I Had A Fall, Tips On How To Use The Escalator Please

Good morning Aunty Eya, I need help from WC  blog.  am a reader  of wives connection who has learnt so much from your blog due to all the advice and food recipes. I need tips on how to use the escalator. I once had a fall and told myself that I won't use that again. It was so embarrassing. Last weekend I gave
it a try again and nearly hit the ground. There must be something am not doing right.

Please help me ask other exposed and enlightened readers of the blog for tips on how I can use the escalator like a pro.
 I don't want to try again until am sure of myself please don't call me local. There is always a first time. I need tips. Thank you.


  1. Once you step on it, don't try to take another step till it gets to where you'll get off. Do not try to use your both feet to get off, just do it like you are walking normally. All the best.

  2. Nekky has said it all....

  3. for a leaner, dont wear heels. #okbye

  4. You are not alone. Most adults that use the escalator for the first time have this same problem because adults know fear and shame unlike kids who don't have a care in the world.

    It's all about timing and in your case, mind set.

    Before you step on it, place your hand on the handle bar without holding tight 'cos that moves as well. Time your step such that your foot lands on the first flat base that comes out. Stay there and at the same time, grip the handle bar tightly. At the end just step off normally as you would when walking on steady ground. Don't forget to let go of the handle bar.

    Mind set:
    Because of your fall experience, you need to overcome that fear that you'll embarrass yourself again. Before you step on it, try and forget about whether people are looking at you or not. Take all the time you need to watch the rythmn before stepping on it. If you are holding up the queue and people are shouting behind you just tell them that the thing dey fear you and they will leave you alone. With time, you'll get used to the movement and you'll even be able to walk on it.

  5. Just take the 1st step and let the escalator do the rest.

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  6. Anonymous8/22/2013

    Just think of it like taking the stairs, except this time you step on the first step you see and DO NOT try to get on another step as if you're trying to go up. Just stand still and keep your dress (if wearing a long one) up a little so it doesn't get caught in the gaps in between the steps. Also don't wear heals unless you've gotten used to the escalator. When it's time to get off don't jump off it like SDK said she did lol. Just do as if you're walking. You'll get used to it if you keep doing it. Don't mind other people looking at you, they were once in the same position as you until they learnt.

  7. Anonymous8/22/2013

    I had dat same Experience n trust me I wish d ground would open I was so so embarrassed n the 2nd time it was so difficult 2 over come my fear what I did was 2 watch the way people use it and gave it a try and it was so lovely.Nekky said it all so next time just watch n learn.

  8. Anonymous8/22/2013

    Gbam, flo u will make a great teacher.

  9. Anonymous8/22/2013

    that thing is scary, each time I take my boys to silverbird cinema. i keep thinking of how to use it without embarrassment, lol

  10. Anonymous8/22/2013

    ROFLMAO! Let me share my horrible experience and it was at the airport with LOTS of pple. With my ajebo look, I was almost late for my flight and I was 5mnths pregnant. It was my 1st time and LAST time using it. I stepped on it without holding the rail and worst of all I was walking on it and even trying carring my trolley. I fell down like a log of wood and bcos of shame I no gree stand up. My phone and bag went different ways but thank I dint loose my pregnancy. I no go ever try that rubbish escalator for my life!

  11. That thing sabi embarrassing person except you are really smart, just follow what Nekky has said and you will be fine.

  12. Anonymous8/22/2013

    Hmnnn, my dear tis just made me to remember the first time I was traveling with my mum. See me, mumu, I left my daughter wit my mum and jump on d escalator in front of her forgetting she didn't know how to use the tin , Jesus, d next tin I heard was shout behind me , my father I almost died my mum was holding on tightly to my daughter wit one hand and the other hand the handle of the escalator and at the same time falling back words, my God. Those Airport staff that day my God will continue to bless them. See as they rushed and lined up behind her pushing her upwards so she won't hit the ground and some one else was shouting off the machine off the machine. And finally it came to a stop. It was a night mare in short but I thank God.

    1. Anonymous8/22/2013

      WARNING!: Do not read this comment with food or water in your mouth. Major accident over here on my laptop. I was drinking water! Oh my goodness! This was hilarious!

    2. Hehehehehehehehe. Made me recall the day I fell at silverbird galleria Abuja,was trying to catchup with one ...... hmmm I learnt my lesson in a bitter.

      ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    3. Anonymous7/31/2015

      I agree with the warning post completely. See tears in my eyes from laughter. Not a funny experience though.

  13. Anonymous8/22/2013

    FYI. .Please don't take Tolley or ur baby strollers to any escalator you gonna fall . Ist step in with one leg and try to hold the handle not too tight. When coming out do this same step out with one leg. Just that is not common in 9ger but here you cannot do without it

  14. Anonymous8/22/2013

    Use your walking foot first- if that makes sense and take only one step until they have become stairs then you can move all you want. Same with stepping off.

  15. Ur not allowed to go on with a trolley or a pushchair. Always hold the railings and DO NOT attempt to walk on it like you would stairs. Well, not until u get a hang of it and more thing, if ur putting on open toe shoes, get off before the edge of that thing slices your foot!

    1. Anonymous8/23/2013

      Its perfectly okay to use a pushchair on an escalator if you are pro I do at the malls in London never been stopped but poster please do not try it yet until you are comfortable using it on your own

    2. Anonymous8/23/2013

      I only use it going up though with a pushchair never down but i know people who do both ways

    3. I'm not going to argue but ask 'why are elevators in place'?

    4. Anonymous8/23/2013

      My use of escalators is a personal choice there is no rule that says you are not allowed to use pushchairs on one at least not where I live


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