In Recent Times... Verify Please

In recent times I have often heard of accounts of people that allegedly died and went to hell and heaven, despite my resolve of not engaging in vain debates I have this strong urge to address this issue in the light of the recent testimony of a Sierra Leone woman whose account of her
death and transition to hell and heaven, where Jesus told her he has given her a second chance to return and warn others, this testimony has sent so many feeble Christians into panic especially women who have taken the challenge against " attachment and jewelry as they are manufactured in hell" ( I have nothing against those that have personal conviction not to use such) this woman further went ahead to give a list of men of God she saw in hell.

In Luke 16:19 Jesus said there was a certain rich man and a beggar called Lazarus the 1st thing to note is that the name of the rich man was never mentioned, why? Did Jesus not know the name of the rich man? Sure he did, but it was wisdom that was evident in the fact that the name was not mentioned. This is a total contradiction to this woman's testimony that Jesus told her to write out the names if ministers. 

How does this said instruction glorify God and teach his word? All it is evidently doing is causing confusion in the Churches of this men which is a contradiction because God is not an author of confusion. Hebrews 9:27 says it is appointed unto man once to die and after death is judgement 

Luke 16:19 explains the great gulf that is fixed that made it impossible for Lazarus to dip his hand in water and drop in the rich mans mouth. I must say that there is a difference between out of body experience , revelations, visions, dreams etc Kenneth hagin has had out of body experience and likewise lots of Christians , John had a revelation while he was in Patmos, Peter an open trace on unclean and clean animals. But none of them died and was resurrected.

The only purpose of this post is not to stir up argument but to simply urge us to verify all we read and hear through the word of God including all I have written, we are living in the end time and many will come in Jesus name and deceive even the very elect.  Anything that is not scriptural and baseless should be discarded, don't be distracted with false testimony. 

We are justified by faith and without faith it is impossible to please God, never authorize anyone to threaten your faith with unscriptural revelation, our going to heaven is not based on any human beings testimony. Luke 16;27-31 explains how the rich man begged Abraham to send Lazarus back to warn his 5 brother who were on earth but Abraham in verse 31 said if they hear not Moses and the prophets neither will they be persuaded through one who rose from the dead.

Salvation is free not because it is worthless but because it is priceless, Jesus has paid the price. If we decide to enter heaven by our own effort and strength then no man can ever meet up. What we do cannot take us to heaven, but only faith in the finished work of Jesus, he alone is our gate pass to heaven. God bless us all.

Deborah Bala


  1. Great exposition. We should all know our bibles more, so we don't take the glory of God and give to mere men.

  2. chikamnayo8/06/2013

    Hmm, God will help us. The fact is that a lot of us are so far from God, hence we are so gullible. If you av a personal relationship with God, know who you are in Him, your right as his child, the significance of Christ's dead and what the bible says will happen after dead, you will not be shaken about these end time signs. Most of us are so caught up in these man of god, women of god stuff that we no longer relay on the Holy spirit for guidance or use the bible as our standard. May God not allow us go astray in Jesus name o!

  3. HappyMe!8/06/2013

    God bless u my sista o. I thot i was d only one worried by dis latest trend. In fact thr was one i read dat gave so long a list of do's n dont's dat i became confused.but thank God for His Spirit who immediately called up sm scripture in my memory which contradicted sm of what d guy wrote!
    Thanks once more 4 dis piece.

  4. God bless u debbie I hv always tot abt dis tin dey say abt goin to hell and heaven, d issue of wot u wear doesn't mata it is ur heart dat matas a lot..and d bible say indeed salvation is personally dey shuld stop puttin fear in persons mind jor.

  5. Anonymous8/06/2013

    May God help us all as most christians don‘t boda abt d undiluted word of God anymr;dy r oly church goers waitin 4 prosperty&dats y its veri easy to confuse&convince dem becos dy dnt no d Word;d end tym is here lets al b watchful&may d Lord find us a spotless brides&grums Amen.

  6. Anonymous8/06/2013

    I tot it was Eya dat wrote d piece b4 I saw d name in d end only a very spiritually deep person can write dis

  7. Anonymous8/06/2013

    Aunty Eya, kai, u are boring me with this gating comments ooh, i av always been a good anonymous and ur blog was my favorite, i opened it @ least 4times a day, now this gating has killed the vibe *sad*

    1. Please leave the blog like this. It has become sane and i like it o...and I'm sure others like it too. Thanks.

    2. That vibe is not good for a family and personal blog. People bring personal issues to this blog and should receive love and not insults. I get that kind of vibe from gossip blogs. Once I enter wives connection, I switch my mind to family love. Me I don't like insults and won't bring my problem here if all I get is insults from faceless peeps.

