I Was So Hurt I Withdrew

Sorry to hijack this post pls, but I would like ur input on this. situation. I am married for a few yrs now. Initially I did everytin to get close to my inlaws, visiting , gifts etc. But my in-law and his wife didn't send me. No calls, no effort to know me better, the wife, no attempt to draw me close and be friends. I was so hurt so I withdrew.
he is saying I don't call them. Me I have decided to keep to myself cos there's no relationship and I don't know how to pretend. We live in different cities, so I'm like whenever we see fine, but for me to call I don't think so. Pls what does WC family think?

Ma Eya can you make this a topic please.


  1. Anonymous8/25/2013

    You have done wat u can, jus b on ur own ..if they wanna b close to u they shud be calling you not saying u dont call dem...

  2. Anonymous8/25/2013

    Jst try & b callin dem once in a while as dat wnt hurt much & 4 dem 2 no dat ur mind is clean&clear 2wds dem,its well.

  3. sarafina8/25/2013

    If you're the older wife, it's your responsibility in a way to make the other one friends with you. Don't bother about the husband. Him and his brother can sort that out. Just make sure you call to know the wife's welfare once a while that's when u can ask about the husband. Sometimes, a text message can do d trick. U don't have to bother with calls all of the time. People are very funny. Do your part.....

  4. Anonymous8/25/2013

    My dear don't bother urself, just be calling them once in a while, me I'm married and right from day one I'm not d type dat calls, but I try 2 call my mum in law once in 2weeks or sometyms once in a week, my other in law's I call them once in a while.

  5. Hmmm....inlaws can b funny n tricky,poster start back with text messages once a while den gradually to calling....u do urs n leave d not d calling type too but I can ping, text n send what's up messages so dats what I send most of d time...I got my inlaws ping n others who do not use a BB, I got their numbers so I can text them...u just send ur messages n don't think too much abt d of luck..

  6. #pins#
    Sorry abt d type errors...

  7. My dear,there are some little politics we play in our interactions with people to avoid unnecessary troubles.
    Like my dad will always say,where there is peace,there is someon on fire there.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  8. In laws and their issues.
    Na by force to call people?
    Communication should be reciprocal jare.

  9. I've just send my SIL a message.
    She checks on me, I reciprocate.
    I check on her, she reciprocates.
    Se fini!

    Someone is married to your siblings/relative doesn't make them your subordinate or slave. Let's learn to appreciate people!

    1. Update:
      She later called me to say she saw my message and asked after everybody.

      See!!! This is the way it should be not someone forming mother/father/brother/sister SUPERIOR!

  10. Anonymous8/25/2013

    Who was the person that told you there were complaining? Have they called you and you did not pick the call or they are just sitting down and waiting for you to call. Mcheeewwww if not that it is rude I would have told you to ask the informat whether they have called before and you did not pick. Inlaws and wahala. For the sake of peace and love of christ just do ask others have said call or text 1c in a while. You can still continue with the gift maybe during christmas periods don't cut off completely sha cos one day you may need them. Yes

  11. POSTER8/25/2013

    Aunty Eya thanks for posting this and thanks to everyone for your input.
    @Sarafina I'm the younger wife and even though I believe it's the duty of family members to be the ones to go out of their way to make the new wife feel welcome, I didn't wait for them but took the initiative, still it wasn't reciprocated.

    @anony 3.16pm it was my in-law himself o! He had mentioned it b4 in a crafty way and I evaded the issue. The 2nd time he spoke to me abt it I told him his wife doesn't call either and he didn't respond! Yeah I can be blunt like that!
    The last time I called I couldn't reach them and they didn't even acknowledge.
    I guess I'll just wait for my annoyance to subside and then reach out again.

  12. Fyn Ijebu Chic8/25/2013

    Dear Poster,
    I understand how you feel. Though I am nt married, I av been there.
    My future SIL was terrific(I dnt want to use bad words). She never calls(still avnt) doesn't reply my greetings(now do) bt I kept calling, sending msgs and praying. She doesn't acknowledge my gifts or text msgs( she no dey wish me hapi birthday or christmas).It was so bad dat my future MIL noticed and called my fiance attention to it. I almost stopped bt God spoke to me thru Romans 12 and I committed it to God's hand while I played my part.
    She don dey change now.
    Jus treat them like family irrespective of how they treat u. Bad person know say him bad.
    I trust God to give u d strength!

  13. Anonymous8/25/2013

    Dis blog is becoming boring! Jeez. If U like don't post dis comment.

  14. POSTER8/25/2013

    @fyn ijebu chic tnx for bringing that portion of Scripture to mind. Much appreciated.

  15. Anonymous8/27/2013

    @ fyne Ijebu chic. I just read Romans 12. Wow! The best part is verse 20. Wow!
    Tanks for taking me to dat scripture. Ur blessed.
    Chi Chi

  16. Anonymous8/27/2013

    @ fyne Ijebu chic. I just read Romans 12. Wow! The best part is verse 20. Wow!
    Tanks for taking me to dat scripture. Ur blessed.
    Chi Chi


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