell u now ure single is to wear ur thinking cap,and just put this whole getting married and falln in love thing in the hands of ur maker,let him choose a husband for u oo,cus there are a lot of lazy,stinky,worthless,violent men out there,that would give u a zoo in ur tummy not just butterflies.pls don't rush into nufn,be a good girl,put God first,he'd take care of u,u'l meet sm1 who'd love and care for u and it would happen naturally,bank or no bank,time or no nice and charming to everyone u meet,but let the holyspirit lead u into whatever.u'd be amazed how God cares about our very little issues.I wish u the best.Selah.

  3. Anonymous8/04/2013

    Hey there. Relax ok. Let everyone know you are currently single.that way your secret admirers will come to the fore and you can make your pick. It worked for me! Now,my bf is the bestest guy in the world. I tot my ex was the ultimate, until I met this one nearly 2 yrs ago.wish you Z best dear.*winks*

  4. Talk to God about it.and also try to be more social

  5. Anonymous8/05/2013

    It comes like magic, when u're not conscious of it. Get ur mind off the wana get married stress, it weighs u down, and every guy becomes a gud prospect which is very dangerous.
    Being an introvert or not, ur man comes when least expect it, epecially when u hand it over to God!
    I am a banker, and I got married at 26.
    Trust me, I neva added it to my least of wants and my hubby came into the scene like a joke and we got married in just 6mnths... It was magic! Meanwhile I left my ex just few mnths b4 I met my hubby.. I'm sure my ex must have been preparing apology letter when he heard I was getting married.. Lol
    It's a gud thing u let go of a relationship that isn't working. Free ur mind and let God work..
    Besides bankers are hot cake.. #wink#
    And nobody wants you becos of ur money... Take that phrase off ur head!


    1. Anonymous8/06/2013

      Yea but patsy r u happy in dis marriage? How long u been married for? All men r d same cheats n losers.

  6. Anonymous8/05/2013

    Pls dnt mari out of pity as d mrge wnt wkr;jst leave it to God&take al d coments abov serious,its well.

  7. Anonymous8/06/2013

    Young lady, I won't lie to u. U've lost out on d best thing ever. Its not easy out der. To get a man these days no b beans o! And besides even if u get a man he will cheat on u n have children out of wedlock. This just goes to show u r not ready for marriage. Cuz if u think u r out of love for a year honey in marriage u can be out of love for 8 - 10 years sometimes more or less but u learn to find ways to keep it going. God gave u an amazing man that cries at d thought of loosing u but no u r looking for something else.wen u meet someone new it will b rosy at first but wen his true colours come out don't come to write ur shit on dis blog. Listen to ur parents and go back. When parents see something and advice us. We think we know too much. Oya bye. Many women will kill to have d man u have. Sorry had. I pray God gives him a woman who will love and appreciate him. Claude

  8. He(God)cares for the sparrow,how much more human being,my advice is that u give your life to Christ if you haven't done that,give Him your "TOTALITY",release urself to His service not bcos u need a husband but bcos of who He is "all sufficient God",then relax ur mind and see whether God will not meet your needs beyond ur imaginations.I am a living testimony,(though now out of bank industry now).With God all things are possible,Holiness is key.


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