Khloe Kardashian's Marriage Rocked By New Infidelity Claims

 I Wish Khloe was An African Wife

In July, I felt sad when I read about Lamar's cheating on Khloe. She is my favorite of all the Kardashians, a good wife, good natured and the only one with a successful marriage maybe. Yes the only one considering that Bruce got himself a place and moved don't know if he is back to Calabasas.

Khloe loves Lamar so much, she is not the type of wife that would cheat, but for Lamar I don't know. Right now, with this Lawyer's claims of having a six week affair with Lamar, I just got more angry and told me that

if I was in that position to advice Khloe, I'd tell her not to give these women what they are looking for ( That's why I like Hillary Clinton). I don't support cheating and never will but with the way these women are going, I think they are bent on destroying Khloe's happiness and it would be wise not to give them that which they are looking for. If Khloe was a Nigerian eh, sorry for those home breaker ladies cos they'd end up embarrassing themselves in public. After all these confessions I'm sure they'd sit back and begin to watch with close interest  hoping to see Khloe divorce Lamar, so he becomes theirs completely.

Sincerely this would have been my advice. Stick to him and watch the losers cry foul. Na wetin? Today someone says she had an affair with Lamar, tomorrow another comes out with her story. Do they want Khloe to become the loser after all, they want to destroy her marriage so they can laugh? #Homebreakers. Wish Khloe was a Nigerian? Cos they'd have been shocked that after their confessions, she deals with him privately while they watch her walk side by side and hand in hand with him in public.

I hate the way and manner in which some ladies sell themselves to celebrities and then open their basket mouths later. Not that Nigerian women don't divorce on grounds of infidelity, they do but not like the oyibos. Wish I can put some Nigerian sense in Khloe so that she saves her marriage while those losers bury their heads in shame.
Chai, I wish she was an African wife.


  1. Pls you guys shud stop drinking panadol for her. Did you see her or her husband confirm this story in anyway? All these stupid tabloids keep cooking up stupid stories. U will be shocked at how fake this story is. As long as no credible tabloid has published this story, then it is fake. Personalky I only trust E!News.

    I honestly dnt think Lamar wilk be that stupid. He is married to a Kadarshian for crying out loud.

    1. Anonymous8/08/2013

      I won't believe it either until I hear from a reputable source. Besides, knowing them, they may choose not to clarify anything, until this saga airs on their show. Then we'll get to know what really went down.

  2. I feel for Khloe big time, I can't imagine how she will b feeling now, with d pressure of weight n not pregnant yet while are two other biological sis have their own kids.
    Am not on Lamar side for any reason but with what d side babe said he had to b a Kardashian not an Odom, dat can even make a man go crazy and act funny,I hope Khloe will punish him privately n not spoil her happiness with divorce.
    If she was African, she will b told by some friends and family not to leave/divorce her hubby but to stay in d marriage. She is d madam while d other girl is just a long booty call. I think now is d best time for Khloe n Lamar to sit down n have a deep talk privately without her mum n sisters drama talks cos I am sure Kris will want her to divorce Lamar,Kim will tell her how important it is for her to leave d cheat n kourtney will b saying her own too.
    I wish her luck....its just sad.

  3. Anonymous8/08/2013

    I'm surprised you are putting all the blame on the 'other' women. How about Lamar? All these would have been avoided if only he kept his pants zipped

  4. No O! Its not lamar its d oda women. Mtchew vry typical. Peo tend 2 4get dt d oda woman is nt breakin any vows bt lamar is.

  5. Godchic8/08/2013

    As long as I haven't heard it on E! Then I won't believe these stupid stories.although there's no smoke wivout fire but for now I won't believe it.I'm rooting for Khloe and my prayers are wiv her,

  6. Anonymous8/08/2013

    My tots exactly. If its true,then his cheating may continue. Except for the grace of God..I think African wives should not stay in marriages with cheating husbands o,to show they are the 'madam'. If your husband cheats once, twice, haba!, u'll still stay? Hmmm. Until the wife gets one correct STD or HIV from the cheating scum, then the whole world will know she's the madam! Smh

  7. Eya, u say she shouldn't give the ther women what they want... What do they want? Marriage?

    If all these is true.. Question is, is Lamar sober about all this? Will the cheating stop? Khloe can decide to stay married as long as Lamar feels bad about all that and won't do it again... I believe that's why Hillary Clinton stayed.. Am sure Cliton himself was very sober and he wouldn't try to pull that type of stunt again in his life..

    But the problem with Nigerians especially the women is, they believe u wan come take their place so dey don't face the man,they keep attacking the other woman.. When d other woman leaves, d man finds another and the trend goes on until something tragic happens..

    My own is, if your husband is cheating on you,face your husband and stop believing the nonsence that its d other woman u should attack..And what's that nonsence of "don't give them what they want".. What is wrong is wrong!!!

    1. Anonymous8/08/2013

      Hilary stayed because she knew she would need her husband for her political ambitions nothing else trust me Oyibo women DO NOT forgive and forget cheating partners they get even.

  8. Anonymous8/08/2013

    If D̶̲̥̅̊Į̸̸̨Ƨ̷ story Ȋ̝̊̅§ confirmed to βε̲̣ true,Lamar Ȋ̝̊̅§ to βε̲̣ blamed Ąπϑ not the other woman cos .Ħ̀ε̅ Ȋ̝̊̅§ the one that broke his vow to Khloe chikina.EPHY


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