How To Ignore My Nagging Wife

Hello Madam Eya, I am one male reader who has learnt so much from wives connection and am grateful for everything. I need help from readers of wives connection. I need tips on how to
ignore a nagging wife. My wife pushes me to the wall all the time. Most a times I feel like laying my hands on her but I won't and God forbid.

Are there ways to successfully ignore a nagging wife? I try to develop a thick skin but sometimes it's hard.
Please help me publish for tips on how I can ignore this my nagging wife.


  1. what exactly does she nag about? are u doing something she doesnt like? has she told u about it severally and u've kept on doing it? how about talking to her when both of u are in a good mood..maybe in the bedroom. Tell her u dont like how she presents issues to u and talks about them over and over again..please dont call it 'nagging'. And u plz alwyz be ready to listen. women like to talk. tkr

    1. Anonymous8/16/2013

      No please, nagging is nagging FYI am a woman, married for seven years and sometimes my husband nags, I also developed my survival strategy of not responding to his nags, it makes him look stupid on his own he decided to talk things over with me when we have issues so far, it's been working. So dear poster I understand what you are going through, you know her better than any of us so, come up with more strategies aside hitting her.

  2. Anonymous8/16/2013

    Sir, just pray abt it, secondly approach her and ask if u do sumthing that provokes her, if she tell u, then it ur work to stop annoying her. Love her and be patient. We women are 2 sensitive.

  3. Anonymous8/16/2013

    Frm my own point of view wot usually resuults in nagging is wen one's partner complains abt a particular habit or attitude n doesn't seem to see any positive changes, he or she complains repeatedly n dis is termed nagging.

    Poster, kindly give her a listening ear n also luk inwardly, check urself n work on urself. If all these re done n dia is still no changes abeg just ignore her and turn to God in prayers.

    1. Thank you!
      Thank you!!
      Thank you!!!

    2. Shayor@Soup-aBowl8/17/2013

      Yaay! Rubynnia is back!!!!

  4. Johnson8/16/2013

    Continually love/respect her, seek ways to demonstrate it & do it!

  5. Instead of looking for ways to develop a thick skin,. y don't u look for ways to understand your wife better and communicate effectively. Or are u telling me that ur wife will just sit on her own and start nagging, action begets reaction my dear so y don't u look inward and find out wHat is you do that makes her nag consistently. As one poster correctly said, nagging stems from continuous complaints about a particular issue.

    While i am not condoning nagging, i also think u should have a heart to heart with her. Not every woman knows how to keep quiet in the face of challenges. There r women who do the opposite of nagging. They will so give u the silent treatment that u will begin to wonder what happened to the woman u married and not this silent monster. so please talk to her, Google ways to handle a nagging spouse, u would see quite a number of articles on the topic. all the best.

    1. Why don't most women also use that excuse to explain physical violence by men? "After all, action begets reaction. Or are you also telling me that the man will just sit on his own and start beating the woman?". Those are your words twisted slightly.
      My take is that nagging (aka verbal violence) & physical violence aren't acceptable from both parties. While I concur with the second part of your solution, I still think you should continue to look for ways to develop a thick skin because the day you react to the verbal violence, that will be the day women will scream to highest heaven about domestic violence. God help your marriage because it can truly be a beautiful institution.

  6. Farida H8/16/2013

    step 1: wait for her to nag
    step 2: when she starts to rant and rave get a knife or hammer
    step 3: follow your heart

  7. I think the nagging the gentleman might be referring to could be due to the tune out syndome that men seem to suffer from.
    I find that my husband although he hears, he's not necessarily listening.
    I'm afraid my solution may have been questionable.hehehehehe_but it worked
    Oh I am seriously super stoked. Thank you so much Ao. So so much.

  8. Babino8/17/2013

    Some women nag just cos that's how they are wired,they are just mentioning what they want done and they would so be on hubby's case that they want it done now now now!!! The poster necessarily must not be doing something wifey doesn't like or wifey has complained about,she mite just be the nagging type and that's just about it. Have u ever seen someone that nags?as in really really nags?I know a family member who does,and I begin to pray to God and check myself not to become such a woman cos the image she represents to me is just so repulsive and no man can cope wiv it. Pls poster call ur wifey and really have a heart to heart discussion wiv her beg her and let her know what her nagging does to u,above all remember her in prayers n table it before God her father in law,I believe she wud change.
    P.S Nagging is something we women need to work on,myself inclusive,nagging can make the recipient suicidal for real,its that bad,u just feel like screaming,running or hitting ur head on the wall,pls let's try and do away with it.

  9. when will women be satisfied...... Busy comforting our guests, why making problems for not expressing my love to her all the day...... tired from my work and her endless demands , she always steps over my need to take a rest and demand to take care of her 24/24........


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