      I like that Eya is gating comments now even if there are a hundred insultive comments, pls delete all. One or two valuable comments are better than a blog full of classless faceless peeps who only live by insulting others. Go to LIB for that adrenaline vibe from insults, come here for family love. shikenah#

  8. Thanks Debs. Most importantly, we ought to 'test the spirits'.

  9. Johnson8/07/2013

    Thanks Debby.
    Any message, video, revelation that has ANYTHING contrary to the Word of God is absolute heresy. If it is 99.9% true and 0.1% lie – it cannot be from God. My God is absolutely PERFECT!
    The testimony you mentioned unfortunately had confused some brethren and the devil is taking advantage of people’s ignorance. There are several inconsistencies in the testimony (from the Sierra Leone woman) – for e.g. the person in question claimed that Jesus entered her in her sinful nature! She was/is not born again and could claim to be used by Jesus - what an insult that the One who knew no sin could not see any clean vessel to speak through. This is completely contrary to the scriptures - 1Cor 6:18, 2Cor6:16-18. Father, I refuse to be a victim of deception and every plan from the pit of hell to cause confusion, let the fire of the Holy Ghost roast, in Jesus name!

  10. I have been reading comments and posts on WC for a long time now and in that process have come to know how people are from their comments/post.
    You are a good person Deborah with a very beautiful soul too.
    More grace to you.

  11. Anonymous8/07/2013

    spot on!!!

  12. Thanks Deborah,I will really luv to meet you,ur posts always show wisdom and maturity which can only come from the holy spirit.i did watch some of the testimony,it scared me shitless but u know what? It drove me to study the bible for myself,I live bt Gods word,not revelations

  13. Anonymous8/07/2013

    As for me, I don't get easily moved by such revelations or prophesies. There is no point for that as I believe, every Christian should be prepared to meet his Creator at any point in time perhaps, death occur. We must not be ready on the basis of revelations/prophesies. The bible has declared, it is appointed unto man to die once and after that, JUDGEMENT!! Let all Christian pray to be ready at the point of death!!

  14. Anonymous8/07/2013

    Hmmm, my mum forced me to watch that thing and one word tho iS caution. I don't want to blaspheme oh! Only God knows the truth. Let God just give us our convictions. May God help us. Amaka

    1. Johnson8/07/2013

      1. Make effort to know the truth, and it shall make you free (John 8:32).
      2. Truth is to be acquired (Prov 23:23)
      3. God's word is the truth (John 17:17)
      God has given us His WORD to guide us and the Holy Spirit will reveal things to us - let no man deceive you...

  15. Queen Bee8/07/2013

    Infact a highly fashionable colleague and friend of mine has abandoned all her brazilian Indian hair and jewelleries cos of this particular revelation,infact she's bringing them to me so I can put them to proper use,lol!i can't shout!
    Now she looks old and unkempt cos she wan make heaven according to a revelation!can't help but wonder.hope she won't push her hubby to start looking outside for something ok'
    These pple that claim to die and wake up are really beginning to become nuisances,confusing and brainwashing pple.
    But it's really not there fault,pple don't want to know there God cos even the bible said,they that know there God shall be strong and do exploits and will not be swayed here and there by religious gimmicks by a bunch of hallucinating pple with a wide imagination...well maybe some!
    All these are signs of endtime.,we all should be careful.

  16. Anonymous8/07/2013

    Where can I get it to watch abeg; God help my curiosity; it changes nada tho

  17. Anonymous8/07/2013

    Where can I get it to watch abeg; God help my curiosity; it changes nada tho

  18. Pls what's the link to d revelation? Haven't read or watched the video. Will like to read what she wrote. Thanks.

  19. Anonymous8/07/2013

    In short the thing that confuses me is that everyone who dies and claimed they went to heaven all have different versions. I thot dey were suppose to have the same story to tell. Our God is not the author of confusion. Thanks Debby for throwing more light on this!

  20. Thanks guys for reading, may the Holy spirit continue to give us better understanding.

  21. Fyn Ijebu Chic8/07/2013

    Jus had this talk with my mum dis evening. It is tym for christians to wake up and study the word by themselves and the Holy spirit will interpret aCcording.
    Eyan kan o le fi buredi ko mi lomi obe lo(person no fit use bread pack my stew)

  22. Excellent piece, Deborah. What we need most as Christians in these last days is the spirit of discernment.

    More deception will be unleashed on the earth in the days to come and it's only the Spirit of God that can see us thru.

    He/she who has an ear, let them hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.

  23. Anonymous9/06/2013

    what if those things are entirely true? so people dont love God to the extent of letting go of things like jewelries and makeups, is that what we r saying? in the real sense of it, nothing now demarcates a believer from an unbeliever. Even if it were a lie, to please God should be our priority. for us that use these things, do u always know when u cross the line? u move from just looking good to looking hot and sexy, and we all say our heart is right. it is possible to take up our cross daily and follow God. if Jesus can say if u dont hate father, mother, house, e.t.c for my sake, you are not worthy of me. this one is not too much for God to ask from us. lets be watchful. Noahs days were like this to.


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