If You Get What You Want?

If you get what you want, will you really want what you get?

That I used to bite my nails is no longer history but that I’m trying so hard to keep them LONG should be in the Guinness world book of records * do those books still exist self*?
I had bitten my nails for the better part of my life and trust me when I say that I had battled with keeping them long, or at least make them presentable. I fixed my nails severally especially when I had an event, so as not to embarrass myself. When I had to shake someone or do anything with my hands in public, I had to apply great caution. When anyone asked why I bit my nails, I always had to be economical with the truth( or if you chose to call it lie) most times saying that I liked my nails short just when I couldn’t keep my hands from my mouth was the truth.
I met some tall dark handsome,
take home to papa/mama, propose to me, make me your wife brother early in the year, I was quite busy at the time so I couldn’t get my nails fixed.  I was stunned when the brother specifically asked to see my nails after going on about how he likes well manicured nails. Biko, Na so I no gree call the brother or pick him call again oh as I shame pass the word SHAME. The embarrassment was impeccable.
Anyway, I now have long nails and all thanks to my one and only doctor-Mama Vero as she treated my nails to its present healthy state.
However, there is a problem, most times when I’m in the kitchen, I get so careful not to hurt myself or damage my nails. Just yesterday, I almost cut off my nail/finger due to being overly careful not to destroy my long& well manicured nails. Immediately, I asked myself ‘is this really worth it’?
Now that I have long nails, I have to be careful so as not to hurt myself; need to be careful for it not to break. Ever heard ‘each new level has a new devil to deal with’? Well, you may feel I’m taking this small matter overboard but all I could conclude is this ‘after getting what we want, will we really want what we get’?
Many at times, we want different things at different times for different reasons. Whether those things are good for us or not is inconsequential at the time. Some of us go all out to get what we want irrespective of whose toes we step on in the process. We hurt family, friends& loved ones all because we need to get whatever the ‘it’ is.
Biko, my well manicured nails need to rest. As we go through this week, may we be careful of what we wish for or want?
So, think about this ‘If you get what you want, will you really want what you get’?
Have a BeaYouTeaFull week people.


  1. Wow! Shade is back,I missed her like a preggo did her period.
    Very lovely and thought provoking piece as usual.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. udo-peace8/06/2013

      Bonaventure, u won't ki me in dis blog o!

  2. Thanks for the inspiring words Folashade.

  3. Wow. I loved this, cos I'm a nail biter. Unlike you, I don't really give a damn about it o. I bite my nails mahn and I bite them hard, wharra hell? Whose bizuas? :-)

    @Deborah: (if you see this) I'm fine oh. Thanks for checking up on me (this is like a carry over comment from some post of last week :-). Hope you are great too. Takia!)

  4. An insightful post. Well-said!

  5. mrs krixx8/06/2013

    Lovely week to u tOo. Very valid points folashade. We struggle to attain sometins n when we eventually do get dem dey come with dere own baggage.nice post dear

  6. Nice piece shade! Food for thought! Jay its good to know u r doing good! Cheers WC family

  7. each new level has a new devil to deal with.i luv dt line mehnn

  8. Anonymous8/06/2013

    No be lie jare Shade; @times I tag masef as bn indecisive cuz u av to c me do tnx ds minute n d nxt min I get so bored of it

  9. Thanks Folashade! Lovely piece. My mum always says "you solve one problem to create another" lol

  10. Lovely piece! Thanks Folashade

  11. My dear that's life! Great reminder for us to cool down when we desire something because that thing may come with its own wahala.

    But I must say that your desire to stop biting your nails (or was it to get long nails? lol) is a good desire so congratulations on overcoming that habit! :)

    1. Folashade,pls wot drugs were u treated wit cos I really need to stop dis bad habit.tanx

  12. Shade darling abeg what drugs did u use?
    Abeg help a sister!

  13. FolaShade8/07/2013

    A mighty huge thanks to my beautiful fab fam. I miss you too Bonario& missed everyone also.
    I didn't use any drugs o my darlings. It was just to drive home the point. Mama Vero is the lady who fixes my nails. She made me fix my nails for three consecutive months without any break. At the end of the third month, my nails were 'tabiobioing' so I started to wrap them.

  14. Queen Bee8/07/2013

    Used to have that bad habit of biting nails while growing up!
    @Jay,biting nails,picking ur nose are the most disgusting habits in makes u look so dirty and pls its someone's
    Well how to stop that habit is by constantly fixing ur nails.i have become a serial nail fixer since first year I am used to fixing dat I can do everything with it.


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