Justified Reasons For Pregnancy Termination?

Hi aunt Eya, it's me again (that's if you can still see the old mails I've sent you) please hide my details, and WC readers, no, I'm not planning on terminating a pregnancy, just want to see what people think on this issue.

So I was

reading some online articles on how doctors have devised a way of knowing whether the fetus a woman is carrying would be born with developmental issues and mental disability like down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, autism etc, and genetic issues like sickle cell anemia. 

Then I asked myself, if I were to be in a kind of situation that a serious abnormality was found in my fetus after taking this test (God forbid!), would I terminate the pregnancy? 

Because as a religious person, killing of any sorts is wrong and I've even heard/read about a couple of cases where women took the test, and abnormality was detected but they refused to abort and with their faith, the child came out normal, but we all know that isn't always the case.

We all know how hard it is for parents with children who have one of the illnesses I mentioned earlier, and even, those children have a very hard life and can hardly ever be independent in life,

WC readers, what would you do if you find out your fetus has an incurable illness?
Secondly, a woman/girl was raped by robbers, and then it was discovered that she got pregnant, is she justified to abort?


  1. the truth only. if I was raped, i'd terminate it if I discover im pregnant

  2. Anonymous8/22/2013

    I had an abortion at 24.I've regretted it everyday.Now I've been married few months and haven't conceived whereas the 1st time was the 1st fertile period I had unprotected sex.I was totally ignorant about ovulation and such and was a virgin up till then.I know I'll conceive someday but the guilt is killing and my husband doesn't know about it nor will I ever tell him.I've even gone for tests and everything is normal.Just waiting on God

    1. Johnson8/22/2013

      It's only the devil that reminds us of past mistakes... God had forgiven & forgotten. He told us not to fret about issues (Phil 4:6); which includes feeling guilty about past errors. Trust Him and He will bring smile to you and shame the devil!

    2. Anonymous10/11/2013

      i had 4 abortions before marriage and i was scared too, i prayed and asked for forgiveness and i have kids now. God forgave you dear, try to forgive yourself.

  3. This are serious questions and must be a very difficult decision for people in such situation to make.
    Someone raped and got preggy by robbers can give birth to the president of 2moro/basically d child might turn out very well.

    To give birth to a child with severe autism or downs syndrome is the most difficult thing ever. As a social worker I have services for such families in the past. The parents have to do literally everything for them, life expectancy is very low, discriminationin d society, MOST of them don't have an insight to what happens around them such as no knowledge of their name, age, sex.
    Again there's a probability that d fetus might might not be born with the re-birth diagnosis made.
    In certain countries such as d UK a mother who gives birth to a child wit d disabilities mentioned above can give the child up for adoption/hand the child to d state. In such a case Mayb the parents might feel a lil better that they terminate/kill.

    1. *did not terminate/kill'.
      Lots of typos n no time 2 proof read coz I'm multi-tasking.

  4. Its a No No for intensional abortion but there other reasons for abortion/evacuation(genetic abnormalities,inevitable abortion,incomplete abortion etc), but in d case of getting preg by robber, I know it will b hard even carrying d pregnacy but dere couples out there who will kill to just get pregnant. So I wld say keep d preg den give the baby up for adoption to a family who will love the baby..
    God gave the gift, treasure it or give d gift to someone dat will...

  5. I pray I'll never find myself in such precarious situation as to advice anyone to terminate the life of a holy innocent.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  6. Abortion is a sin and evil. Whether one is raped by robbers or not! U can never tell d destiny of such children.

  7. Anonymous8/23/2013

    I'm sure there are motherless babies homes in Nigeria and most countries in the world. If the child is ill or from a robber, give birth to the child and give up for adoption/ orphanage. To avoid being in a situation where you have to think about abortion, lets do what we can to prevent such being an issue.

  8. Anonymous8/23/2013

    Easier said than done! If one can carry the child of a rubber for 9mnths, why put it up for adoption! As for the other one, I nor know abeg, I reject it in Jesus name-amen
    Besides prayer changes anything abeg

  9. If a woman is raped weda by a president or by robbers, she ought 2 go 2 a hosp 2 hv ha sys flushed out so as 2 prevent d unforseen. As 4 aborting a child wit severe abnormalities, I hv nuffin against it. I also dnt hv anytin against abortin a child conceived of incest. I wld rada spare d child of havin 2 wish he ws neva born. Bt ofcos no1 prays 2 b in such a precarious position.


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